Signature Massage Treatments

Choose one of our signature massage treatments to leave feeling relaxed, invigorated or energised.

holistic massage
If you’re feeling tired, wired and in need some TLC, then our Massage Angels are on hand to offer you heavenly, stress relieving, relaxation massage in the heart of Wymondham.  Step inside our calming clinic and let your stress melt away under the expert professionally trained hands of our Massage Angels. Experience a beautiful tailor-made treatment designed just for you, to help you drift away into a place of calm, peaceful relaxation.  Our Senior Massage Therapist Jackie also offers a range of Bespoke Massage treatments for those clients looking for a more in depth approach to chronic pain.

Due to the current issues around COVID-19 and following government advice, we are sadly not taking any massage bookings at this current time.  All outstanding massage vouchers have been extended to 30th June 2020.  We are monitoring the situation closely, so please check back and keep an eye on our social media for updates.  If you have any queries please call our us on 07813 069529 or email [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you all back soon.

Total Relaxation Massage 

1 hour £42, 90 minutes £62

Using nourishing massage oils our Massage Angels will soothe any aches, pains and stress away, with long, indulgent strokes, which will relieve tension and relax the mind. Totally blissful!

Holistic Massage

1 hour £47, 90 minutes £67

A bespoke massage tailored to your desired outcome (relaxed, revitalised or restored) through a combination of effective massage oils and pressure applied as requested. Using a combination of long strokes, kneading, and pressure point massage, this invigorating massage relieves muscular aches and pains, bringing physical and psychological equilibrium, working the areas of the body you require. A massage designed to balance the body and the mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour £47, 90 minutes £67

An invigorating, deeper massage ideal for relieving underlying muscular aches and pains, caused by repetitive strain at work, postural issues, muscle spasms, old injuries, or just general tight areas. The therapist will apply pressure tailored to your desired outcome – leaving you feeling released and restored.

Hot Stone Massage 

relaxation massage in Norwich using hot stones at The Orange Grove Clinic1 hour £52

90 minutes £70

Like stepping into a hot bath, the warming sensation of being massaged with hot stones is incredibly relaxing and soothing.  Ideal for total relaxation, as well as relieving stiff and sore muscles, leaving you feeling recharged and re-energised.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes £27

Designed to release tension in the head and neck area and to bring about harmony between the mind and body.  Upper garments can be removed so carrier oils can be applied to the skin, alternatively a seated fully clothed option is available. A relaxing treatment, which is ideal for anyone suffering with headaches or neck tension.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes £27, 60 minutes £47

The perfect treatment for your lunch hour or a de-stress on your way home, this targeted treatment helps to relieve tension in the upper back and shoulders. Relaxing strokes combined with deep releasing techniques help to smooth away hunched shoulders, knots and stiff muscles.

Bespoke Massage with Experienced Therapist Jackie Heffer-Cookebirth expert norfolk

Jackie Heffer-Cooke MTI, HI, YA, BA

Orange Grove founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke is our Senior Massage therapist. With over 12 years’ experience, Jackie is a health and wellbeing expert and works with individual clients who need a more in-depth approach to chronic pain, either through injury, ill-health, pregnancy, post-natal issues, stress, anxiety or depression.

Therapeutic Massage

90 minutes £67

Jackie works holistically, therapeutically and intuitively and the 90 minutes comes with a full consultation, specific blended aromatherapy oils, therapeutic and remedial massage bespoke to your needs, an exercise or mindfulness plan if required, and ongoing support when required.

Balancing Massage

90 minutes £67

We can feel out of balance because of hormonal issues, or life changing events. Jackie uses specific blended oils and long-strokes, intended to stretch the body, release tension, calm the nervous system, promote serotonin and oxytocin in order to calm and rebalance the body and the mind.

Deluxe Massage

90 minutes – £67

Jackie also offers a Deluxe Massage which is perfect as a gift for someone you love who needs a total treat of complete ‘me-time’. This includes a pampering foot massage, holistic body massage fine-tuned to individual needs, a neck, head and scalp massage, with indulgent blended oils. There is no rush at the end of the massage but instead a cup of herbal tea in our relaxation chair, for the perfect completion to this attentive treatment. Of course, it is also the ideal treat for total self-care 😊

Massage for Pregnancy, and Specialist Pregnant Needs

90 minutes £67

Jackie Heffer-Cooke is also our resident specialist in pregnancy and birthing. As a childbirth educator of 10 years and running a teacher training school called ZenMuma in specialised pre & post-natal yoga and hypnobirthing, Jackie has a Master in Pregnancy Massage and is ready to soothe away any aches and strains with her aromatherapy blends and skilled hands. She is also a specialist in natural induction massage* massage techniques for labour, and massage for transverse or back-to-back lying babies.

(*41.5 weeks and over, unless medical reasons for earlier treatment, including induction preparation consultation),


Booking your appointment

To book any of our Heavenly Stress Relieving, Invigorating or Relaxing Massage Treatments, please call our reception team today on 07813 069529 or you can email us [email protected].  

Please be aware that your appointment time does include a short consultation with your therapist.