Natural Ways to Support Egg Quality

Acupuncture in Pregnancy Norwich at The Orange GroveThere are many natural things you can do to support egg quality and therefore support your chances of getting pregnant.  If you are trying to conceive or having fertility problems, this informative blog post may provide invaluable information.

How to Support Egg Quality

For conception to occur, good quality eggs and the support of egg quality are primary focuses needed to maximize the potential for a women to fall pregnant.  There could also be an issue with poor ovarian reserve, which means that the eggs have difficulty in maturing not that you have not many eggs left.

IVF is also dependable on the quality of the embryos for success – in order for this to happen the egg quality needs to be good in the first instance.  Women with good egg quality and a good reserve have a higher number of eggs to choose from, hence the higher success rate of pregnancy is found in women with good reserves.   So if you find out you have poor ovarian reserve or poor egg quality, what can you do to support egg quality and your chances of getting pregnant?

Natural support for Egg Quality

Conventional medicine to date does not have any answers of how to support egg quality.  There is however time during the period that eggs are maturing towards ovulation that the quality can be affected both negatively and positively.  An egg preparing for ovulation takes 90 days for this process to occur, during which time the quality of the egg can be affected.   There are many ways that poor egg quality may affect the outcome of a pregnancy.  These include:

  • Poor fertilization in the first instance
  • Reduced implantation to the uterus lining
  • An impact on the capability of normal growth and development of a pregnancy
  • The future health of your baby

In Chinese Medicine, there are a number of key elements which are important to help support egg quality.  These include:

  • Good blood flow to the uterus
  • A healthy diet with no nutrient deficiencies
  • A stress free lifestyle
  • Plenty of sleep
  • To reduce chemical, toxins, pesticides and electro magnetic radiation
  • Be checked for STI’s and UTI’s
  • Moderate exercise
  • No alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or recreational drugs
  • Avoid endocrine disrupters (hormones found in some plastics and metal cans for example)

At the Orange Grove Clinic our Fertility Team can work with you to provide you with bespoke, practical lifestyle and dietary advice, alongside therapeutic support to cover all of the above in order to help support your egg quality and your chances of getting pregnant.  In addition you will have the opportunity to have a mineral, nutrient and toxin analysis to really get to the bottom of your fertility needs.  Our acupuncturist will assess your fertile health through tongue and pulse diagnosis and work with you accordingly to provide stress relief, hormonal balancing, and use acupuncture methods that directly communicates with your body to provide egg health.  Our nutritional therapist, Catherine Jeans, works with you to create a dietary and lifestyle programme that may help to support hormone balance, optimise nutrient intake to support egg quality and can provide a range of functional testing, including hormone analysis, to support your programme.   To find out more, contact our reception today to arrange your free 30 minutes consultation to discuss yoru specific fertility journey and how we may be able to support you.