Testimonials from our clients

Here are just a selection of testimonials from our clients.  These are the genuine opinions and views of our clients, and are presented here to give you an insight into our treatments and therapies.  If you have any comments or testimonials for our therapists or treatments, we would love to hear from you.  Please do let us know what you think by emailing us via our contact page.

An oasis of calm...

 “An oasis of calm in a busy world. Professional, purposeful, peaceful and powerful perfection!” Bridget R  

Testimonials for the Orange Grove Massage Angels

 “I was most impressed with the Orange Grove Massage Angel that attended the launch of Norwich Healthy Living.  Both professional and friendly, everyone who experienced her head massage went away a little lighter, a little more chilled out.  I recommend the Orange Grove as an excellent wellbeing resource for the whole of Norfolk. Thank you for sending her – she was indeed an angel!” Anne, Norwich Healthy Living

“Fridays massage angel event went really well – everyone who had a hand massage from Amelia said it was lovely and relaxing.  In fact one lady who had her hands done – and she suffers from arthritis – said that she felt really good and it reminded her of her younger days when, once a month, she would treat herself and have her nails done.  I have to say that everyone who sampled the hand massages – and Amelia also gave some of the staff a quick neck massage – said she was so lovely and made everyone feel at ease.  She is a credit to your establishment” Alison Bessey at AGE UK

Baby massage classes

 “This was a great class which was enjoyable and useful and I would say was worth every penny.  I would recommend Kimberley and her class and have done so. She is a really friendly, approachable and knowledgeable teacher.  I thought there was a perfect balance between informality with a chance to chat and share with other mums and proper useful massage instruction.” Kristina

Really enjoyed the sessions. Fantastic atmosphere and my six month-old daughter loved her weekly pampering sessions!Sarah

Thanks again for an enjoyable class – I’m going to miss it!Amber

I just wanted to say that I really benefited from your workshops. Ted was a tiny 10 week old at the time and I was pretty exhausted and shocked by the whole experience of becoming a new mummy. Your classes really helped me to take time to focus on him and his small body in a way that was new and enjoyable for both of us. The massage ideas were invaluable in calming him and creating an extra magic bond between us; which chilled him out and in turn made me happy. Your advice on oils etc was great and the techniques I learnt I still use now nearly a year later. He still loves being massaged, especially when he is sleepy and wants mummy time. I’d highly recommend this course. I met some great mums too which was a big bonus for me.Lydia

A very special environment, one where you feel pampered and instantly relaxed

 “The Orange Grove Clinic in the heart of Norwich will mean I can finally stop having to go further afield to find reputable therapists. The Clinic is in a brilliant location and in a fantastic building and the team have managed to create a very special environment, one where you feel pampered and instantly relaxed whilst knowing professionalism is at the very heart of the ethos. For those of you who have yet to try complementary therapies look no further than the Orange Grove Clinic!” Kate R.   

Testimonials for Fertility Support with our Fertility Team

After suffering for more than ten years with painful digestion and exhaustion, and trying every clinic, therapy, consultant and even Harley Street to get better, I came to the Orange Grove team.  My husband and I had also just been through a traumatic miscarriage and was told that I was probably infertile.  I write this now after a year of incredibly tailored care, support and compassion from the Orange Grove fertility team – not only with fantastic energy and digestion but also my beautiful four month old daughter in my arms.  I cannot recommend the Orange Grove team highly enough.  Their passion, knowledge and experience is second to none.  It has been such a pleasure being looked after and guided by the brilliance and without them I honestly know my dreams would not have come true.  I owe them so much.  Thank you.” Mr & Mrs Champion, Norfolk

Me and my husband have had ‘unexplained’ fertility issues for over 6 years and in that time have undergone a number of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. Following on from a miscarriage last year I came across some information about the Orange Grove and in particular the fertility team. I felt that after so long with no diagnoses I needed to explore why things weren’t happening for us and the Orange Grove team with their expertise in Acupuncture, nutrition and homeopathic remedies seemed like a great option. After an initial consultation it was clear that there were some underlying issues which could be contributing factors to the fertility problems and some further tests were scheduled. Since that time I have been seeing the fertility team on a regular basis and I have noticed big changes in my energy levels, my periods have become regular and my stress levels reduced. I’m now undergoing IVF and am still using the team at the Orange Grove to help support me in my journey. I feel much calmer so far, in what can be a stressful time and this is definitely down to the support I have had from the Orange Grove. I’m feeling positive about my IVF treatment and I have been able to control some of the side effects through my weekly acupuncture which has been really useful too. I highly recommend the Orange Grove whether it be with or without fertility treatment and at last I feel that I have some answers to my ‘unexplained’ diagnoses” Mrs K, Norfolk 

