Yoga, a perfect running training partner!

Are you currently in training for a local running event in Norwich or looking for a yoga class to supplement your running hobby? Or are you in need of some help with your endurance both physically and mentally?  Running and yoga, indeed yoga and running, are the perfect combination. YogaBuds yoga teacher Jackie Heffer-Cooke explains all…

Running in Norwich

I am a seasonal person, and self-admittedly a fair-weather runner, so now the sun is out it inspires me to get my running trainers once again. Not because I should, not because I need to, but because I want to. I can feel my energy levels creeping up as my body unfolds from the cocoon of winter – and as the clocks go forward and the evenings get longer, I have not just more time to run, but more energy and spring in my step and the desire to be out in the fresh-air gets me going.

For me running doesn’t seem to come easy though, and I find that yoga helps me with the right mental attitude when I put on my trainers, and helps my body stay able to cope – rather than waking up two days later with that ‘ouch I haven’t used those muscles for a while’, lactic acid kind of pain, that puts you off doing it again.

Why choose Yoga to supplement your running training?

Yoga is the perfect pre-run as you wake the body systems up ready to run – maybe with a couple of rounds of sun salutation and a few planks and boats to get the core energy fired up, and the perfect post-run exercise as you focus on the restorative or yin postures to help calm and stretch the muscles to ease from tight, to release and happiness once again. Plus, the strength and flexibility you develop on the yoga mat, the muscles you assist – the core, the quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors – can also help you run more efficiently and stay injury-free.

running trainingYoga is also the best mental fitness around in my opinion, so when you bring the tools of yoga attitude: positivity, focus, calm and ease to running – you go further and enjoy it more.

I’m not a big runner, more like 20k a week kind of girl, but for those of you more serious running folk do some research yourselves into how many runners and athletes do yoga these days: Jessica Ennis Hill, British Olympic Heptathlete, Andy Carroll, English Premiership Football Player James Cracknel, former British Olympic Rower Jenson Button, British F1 driver  Lauren Fleshman, an American two-time national outdoor 5000-meter champion, started practicing yoga after breaking her foot in 2008. She says, the yoga poses gave her more than just rehabilitation: “Yoga helps me control my emotions while I’m in discomfort on the road,” she says. “Enduring an intense pose is a lot like enduring a long run or tempo run.”

Exactly, yoga helps you breathe into the sensations of your muscles, rather than fighting against the feeling – which means you can challenge yourself as much as you like to build your strength and fitness – whilst improving stamina, patience and mental stability and focus along the way….

You see running and yoga, yoga and running… the perfect yin and yang. Book yourself into a YogaBuds class today and start to feel the benefits, for your body, your mind, and for your next big run!…

Massage for runners

foot massage Norwich's Orange Grove ClinicIf you’re taking part in any local running events in Norwich, like the City of Norwich Half Marathon in April at the Norfolk Showground; Run for life on 14th May or RUN Norwich with Big C in August; massage can work wonders for those training aches and pains. We currently have a Massage Angels Deep Tissue Massage Special Offer available especially to help relax those over worked muscles. At just £30 instead of the usual £45, you’ll be crossing that finishing line with an extra spring in your step. Use Code deeptissue30 at checkout! Book here…

Also our Massage Angels will be on hand to help those achy muscles and to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support too in the barns at  the Norwich Half Marathon in April at the Norfolk Showground. They’ll be waiting to help those tired feet and give your muscles an extra boost.