Benefits of Reiki in Pregnancy, by practitioner Debbie Woodhouse

If your pregnancy hasn’t been as ‘blooming’ as you had hoped, the OGCs registered Reiki practitioner, Debbie Woodhouse, has been blogging about the benefits of  Reiki during your baby building time…

When I started thinking about writing a blog about the benefits of Reiki during pregnancy I, understandably, thought back to my own pregnancy.  And that, in turn, led me to thinking about the first Principle of Reiki:

“Just for today, do not worry”

Being pregnant is amazing; knowing that you have a little human being slowly growing inside you, being nurtured by you, is one of the most incredible feelings in the world.  But it’s not always the ‘blooming’ experience we are generally led to expect and, for some women, it can also be a really (sometimes irrationally) worrying time.

Did you wash the dog?

worries in pregnancySome of those worries are understandable; realistic concerns about genuine health issues, wondering how to manage finances whilst on maternity leave, hoping you’ll get through that important afternoon meeting without having to succumb to your ‘morning’ sickness (that was me).  Then there are the slightly less rational ones; checking your bag for the twentieth time in case you’ve unknowingly lost something (yep, I did that too), stressing about the fact that your partner doesn’t load the dishwasher/washing machine/car in exactly the same way as you, being overly enthusiastic about cleaning the kitchen/bathroom/dog… 

Whether your worries are of the rational or irrational variety, and even if your non-pregnant self is the least worrisome person on the planet, they are all perfectly normal and usual for the vast majority of women during pregnancy.  Flooded with hormones and busy making baby, our bodies (and that includes our brains) are spinning so many plates that, occasionally, one is bound to go whizzing off in to the ether.  And sometimes we need a little help to get that plate back.

Reiki and Star Wars

For those of you who don’t know, Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that you receive fully clothed and, usually, laying on a treatment couch.  Originating in Japan, the word itself, pronounced ‘ray-key’, means ‘universal life energy’ – if you’re a Star Wars fan, think of it as a bit like ‘The Force’!  Practitioners believe that this life energy surrounds us and exists within us and that, when it becomes slowed or blocked in some way, we can become ‘unwell’.  During a Reiki treatment, by placing their hands in a sequence of positions, a practitioner simply acts as a facilitator, enabling you to tune in to your own energy and that which surrounds us, helping to remove those blocks and allowing your own body to begin to heal itself.

For pregnant ladies, you get the added benefit of a two for one deal, as baby automatically gets a treatment too and your position on the couch and the hand positions used by you practitioner can all be adjusted to suit you and your growing bump.  In fact babies in the bump generally seem to enjoy the experience, often turning towards the area where the practitioner has placed their hands.

And now, relax…

Reiki in Norwich at The Orange Grove ClinicSo, if you need relaxing, calming and nurturing then Reiki can do all this, and more. There are many instances where women have stated that Reiki has helped with morning sickness, back pain, tiredness, as well as those mood changes, stress and worries that often accompany the joyful roller-coaster ride that pregnancy can be.

If you’re starting to feel as though you need a little help retrieving a plate or two, then maybe it could be time to give Reiki a try.

Debbie Woodhouse spent 20 years working in Accounts before realising that there was a life beyond the spreadsheet.  These days she is a holistic therapist working in North Norfolk and at The Orange Grove Clinic in Norwich, providing Reiki, Massage, Kansa Vatki (an Ayurvedic foot massage) and Aromatherapy to a wide range of clients.  And, as a working, single mum to an (almost) 8 year old boy, she sometimes sends plates whizzing off in to the ether….

To book an appointment for Reiki with Debbie at the Orange Grove Clinic, please contact Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.