Kick the butts if you want to make a baby – 10 facts about smoking and fertility

Norwich Foresight practitioner, Homeopath and Natural Fertility Coach, Kathy Payne advises on the dangers of smoking when trying for a baby (it’s National No Smoking Day on 12th March!)

Smoking and Fertility at The OGCSmoking and Fertility: Why you need to quit if you’re planning a family

So you’re planning to have a baby or already trying to conceive?  Do you or your partner smoke?  If you do, quit now, because the evidence of the dangers of smoking to reproductive health for both men and women is clear.

So what are the facts?

The simple fertility and baby related facts backed by studies are:

  • Women who do not smoke are twice as likely to get pregnant as those who do
  • Smoking affects female hormone balance and is believed to make eggs age quicker
  • There is a proven increased risk of miscarriage in smokers
  • Smoking can cause abnormal pregnancies e.g. ectopic pregnancies are more common in smokers
  • More babies born to mothers who smoke are born early
  • Smoking can affect the health and birth weight of babies born e.g. cadmium from cigarettes is present in smokers’ babies and it is known to damage the brain and kidneys
  • Children born to mothers who smoke have increased risk of learning difficulties
  • Smoking can affect erectile function in men, as it damages blood vessels including those to the penis.
  • Smoking impacts sperm count, motility (ability to “swim”) and morphology (shape). It also affects the ability of sperm to bind to the egg.
  • The DNA of sperm is damaged by smoking, meaning the children of fathers who smoke are more prone to cancers.

So it is simple. Smoking affects fertility, pregnancy and babies.  What isn’t so simple is quitting the habit.

So where can you get help if you really want to quit for good?

In the UK, the NHS have support services you can access – check out NHS Smokefree here.  But if you want to complement your NHS treatment or are looking for an alternative, there are several therapies that many find invaluable in quitting.

Smoking and fertility at The OGC NorwichAlso at Orange Grove Clinic we have an expert in addictions  in Rick Maczka who uses hypnotherapy and other techniques to help you quit for good.  It’s also a good idea if you’re looking to quit make sure your body is full of all the essential nutrients it needs to detoxify – which is where nutritional therapy may help.

Specialist Fertility Help

If you are planning to conceive or already trying for a baby, we at The Orange Grove Clinic offer preconception care and fertility boosting therapies, including our combined therapy Smoking and fertility at The OGC Norwichfertility packages to really boost your chance of conception naturally or by IVF.


To find out more about how we can help you to quit smoking or help you on the road to parenthood, please call Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.