Our NEW Deluxe Self-care Massage Experience

Welcome to our NEW Deluxe Massage Experience at an Introductory Price of just £62 for 90 minutes


We at The Orange Grove believe in self-care. We believe in not finding the time, but making the time.

Imagine if we gave ourselves just 90 minutes a week of totally mindful self-maintenance. 90 minutes a week of total ‘self-care’. That’s around 1% of our entire week. That’s what this massage is created for. You can come once in a while, once a week, once a month but make the time to come. If you are going through a tricky patch of life, or if the domesticity and drudgery is simply wearing you down, do something about it and book today. Or, if someone you know is struggling, this is the ideal way to let them know you care. This mama of a massage is at a special introductory price of £62 for the whole of November to ease you into the winter darker months.


Deluxe Massage Offer

What makes this massage different to the rest?

The Orange Grove Founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke is particular about massage. She has travelled the world, receiving and giving massage along the way, and here are her ‘Top-5- Findings’ about what makes a massage a Truly Deluxe Experience.

  1. The Massage Therapist must be experienced and tuned in. There are ‘masseurs’ who do the same routine on every body, every time. However, the truth is, every body is different, every time! The best massage therapists ask friendly questions to fine tune the massage to your needs. We don’t mean they sit you down for a half hour chat, the most skilled therapists know what to ask and how to ask it, in a way that is non-obtrusive but will give you the most effective massage possible. We at The Orange Grove pride ourselves on our training, our experience, our technical skills then perhaps most importantly our intuition to give you a personal bespoke treatment most effective to your needs of re-balance, relaxation, or uplifting you, whilst at the same time working on the physical parts of your body that are the most tight and need it the most.
  2. You must feel comfortable and secure. At the end of the day you are getting undressed and laying down on somebody else’s towels! The room must have a warm feeling to it, clean, with relaxing surroundings that make you feel comfortable and, at best, inspired.
  3. You must feel cared for. There is a vast difference between a masseuse who is trotting through her (or his) massage routine with their mind on their list of shopping, and a massage professional who checks you have the right amount of cushions, who takes time to connect, to tuck you in, who doesn’t rush, and doesn’t keep breaking the massage flow to get more oil or turn up the music. Once the hand-body connection between massage therapist and client is made, keeping that connection is fundamental to the flow and the reassuring feel of the massage.
  4. The pressure must be right. The massage therapist must check in occasionally (again not obtrusively) to check that the massage client is experiencing the right amount of pressure for them. Everyone’s experience of ‘medium pressure’ is different and making sure the pressure is correct for the client is fundamental. We don’t want the client to be wishing away a ‘limp massage’, or to be ‘wincing with pain!’
  5. No rush afterwards. Being offered a short amount of time to sit and simply soak up the massage with ‘no rush’ is the icing on the massage cake. After we experience massage, we should feel the amazing hormones of endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin – let’s not rush away from them, let’s bathe in them! Take 10 minutes to be mindful and relax into the feeling you are soaked in. A cup of herbal tea and the opportunity to give yourself time before getting on with your day is what we call a ‘moment-of-being’. There are too few of these moments, we want you to indulge in them.


The Deluxe Massage Experience

So, there you have it. Based on this, this month we are offering the Deluxe Massage Experience at a Special Introductory Offer 90 Minutes of £62.

The Deluxe Massage Experience. Perfect as a gift for someone you love who needs a total treat of complete ‘me-time’, or if you are feeling the need for TLC this experience is the essential in self-care.

What is included

This massage includes a warmed massage bed, a pampering foot massage, a holistic body massage fine-tuned to individual needs, a patient neck, head and scalp massage, with indulgent blended oils adapted to your needs. There is no rush at the end of the massage but instead a cup of herbal tea is offered in our relaxation chair, for the perfect completion to this attentive treatment.

We hope to see you soon…

Lots of love

Jackie & The Orange Grove, ZenMuma and ZenKids team

If you fancy a 90 minute Deluxe Massage Experience or are looking for a special gift for a loved one or friend this Christmas, why not book today! Book here…