Testimonials for HypnoFertility with Kerry Dolan

“Kerry made me feel like I could be very open and honest with her.  I was made to feel like I had her whole attention for each session and was never rushed.  I came away from each session feeling really special and looked after.  Thanks Kerry”  Mrs H, Norwich

“Fantastic time and space to relax with and relate to my partner.  Great techniques and strategies for living life more effectively relaxed yet focused.  Great scripts, great class exercises and great homework of action points to commit to things I want to happen!” Miss K, Norwich 

Testimonials for Stress Management Course with Kerry Dolan

“I was drowning in day to day stress on top of serious troubles that demanded my full attention, becoming unable to focus from all the strain. Kerry‘s calm, clear, methodical approach cut through all the mire and helped me develop strategies to combat the overwhelming stress and to do so automatically. Every subsequent session settles my mind onto a clearer, steadier, more productive path, and I’ve become more confident as I deal with both the big deals and the mundane.” Stephanie, Norwich

“The course has given me new ideas and tools in dealing with stress and anxiety.  I feel that it has given me greater control in my own future.” Mrs C, Norwich 

YogaBubs with Kimberley Dawn Carpenter

“Thank you, I really liked the course as it allowed both myself and Jacob to do some exercise and bonding at the same time.  The classes went at a good pace for us all and kept it varied so our babies didn’t get bored. You were always very welcoming and positive.  The venue was convenient and had enough parking for us all.  I would recommend the class to others, especially to those with babies of a similar age.” Rebecca 

“Thanks for everything, really enjoyed the classes.” Lara

“He seemed to like it and would appear to be relaxed as he would often sleep afterwards. Teacher good and friendly. Class size and duration perfect.  Learning different exercises which gave me the confidence to practice at home.” Kelly

“We liked the course, venue and teacher.  If Grace hadn’t started crawling, I would have re-booked!  I would definitely recommend it to other mums.  It was good to have a time each weeks to stretch a bit and relax” Phillippa & Grace

“I thought the course was great. It was lovely to engage with my baby in such a friendly and fun environment”  Robyn & Edward

“Leo and I liked the course very much, it was our favourite class of the week. Each week there was something new to learn and the songs which go along with the exercises really helped me to remember when we got home. They also were not too long to remember, unlike other classes I’ve been to!  I liked Kimberley, she was approachable, knowledgeable and made the classes fun.  I have already recommended this class to all my friends! I will be back!” Charlotte & Leo

“Really friendly easy going sessions. Could feed Henry or stop for cuddles at any point and not feel anxious. I recommend this class to everyone :)” Em 

Testimonials for Nutritional Therapy with Catherine Jeans

“Thanks for a really helpful and positive session yesterday… I think we all learned something and the girls agreed it was a bit of an eye opener and dispelled a few myths!” Mr E, Norwich:  Family nutrition session with parents and 2 teenage girls

“For many years I have been fighting a weight problem and having an under active thyroid did not help, until I contacted Catherine, who with the knowledge of my medical problems and likes and dislikes of various foods gave me a food regime that suited me and it worked wonders And with her constant care, I now am now slimmer and healthier person.” Marilyn – Norwich

“I first consulted Catherine in May 2015 after suffering for many years with IBS and had got to the point where my life was quite restricted and I had become anxious about going out. Catherine’s help in devising a dietary programme tailored to my needs has been invaluable and has made a huge difference. The improvement in my life is amazing and I am now able to go out without anxiety” Mrs P, Norwich

“Before meeting Catherine I dreaded meals because of the pain and discomfort which usually followed. Since working with Catherine my life has changed and I look forward to my meals knowing what I can eat and what I need to avoid.  Catherine is a delightful lady with a wealth of knowledge on nutritional needs to share with her clients which she gives with empathy and kindness.  To me she is the greatest and I feel so lucky to have found her.” Joan, Cromer

“I just wanted to thank you!!  I’ve been on my nutritional plan now for 5 days and am following it exactly how you told me.  I can honestly say I already feel amazing!  I am not in any pain and the bloating and flatulence has gone.  I’m also passing solid stools too which is great!  I can’t believe how good the results have been already.  Oh, and I’ve also lost 5 pounds too, so I am really pleased.  Thanks, so much for your help!”  Miss A, Norwich

My wife went to see Catherine for advice on a long-standing chronic condition which affected her diet and her health and energy in general. She came home saying that she had finally found someone who took her seriously and understood what she had been going through. She immediately cut some things out, added a few things and started on supplements recommended by Catherine. The very next day I saw a complete change in her. It was a huge change for the better and she has never looked back.  More energy, much more positive about food and a healthier ‘look’. We can’t thank Catherine enough for the positive effect she has made to our lives.” Nick Champion, Norfolk


