The New YogaBumps’ Pregnancy Bundle!

As the region’s most experienced birthing expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke has A LOT of knowledge (and personal experience) in not just birthing but pregnancy and babies too. So we’ve been trying to decide how best to help as many pregnant mummies and mums-to-be out there as possible by making our Pregnancy Yoga classes even more special.  

Pregnancy Bundle

We know that people are busy and they need a better, more inclusive package from us that includes what pregnant women need. So, the YogaBumps team has been working hard to provide just that. An all inclusive package of goodies to help you save some pennies and gain extra knowledge through pregnancy, birth and when little one arrives.

With great services such as Pregnancy Yoga, Birthing Preparation and Massage, as well as a whole load of online information to help our clients during our classes, we’ve developed a more holistic approach to pregnancy and birthing with our range of support in a more cohesive bundle.

We are extremely happy to introduce our new YogaBumps’ Pregnancy Bundle which integrates all we do and continues to support our community of preggers mums.

So, from Next Term (June), the YogaBumps £55 will include:

  • A run of 6 pregnancy yoga classes
  • The YogaBumps adapted sun salutation online class for home use
  • £10 off a pregnancy massage every half term
  • £25 off our Hypnobirthing classes
  • £10 off the Birthing Tool Kit Workshop
  • Our Newsletter full of articles, hot topics, hints and tips
  • Our free YogaBumps’ magazine
  • Plus a £5 voucher off your first run of YogaBubs or DiscoBubs!


We also aim to extend our portfolio of expertise in our social media output so that our clients can get the most out of the knowledge we have so don’t forget to follow us @YogaBumps on Facebook.

Our aim is to support our Pregnant mums as much as we possibly can in this incredibly special, crazy, wonderful journey that they are on, and we have even more ideas that we hope to develop over this year…

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