What is HypnoFertility? Norwich teacher Kerry Dolan explains…..

In the first part of this two part blog, Norwich HypnoFertility practitioner Kerry Dolan, explains more about HypnoFertility and how it may be beneficial to couples who are struggling to conceive.

What is HypnoFertility?

Hypnofertility classes in Norwich The OGCPut simply HypnoFertility is hypnosis aimed at supporting fertility, and it gives couples or individuals coping techniques to use during their fertility journey. How often do we hear that couples just need to ‘relax’ and they will get pregnant?  This well-meant advice may be true, but it’s really not very helpful.  The journey to parenthood can be stressful and fraught with emotion and hypnosis can offer coping techniques to help manage and to let go of these emotions.

7 reasons why you should investigate hypnosis for fertility

  1. Experts from around the globe are proving the effectiveness of hypnosis to support fertility.  A recent study from Soroka University Israel, showed that the success rate of IVF treatments doubled in a test group from 14% to 28%, when the subjects underwent hypnosis during implantation.  Professor Eliahu Levitas conducted this study with 185 women.
  2. Hypnosis or self hypnosis gives you tools to support your active participation in your fertility journey, giving you a sense of control over what’s happening to you.
  3. Self-hypnosis can help to get to the roots of any anxiety and stress, giving you ways to help manage and cope better.
  4. Hypnosis can help you to remember who you are, both as individuals and as a couple
  5. Hypnosis is relaxing and re-energising
  6. Hypnosis can help you to achieve the clarity you require to move forwards.
  7. Hypnosis can be used during any route to conception, whether you are going through IVF, other medical procedures or trying to conceive naturally

Hypnosis for fertility harnesses the mind-body connection

Every thought we have has a physiological response in our body. Sometimes these responses are very obvious: blushing, shivering, salivating, sexual arousal, goose pimples etc.  But did you know that what we think and feel could have an impact on how we cope during the process of trying to conceive, our ability to manage stress and potentially our fertility?

How might negative thoughts like: ‘I can’t get pregnant’, ‘My body doesn’t work’ or ‘I’d make a terrible parent’ affect our bodies?

Natural fertility programmes The OGCAlternatively, how might our bodies respond to thoughts like: ‘I am ready to conceive and nurture a baby’, ‘I am fertile’ and ‘I am ready to be a parent’?  The Hypnofertility method teaches you to use the mind-body connection to project positive images and potential for the future.

Read the second of this 2 part blog here, where you can try a simple experiment to demonstrate how this connection works.

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