“Over the years I have tried other therapists but gained very little in terms of results…until I met Catherine Jeans….Catherine’s response to my issues has been incredibly fast…. within 6 months, my nutrition has improved, I am more alert, full of energy and I FEEL better… I would recommend Catherine to anyone in a heartbeat…. I have been truly amazed with the results so far.  I know I still have a long way to go but for the first time in 10 years, I actually believe there is light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.” Mrs Nicholson (45), Swaffham, Norfolk


I am such a cynic that I don’t believe cynics are cynical enough. I have little faith in the ‘normal clinicians’ so the alternative brigade have less than no chance of my believing in them. Well that all changed after one session with Catherine Jeans. I struggled with a bowel problem for years, following her advise results were almost immediate e.g. with a couple of days. Catherine is great and I thoroughly recommend her to you, she is the very best!” David C, Norfolk


My partner heard Catherine Jeans on the local radio and suggested I go to see her. I had to complete paperwork about my symptoms and lifestyle for Catherine to study prior to my appointment. Catherine changed my diet and with 1 week I could feel the difference. Within 3 weeks I felt like a different person…  with the bloating gone. Although my tummy is not completely cured yet I know how to control flare ups and hope to be completely back to normal within a few months. I have bags of energy. I have lost 2 inches off my waist and even my long lost libido has returned! I highly recommend Catherine Jeans, her knowledge is amazing. Thank you Catherine for making me feel wonderful.”  Rachel Watson, Norfolk


I had one session with Catherine, and within a week thanks to her advice and help identifying the right food  to eat my digestion was working wonderfully and have done so ever since.  It’s given me so much more confidence and control over my life, and I’m very grateful to her.”   Emma, 22, Norfolk


 “Before I saw Catherine, I felt constantly tired and was struggling to get on with everyday life.  I hadn’t realised that what I was eating was making such a huge impact on the way I was feeling.  Catherine helped me regain my energy with simple dietary recommendations that balanced my blood sugar levels.  My morning sickness was also much better and after 2 meetings I really started to enjoy my pregnancy again.” Mrs C, 37, Norwich

Nutritional therapy support and IVF Success

Nutritional therapy support for fertility and IVF The OGCH. Bick, Norfolk: After a number of months trying to conceive naturally I noticed that my periods were becoming very irregular and although I was monitoring when I ovulated, some months I was not ovulating at all. I was 35 and felt that as time was not on my side I should go and see my GP. Thankfully they referred me very quickly to our local NHS fertility clinic and after a number of test results a date was set for IVF just 3 months later.  I felt like I had been given a window of opportunity to get myself in the best possible shape for what was to come. This is when I went to see Catherine Jeans.

After a saliva hormone test, Catherine recommended a number of supplements to start taking immediately along with very specific dietary changes.  After the first 3 months I felt fantastic, I was full of energy and very ready to start the no doubt difficult IVF process that lay ahead.  I am very pleased to say in July 2012 we welcomed our lovely little son William into the world.  I am convinced that a large part of this success is down to the help and support I got from Catherine throughout the IVF process. Not only did I get my body into the best possible condition, I also felt much more positive by taking control of the things I could change.  For anyone struggling with fertility I would highly recommend that you go and see Catherine Jeans at The Orange Grove to see just what she could do for you.”

Testimonials for Massage with Sam Quinton

“Sam gives the best pregnancy massages ever. Worth £1000. Feel like I can take on the world now.”  Della M.


“Sam is a natural, her touch is intuitive and warm, her hands are strong yet sensitive, and ‘she has a healing touch’ Mrs Dinnie.


“I love a massage as Sam can take away all my tension. l always feel great after a treatment.Mrs Kelly Symonds


Sam’s massage techniques released severe muscle tightness.  This reduced my emotional stress leaving me more relaxed after a treatment.” Mr Sam Jarvis


I really enjoy the hot stone massage… it is something different and it makes me feel relaxed and I love the heat from the stones.” Mrs Kelly Symonds.

“I always relax in Sam’s sensitive hands… reflexology is my happy pill!”  Mrs. S

Sam, you helped us bring our wonderful baby girl into this world without any unwanted intervention, thank you.”  Mrs J.

I love having reflexology with Sam… it helps keep my IBS in check and it feels wonderful too!Miss C.

Testimonials for Sports Massage with Sam Quinton and Vicki Taylor

I am a retired nurse who still enjoys running.  Sam enables me to continue in a sport I love.  Finally I have found a therapist that I recommend to all my friends, she is so good I don’t have to see her often which is such a shame!“  Mr G.


