What makes Workplace well-being so important

What makes workplace well-being so important and how it can help your business.


Lots of employers choose to give something back to employees in the run up to Christmas as a thank you for a year of hard work.  What if that gift you pass on could have benefits to your company too?  Believe it or not, massage, yoga and/or mindfulness really could help to improve your business. Well-being events in the workplace are becoming more common because businesses are beginning to realise the importance of helping their staff to look after their health. Our Massage Angels and yoga teachers are the perfect addition to any wellbeing event, so why not invite them to come along to your workplace in Norfolk and work their magic. After all, placing importance on your employees mental health and wellbeing could even help to improve your turnover.

Reducing stress and improved focus

  • Stress affects one in five of the working population from the newest recruit in the post room to the board of directors.
  • It is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK.
  • Over 105 million days are lost to stress each year – costing UK employers £1.24 billion.

(source Health & Safety Executive)

Stress is now something businesses can’t afford to ignore.  Massage, Yoga and mindfulness can help the general health of workers to ensure they are at their optimum performance levels.  Regular massage and/or yoga has been shown in many studies to help with stress, anxiety and depression, all of which lead to poor performance and ultimately result in sick days in the work place.  The chance to take time out, escape from the day to day within a relaxing atmosphere and have a little well-earned ‘me time’ should certainly be on everyone’s to do list, and employers should be encouraging their staff to do this.  After all, a healthy mind is a great foundation for a healthy outlook on life, positive staff leads to better performance, a nicer working environment and is likely to lead to an increase in staff retention.


Relieving tension caused by computer work 

Tension headaches and an aching back, neck and shoulders are becoming common in most workplaces these days from the increased number of tasks carried out on computers.  Even when working in an environment which is not traditionally office based, computers are becoming an increasing part of everyone’s working day.

Headaches are a very common complaint from people working at computer screens or text for sustained amounts of time.  Muscles become very tight and dehydrated from the light and possible air-conditioning/heating resulting in a pounding behind the eyes or at the base of the neck.  And complaints such as mouse shoulder (please read our full blog on mouse shoulder) and RSI from prolonged mouse work and poor posture are common place now.  Massage and yoga both help to release tight muscles, by stretching and increasing circulation and blood flow, with regular treatment can offset the ill effects of computer work by improving posture.


Team bonding

A group yoga class in a lunch break can really help bring a team together. Experiencing things together outside of the normal working environment can make employees much closer and improve their working relationship.  Many people find yoga to be deeply relaxing, fulfilling and enlightening so experiencing this together creates a special bond!


Book the Orange Grove Massage Angels now!

If you book before Christmas we can give you a special discounted price of £50 per hour to have a massage therapist, mindfulness specialist or yoga teacher come into your business. The ideal Christmas gift for your employees!

We could provide:

  • 10 minute seated back rubs on our massage chair
  • 30 min back, neck and shoulder massages on our massage couch
  • 20 minute group mindfulness sessions
  • 45 or 60 minute yoga class

Packages can be tailor made to meet your requirements.