Our Weekend Yoga Retreat in May!

Do some yoga, read a book, sit in the sunshine, enjoy a glass of warm cider around the campfire, take some time to do what makes your soul happy! You can do it all at our Weekend Yoga Retreat.

Weekend Yoga Retreat

‘To Retreat – period of time used to study quietly, or to think carefully, away from normal activities and duties’

Why a Weekend Yoga Retreat?

Do you crave some peace and quiet from the busyness of life? Would you like some time away from work, domesticity, everyone who demands something from you, just to get some space to ‘be you’?

One of the best things about retreating, is to just be you with no expectations, feeling purely free. No emails, no lists of things to achieve in the next 18 hours, no food to prepare, shops to visit or children to get to nursery or school. Just waking up and having space in your mind.Weekend Yoga Retreat

On my YogaBuds retreat just for you Ladies, there is no pressure to do anything. Sure there will be yoga practise and meal times, but you can even choose whether or not to do those! If you decide to lie in bed or go for a walk there is no judgement, this time is for you, and only you.

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Will I be able to do all the yoga?

As always with my style of teaching you do what is right for you. There will be 8 hours of yoga over the weekend, including some guided meditation, but you can dip in and out as you please.

What yoga is it?

The yoga will be the same blend of hatha (all asana), vinyasa, yin and bhava. But our practise will be delving a little deeper, contemplating the history of yoga, and the philosophy. As always, I teach in a pragmatic and light-hearted style, even when exploring the depths of practise, looking at how yoga really can help you in your daily life from using it as a form of exercise and energy, to a way of dealing with anxiety, or stress.

The practises will lead us to some thoughtful places, but also some places of fun too.

Saturday night you can choose from Disco-Yoga or Yin-Yoga – or you can do both!

What else is there to do at the Weekend Yoga Retreat?

Walking: The grounds are set in beautiful countryside, you can take a 30-minute walk round the grounds or set off with a pack-lunch and a walking map and go where you like.

Get Creative: Within the grounds is an art studio. Bring your watercolours or just a pencil and make the most out of the space to create. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t put pen to paper since you were 16 years old, have a go!

Read: I know you have a stack of books you want to read on your bedside table – choose one and bring it. There are some beautiful nooks and corners within the house and outside too where you can curl up and just read.Weekend Yoga Retreat

Massage: Depending on demand, our Orange Grove Clinic Massage Angel are on hand to relax you even further with a special price of £35 for one hour of deep relaxation or deep tissue massage – or you can have 90 minutes for £50!

Sing!: I love to sing. Voice coach and singer, the lovely Jan Jinkerson (YogaBuds yogi) will be leading a workshop of song. You don’t have to sing on key, just open your mouth and let the joyful sound out.

The Camp-fire: Will be burning bright in the evenings. Bring a blanket and a glass of warm apple juice or cider, and enjoy the company.

But I can’t leave my kids!

For those of you with young children understandably you are apprehensive. BUT, I am a BIG believer in giving children time with their daddies when we are not around. It’s a gift to them. Your partners will cope, in fact they may even love being on their own with their kids just for 48 hours. Your kids won’t stop loving you and when you get home you will squidge your kids, hug your husband with a whole lot of appreciation, plus you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to get back to your life with a clearer head and a warmer heart. Trust me, it won’t just do you good, it will do them good too, remember a happy mum is a happy family. Come on mum, check your dates and Book. We’ll have a great time!

What will the food and drink be like?

It is all veggie, and delicious…

Friday evening and Saturday lunch will be buffet with a selection of delicious breads, scrumptious salads, quiches, dips and finger food treats

Saturday and Sunday breakfast fresh fruit, or power smoothie and any kind of tea before yoga, then home-made muesli with fresh yoghurts and honey, rye bread and eggs galore, poached, scrambled, fried or boiled, all with tasty sauces.

Saturday Evening and Sunday Lunch will be hearty sit-down affairs, made with good quality ingredients and a warm community atmosphere.

There will be water and cordial available all day, juice available at breakfast, and teas on tap.

A glass or two of warm local organic apple juice or cider will be available in mugs for holding round the camp fire.

If you would like wine with your meal, or anything else at all, please bring it along with you.


Ringsfield Hall Eco Centre has 18 beds on the top floor in shared bedrooms of up to 4 people. Before I went on a yoga retreat myself I was worried about sleeping in shared accommodation, but I promise it just adds to the experience. If you would really rather not then you are very welcome to sleep in one of the dormitories on the middle floor, and have it to yourself, just let me know at time of booking.

The Hall really is beautiful, I fell in love with it at my first visit. There are beautiful artefacts all around, it has a wonderful warm feeling, and there are lovely twinkly lights in the conservatory downstairs. You will love it.

When and where? 

Friday 12th May and finishing on Sunday 14th May 2017


How much will it cost:

£225 for 2 nights all inclusive

Friday 4pm until Sunday 4pm

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