The Orange Grove Clinic is Moving to Wymondham

We Are Moving! A New Home for Massage in Wymondham


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are”

This year I celebrate my ten years of becoming a health and wellbeing practitioner. In those ten years my life has changed and shifted and so have I.

When I started BeCalm Hypnobirthing and YogaBubs I was pregnant with my baby Sam. When we launched The Orange Grove Clinic, my kids were 3 and 7 and my focus was on birth, bump, baby and supporting new mothering.

When we moved to Float in 2017 I had shifted my interest to yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing for families.

Last year was all about writing the best specialist teacher training manuals possible to spread word further through training others to do what I do all around the region with ZenMuma. We also launched ZenKids in schools, because I want my kids to think yoga and mindfulness is the norm. I became more involved with the NNUH birthing services as the MVP chair, helping to ask the birthing questions that really matter, to people who really count. And now this year life has shifted again, and I find myself asking “what now?”.

“The only constant is change”

My focus, and the focus of the businesses I run have always been on health and wellbeing, for all. We all have different reasons we need help to look after ourselves physically, mentally, or emotionally – and what we usually find is when we look after one of those aspects and begin to really self care, the other aspects of self become healthier too.

I have been practicing massage, yoga and mindfulness for ten years now, and couldn’t cope without it! These three things are fundamental to my sanity, and my health. Really engaging in these areas are important to me. Monthly for a massage, daily for yoga & mindfulness, and once or twice a year I take the opportunity to really hold myself steady and replenish my soul by taking a retreat.

This is what I do, and this is what our team can help you do.

The time has come when Float are looking themselves to expand areas of their business, which means they need some space. So it is relocation time for us too.

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails”

Rather than fearing this change, my practise at the moment is to embrace it, and bring it in line with who we at The Orange Grove and ZenMuma are today, rather than even two years ago.

It is for this reason that we are re-locating to Wymondham, my new home town, as community has always been an important aspect of who The Orange Grove and ZenMuma are.

For me, after some soul searching, I feel I would like to connect more with the Orange Grove I have built over the years. It’s what I love, so I will be doing more of it. More 1-1 treatments, massage, yoga and birthing. For ALL who need it. Stressed executives, shattered mums, sports fanatics with injuries that need attention, the elderly who need work on bodies that are tired, birthing couples, and anyone else who needs 60 minutes of attention to themselves. To simply feel better.

Massage in Wymondham

Our new location is a self-contained beautiful room that used to be part of an old church with high ceilings and beams. There is free parking opposite and a pay & display car park in Wymondham that gives you the first hour free, just five minutes from our treatment room.

The wonderful and expert massage therapist Mel is coming with us, as is our background super team of support; Lucy H and Lucie T.

Our small, but perfectly formed team will be on hand to listen, to provide, to heal and restore you, or to come up with real plans to make a difference to you, your health, your life.

You can contact us directly on the same numbers and email addresses as always. We are still The Orange Grove and ZenMuma! We are just going back to our roots. We hope that you will enjoy the quiet and autonomy of our new home.

To say thank you to all our faithful and loyal supporters we are offering ALL 60 minute massages at £35 for one month only for the whole of April from our first date of trading in our new location – March 25th.

Please trust us. This change will be truly great for all of us and we’re so excited for the future. We really hope you continue to enjoy what we have to offer. Remember we are not a big corporate, but a small independent team who care, and just want to get it right.

Thanks so much for reading,

Take care! And see you soon!

Jackie & the Orange Grove and ZenMuma team x