Why you should try YogaBubs baby yoga

Orange Grove Director Jackie Heffer-Cooke  initially set up YogaBubs as a response to her own experience of feeling quite lonely with her first daughter Megan. Baby classes in South Norfolk

She says, “Some days with a small baby I found it easier to get out of the house, away from the boring domesticity of washing endless clothes and mushing boundless vegetables.  However, although I am pretty sociable, I find it hard to just enter a room and make small talk with other mums.  I was looking for something where I felt I could take Megan and learn more about her and help her enjoy being a baby!  I wanted to encourage her natural development, whilst at the same time grow some confidence in how to be a ‘good mum’. For me, classes like Massage and Baby Yoga tick all the boxes, and since then I have gone on to become a Baby Yoga teacher and founded YogaBubs! Baby Yoga and Massage, to help other mums to bond with their babies”.

The benefits of baby classes

It has been proven that classes like ‘YogaBubs’ Baby Yoga and Massage, newly launched in in South Norfolk, have a very positive impact and enormous emotional benefits for your baby. Norfolk baby classesJackie says, “One of the most important lessons for a baby to learn is to feel secure and become skilled at trusting those around them.  In YogaBubs the baby picks up on the relaxed atmosphere of the class, the soft singing, the one-on-one eye contact between mum and baby.  Through the eye contact the baby actually reads from the mum that she feels warm, safe and happy, the baby directly picks up on these feelings of calm and content and will follow mums lead.  This in turn will help develop baby’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The classes allow mum and baby to simply ‘be’, away from the rushing around of life, sleepness nights, packing of baby bags.  Mum and baby can connect, be as one, for a short amount of time they can completely invest in each other with no distraction”. Baby Yoga and Massage classes also enhance your baby’s natural development, and have been found to help with digestive issues, colic, settling and sleep. To book a YogaBubs baby class in South Norfolk, or in other locations in and around Norwich, please click here. To view a short baby massage routine narrated by YogaBubs Founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke for the international Baby Centre, please go to the Baby Centre baby massage strectching video. Jackie Heffer-Cooke is the founder of YogaBubs Baby Yoga and Massage, YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga and BeCalm HypnoBirthing.  She is a pregnancy massage specialist and a co-Director of The Orange Grove Clinic.