Change Your Career with ZenMuma Teacher Training

Why ZenMuma Teacher Training Could Be Perfect For You

If you’re a muma, chances are you’ve been battling to find a career that works around you and your family for some time. You may have found it, or you might still be searching. Some of you will still be on maternity leave, thinking ahead to when you have to go back to work. Or, you may already be negotiating your way through the world of full-time/part-time work and childcare.

Juggling work, childcare and precious time with your little ones can be full on, and we totally get that! Orange Grove founder, Jackie is a mum of two, and her wanting a career that worked around her children was the catalyst for her current career path. She left a hectic, well paid but highly demanding job as a TV producer, and decided to embark on a more holistic, therapy based career.

A Rewarding Career

After teaching hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and children’s yoga for over 8 years, Jackie knows and appreciates how flexible her job is, especially compared to what she did before children. She decides the classes she teaches – the times, the locations, the days. She does all of this so that she can spend more time with her children. Megan, who is 13, and Sam who is 8.

Over the years, Jackie has been able to maintain a hugely successful career. She gets to be a part of lots of magical pregnancies and births and assists and supports many women into their journey of new motherhood. It pays well, and she is her own boss. But, most importantly for her? She’s able to be there for her own children. Now, Jackie is committed to giving other women this same opportunity. The opportunity to be there for women through one of the most special journeys of their life through yoga, birthing and friendship. And, giving women the opportunity to have a financially successful career, the works around their family, and their life, and not the other way around.

Why ZenMuma?

This is why Jackie founded ZenMuma. ZenMuma is a teacher training school, training women in the therapies and exercises Jackie herself has been teaching for so long. Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga, and children’s yoga. Working within these fields is flexible, as you decide your own hours. If you’ve got a baby yourself, plan your classes around nursery, or if your children are old enough to be at school – teach classes during the day, or in the evening when they’re in bed. This career truly gives you the ultimate flexibility and freedom. You work for yourself, so you make the decisions.

Teaching pregnant women, birthing couples and new mums isn’t just a job, it’s a philosophy for living which can be shared mother to mother, family to family, woman to woman. It is a community of empowering and supporting pregnant and new mums, (and dads too), as they navigate their way through what is one of the most important journeys in their life.

With ZenMuma, there’s an amazing, supportive community. You will always have someone to turn to if you need support or ideas. We understand that starting a new business, or changing career can be daunting! That’s why we offer business, and marketing support integrated within the teacher training.

If this sounds like something you’d like to embark on. A career change, and a life change for the better. Then please, get in touch, or visit the ZenMuma website for more information.