Add some zing to your spring with a homemade springtime room spray

It’s finally looking as though those pesky rain clouds have been chased away by some sunshine, so why not freshen up your spring cleaning the natural way and bring that ‘springtime’ feeling in to your home.  

Freshen up your spring cleaning

Aromatehrapy Room Spray from the Orange Grove Clinic

Spring cleaning isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, but did you know that you can use essential oils to make it a little more appealing?  When sprucing up the kitchen or bathroom pop a couple of drops of your favourite oil down the plugholes.  Then, every time the hot water runs down, you get to enjoy a nasal treat!

Washing up liquids often claim to be ‘fruity’ but they rarely contain the real thing.   You can give your chosen brand some extra zing, and give yourself a boost whilst getting on with the chores, by simply adding 10 drops of your favourite oil to a bottle of washing up liquid, shake it well and then leave it to settle for a few minutes before using.

Or you could make a Springtime room spray

You just need some water (purified is best as it’s less likely to cause scaling which will block the atomiser).  Pour it in to a spray bottle (bottles and atomiser tops are available from our shop) and then simply add your chosen essential oils, using 8-10 drops of oil for 300ml of water.  For spring, you could try citrus or light floral scents, but do be sure to use uplifting oils to help bring you out of the winter slump and make your home feel fresh as a daisy!

But, if you want to bring a different mood in to your home, you could easily select different oils to reflect the feeling that you are after – lavender or chamomile for that evening chill out perhaps?

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When using essential oils you should always be aware of any contra-indications for the oils that you choose.  If in any doubt, please consult a qualified Aromatherapist.