HypnoFertility – how do self-hypnosis and the mind-body connection work?

How can self-hypnosis and using the mind-body connection help to support a couple’s fertility journey?  In the second part of her blog about HypnoFertility, practitioner Kerry Dolan shows how the mind-body connection works.  To read the first part of Kerrys blog, click here.

If you’d like to experience HypnoFertility and see if it is right for you, Kerry is offering the opportunity for couples to come along to the first session of her next 5 week course, starting 4th August, for free. If you decide it’s not for you, you can simply leave the Clinic at the end of the session without paying a penny.  If you do decide to sign up for the course, you can simply pay for the full course at the end of the first session.  Please book your place with our reception team today by calling or go to our contact page. 

HypnoFertility at the Orange Grove ClinicWhat is HypnoFertility and how does self-hypnosis work?

In the first part of this blog, I explained the effects our thoughts can have on our bodies.  Now you can experience this for yourself, with a simple experiment.

Experience the mind-body connection

Imagine a fresh, ripe, juicy lemon. See the shiny, yellow, dimpled skin. Observe how round and plump it is, sitting on a chopping board.

Now imagine yourself taking a knife and slicing the lemon in half. Watch as the juices run out, spilling over the sides of the chopping board.

Now bring the lemon to your nose, inhale the sweet, sharp scent and now sink your teeth into the lemon. Feel the juices running in your mouth.

Is your mouth watering?  Most people will salivate and yet the lemon is not real.  Nonetheless, we have a very real physiological response.

Harness this connection with self-hypnosis and HypnoFertility

Our reproductive system is affected by our thoughts and feelings and, while these responses may not be as tangible, they are just as real.  Hypnosis for fertility can teach us to harness this mind-body connection, allowing us to have a more positive fertility journey… as we know, any positive  impact on our wellbeing can be positive for our health and in turn can support our ability to conceive.

To find out more about HypnoFertility with Kerry Dolan, please visit our HypnoFertility profile page.  To book a place on the next HypnoFertilty course, please contact Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.