Vicki’s Sports Massage has been the most beneficial treatment I have tried for relieving my Facet Joint Syndrome of the lumbar spine. Due to wear and tear of the spinal discs I experience stiffness and inflammation. I have radiating pain from my lumbar down into my glutes and legs.  I had Physiotherapy and Ultra sound three times a week for eight years with little improvement to my condition. Sports Massage has helped to loosen the muscles and reduce pressure on the effected joints reducing pain, stiffness and strengthening the lower back muscles.  Stella – Norwich


I ran the London Marathon this year.  As soon as I started having regular sports massages from Sam I noticed a marked improvement in my recovery time after long runs and in my general flexibility.  I have absolutely no doubt that getting through the whole 4 months training and race day, injury free, was very much connected to the massage sessions that Sam had tailored to my specific requirements.” Mrs T.

“The results of my Sports Massage have been incredible; I didn’t believe the improvement could be so great. A wonderful relaxing experience. Thank you Vicki!”  Julie Green – Attleborough

Cranial Osteopathy for Babies

 “Attended Cranial Osteopathy with Arnaud Geanty to treat my newborn baby, great treatment, good results, would recommend.” Raquel L-C.   

Massage with Jackie Heffer-Cooke

The Orange Grove is a great complementary health clinic right in the centre of Norwich. I attend regularly to have massages with Jackie Heffer-Cooke, and after years of having massages with different people, I can honestly say that Jackie’s massages are absolutely the best! She is very skilled, considerate and empathetic, and adjusts her massages according to how I am feeling physically and mentally. I always come away feeling positive and relaxed.  I was also fortunate enough to attend Jackie’s hypnobirthing course after having a traumatic experience with the birth of my first child. I was incredibly anxious about the birth of my second child, but thanks to the course, which I can’t recommend enough, the birth was quick, straight forward and calm, and I had the tools in the months leading up to it, to control my anxiety. ” Sarah C.


“I had the most relaxing pregnancy massage today, care of Jackie at the OGC! Thank you, for 60 mins the weight of an 8 month baby bump disappeared, blissful! Any expecting mums out there, treat yourself as you’ll feel amazing”Helen, Norwich


“I started having massages with Jackie early on in my pregnancy having suffered with SPD/PGP during a previous pregnancy. I was soon seeing her once a fortnight for a massage as they were so beneficial. The massage was different every time, tailored to what I needed at that point. Physically it helped no end to ease my back and pelvic pain, but it was also lovely to have some ‘me’ time and relax. It was such a lovely treat and I really recommend every mum indulges in this treatment, it really made a difference to my pregnancy. I am now looking forward to booking my post-natal massages!”
Sian – mum to Elliot (2 1/2) and Sophia (4 weeks)   


Testimonials for Massage Therapy with Vicki Taylor

“Vicki’s pleasant, softly spoken manner and comfortable Therapy Room immediately relaxed me when we met. I have since experienced a diversity of satisfying treatments, with monthly appointments and have comprehensively benefited from Vicki’s dedicated professionalism.”  Mr A. Rudd – Norwich


“Over the years I have had many treatments which I have enjoyed, however Vicki is the only person whose touch instantly relaxes me and I am transported to a secluded haven of tranquillity and peace, while she releases the build-up of tension. I would recommend her every time.”  Elaine B – Norwich


“After having my baby 6 months ago, and suffering with a bad back, my monthly back massages have really helped to ease my muscles, reduce the achiness and generally improve my well-being. I find Vicki an altogether relaxing and soothing person.”  Jenny Cushing – Norwich


“Vicki is an experienced, highly qualified and very professional Massage Therapist. I thoroughly enjoy my monthly full body massages at her treatment room in Norfolk.”  Sarah – Salhouse


“I have had pain in my shoulders for several years. After two or three massage treatments, with Vicki this pain settled completely and has not re-occurred. I now very much enjoy my Holistic Massage sessions with Vicki. I always come away completely calm, relaxed and with much reduced muscle tension.”  Patrick O’Reilly – Norwich


“I have regular massage with Vicki for some time. Her sensitive, committed and professional manner, combined with her many therapist skills, inspire confidence and leave me feeling thoroughly relaxed. Vicki’s massage also provides relief from tension and helps maintain healthy muscles and prevent further discomfort.  I would certainly recommend Vicki to anyone who is thinking about visiting a therapist.”  Jan – Norwich

Testimonial for Hydrotherm Massage

“Yesterday and today were the first mornings in months when I’ve woken up without backache which is usually so bad I find myself almost breathless! Already feeling like a new woman!!!” Jodie Huggins


“I had my second Hydrotherm massage yesterday and it has transformed my mood let alone my body.  I went in hunched, stressed and with a busy, crowded mind. Through Kimberley’s expert massage and clearly healing ways I woke this morning to a totally different mindset. Kimberley said I would wake up feeling different and I did.  I thoroughly recommend this treatment for anything from sore muscles to an overworked mind and everything in between” Katie