Why join us on a Yoga Retreat?

This years ‘Rejuvenate’ at the beautiful Ringsfield Hall was beyond expectations. The retreats intention was to get people out of their ‘doing’ heads, and into ‘coming home’ to ‘be’ themselves, to be in their bodies, their hearts, their dharma, their satya – inner purpose, self and truth, and to do it in a safe and warm space, held by the others around them.

That’s the intention, then you just have to feel it and nudge it along the way with asana, and song, and yoga nidra, and a whole lot of nourishing with food, and fun, humour and openness, without forcing, and see what happened.

We asana-ed, we sang, we ‘flew’, we balanced, we massaged, we face masked, we chatted, we were quiet, we made new friends, we remembered to be friends with ourselves, we had space to remember who we were and to enjoy what we liked.

It was, simply, blissful.

Thank you so much to everyone who came on the retreat for allowing it all to happen, naturally, and for brining your open heart and open mind so you could really make that space to bring it home.

So Hum.

Next year, the house is booked, ready to be filled again with love, joy, tears, laughter, relaxation and yoga.