Want to come to Sardinia on a yoga retreat?

Want to come to Sardinia on a yoga retreat? Well of course you do! The Orange Grove and ZenYoga are intent on catching dreams and making your yoga retreat experience come true… all you have to do is find the time…

Porta Pino in Sardinia is a paradise.

Termed as the Italian Bahamas the well-travelled founder and organiser Jackie Heffer-Cooke says it is up there with the greatest beaches on earth!  “I have travelled to Fiji, the Whitsundays, St Lucia and the Maldives, but Sardinia’s Porto Pino is up there with the best. The sea is crystal clear and beautifully shallow, the white sand beach is two miles long, the beach bars hosts are friendly and hospitable, and the organic chef on site serves local food dished to your table as if its delivered on route to nirvana”.

A high recommendation indeed, but don’t just take Jackie’s word for it, take their Sardinian retreaters word for it too…

“I can hand on heart say it was literally one of the best weeks of my life! I have come home a much better mum, wife, friend, and person. I am so thankful for the hard work it must have taken in organising it and making sure it was just what we all individually needed. I even now can find myself getting emotional about the way it made me feel, the people I met and the whole thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jackie for making it amazing and affordable.” Lizzie Snowling.

This is what happens on a retreat. There is an unexplained energy which is so beautiful and so tangible you can feel it in the sunny space around you. Daily yoga and meditation itself connects you to your own experience of remembering what it is like to be free and individual and reminds you how to take joy in that! The nourishment from the wholesome food, and from the inspiring women around you means that your space is held, carefully, intentionally, by a group of women, who are into yoga – therefore they are generally a nice, caring, non-judgemental bunch. On top of that you have the escapism from the domesticity of life, that so gets in the way of us consciously experiencing our true selves. Plus, you get to swim in the tropical sea, lay on soft white sand and warm your skin under the warm energising sun. I mean… what’s not to like…

To book onto The Orange Groves, ZenYoga retreat experience see our website.

You can choose from a weekend in Suffolk, 6 days in in Sardinia, a week in Thailand or a mum and kids digital detox camping retreat in the stunning hills of Tuscany.

Don’t wait as life passes you by… do a little of what makes your soul happy and book today!