The Orange Grove Clinics guide to a stress free Christmas from Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Much as we all love Christmas, it can also be a pretty stressful time for some people, so Jackie Heffer-Cooke has put together some top tips for stress minimisation over the festive period. Here’s what Jackie recommends…….

I have learnt, from sometimes bitter experiences, that Christmas can be a pretty stressful time.  So here are my top tips for helping things to run a little more smoothly:

  1. How to reduce stress at ChristmasBe prepared – For example, don’t leave Christmas wrapping to Christmas Eve. As idealist as the image is, sitting wrapping presents, open fire aglow, Christmas carols abound – it will end up in still wrapping at 2am, swearing at your sellotape, and fuming at the scissors that seem to have disappeared from under your nose for the fifteenth time.  Nope, plan it, diary it, stick to it. On Christmas eve enjoy your smugness with mulled wine and Ferrero Rocher.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff – We have a visual and mental image of what we want our Christmas to look like.  If we don’t achieve it all on time, let it go. It really doesn’t matter. If we don’t get that homemade yuletide log made with our kids, if we don’t get the colour co-ordinating ribbon on the presents, if our Yorkshire puddings don’t rise… it just doesn’t matter. We have done enough good stuff to outweigh the small details we just didn’t get time for.  Your family will love you anyway, just remember to love yourself and your super seasonal achievements too.
  3. Boost you and your loved ones immunity with super nutrients and herbs – We all know them, but are we really using/ taking them? Garlic, Echinacea, Probiotics (if we have had a virus and feel run down), burn thyme essential oil for coughs, drink lemon/ginger/ garlic and honey drink for colds.  Find out more from our nutritional therapist here.
  4. Support yourself emotionally – If you have some family politics floating around it’s probably best not to drink too much wine, full stop.  Sure, this is the season to be jolly, go ahead and enjoy yourself with great buddies, partners and loved ones, but if you’re having to be in prolonged situations with people that you feel some friction with, look after your sensibility with care and don’t get yourself into a heady situation you may regret. Save festive frivolity for the fun people in your life.
  5. Relax at ChristmasKeep calm and enjoy yourself! – Go on, indulge yourself in a little of what you like to help keep you happy and calm this Christmas. Burn some seasonal frankincense or myrrh, great for calming the mind and easing anxiety.  Treat yourself to a Christmas gift of some time to yourself to breathe, and make sure you do it; actually schedule it in if you need to! If you’re happy and calm, it will rub off on others, so see it as altruistic. Whether it’s a long walk on the beach, a total relaxation massage, or simply an hour in your favourite coffee shop with a good book, give yourself a simple gift of self-nurture this year and make it happen for you.

So, all I need to do now is adhere my own advice…

Well, I have booked my massage already… 😉

From me, and from all of us at The Orange Grove Clinic, we wish you all a very happy, and healthy Christmas, and New Year!