How reiki and shiatsu may support those with insomnia…

Find out how Reiki and Shiatu may help to relieve insomnia, in this blog post by Reiki practitioner, Diana Cooper.  At the clinic we have two Japanese therapies, Reiki and Shiatsu – both of which can be supportive in helping to assist with better sleep.  Find out more, and how you can trial both therapies at the special rate of £30 at our Reiki and Shiatsu Insomnia Day Event on 21st June 2014 (just 3 places left – call us to book ).

Trouble sleeping? You are not alone…

Sleep – that most precious, enjoyable, life-sustaining of commodities, or as Shakespeare so aptly and poetically puts it, ‘balm of hurt minds, chief nourisher in life’s feast’.

Sufficient good quality sleep, alongside a balanced diet and exercise, undoubtedly keeps us healthy, happy and productive.  If we’re fortunate enough to get our 8 hours of peaceful slumber each night, the benefits are often taken for granted.  When a decent night’s sleep eludes us, however, we’re acutely aware of its importance.

If you do have trouble dropping off at night, or find yourself tossing and turning in the early hours, you’re certainly not alone.

Reiki and Shiatsu for InsomniaA recent study by the UK charity, The Mental Health Foundation, found that over 30% of the population suffers from insomnia, or a sleep-related disorder.  Far from being a minor irritation, the study revealed that sleep disorders are distressing, causing real and significant problems.  Respondents reported symptoms such as decreased energy and concentration, difficulty completing everyday tasks and relationship problems.  Sufferers are also at greater risk of developing a range of health conditions including anxiety, depression, immune deficiency and heart disease.

What can we do if insomnia affects us?

So what can we do if insomnia affects us?  The underlying reasons for insomnia, of course, are varied – stress, anxiety and tension, for example, are common problems that upset good quality sleep.  Chronic illness and pain may also lead to insomnia, as can the side-effects of some prescription drugs.

Self-help measures, such as improving the sleeping environment, or learning relaxation techniques, may well make a difference and are well worth exploring.  It’s also worth looking at your diet – avoid drinking caffeine in the afternoon, and ensure you don’t go to bed too hungry, as this could keep you up over night.

But if we need more robust help and support, where can we turn?  Mainstream medicine, as the Sleep Study highlights, often neglects the issue of insomnia and GPs, whilst sympathetic, have few positive treatment options available apart from drugs.

Well, we can stop counting sheep!

There is good news, however, and counting sheep may be redundant after all!  Insomnia can be treated and good quality, refreshing sleep restored.  Complementary therapies like the Reiki and Shiatsu on offer at the Clinic, can provide a safe, natural and highly effective alternative to drugs.  Simple self-help measures are important, but when a more thorough, focused approach is required, these treatments offer a gentle, supportive, but profound solution.

Insomnia sufferers in Norwich are now being given the unique opportunity to experience the combined benefits of both Shiatsu and Reiki with our Insomnia Day, on Saturday 21st June.  More details here.

Japanese therapies for Insomnia The Orange Grove ClinicJapanese wisdom: Reiki and Shiatsu to support those with insomnia

These holistic therapies, drawing on the ancient wisdom of Japan, use forms of energy work to help re-balance the body; when the body is in balance, good quality sleep will naturally follow.  Rather than imposing change, Shiatsu and Reiki work with the body’s own healing processes to help achieve health and well-being.  Clients find treatments deeply relaxing, enjoyable and calming and both types of bodywork help relieve stress, tension and anxiety.  Reiki and Shiatsu are of benefit at every level of a person’s being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – so they are therefore ideal therapies for addressing the many underlying aspects of insomnia.

If you are having problems sleeping, then our Insomnia Day could be perfect for you – give yourself the ultimate gift of good sleep!

‘Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together’ (Thomas Dekker).

The Insomnia Day is being held at the Orange Grove Clinic on Saturday 21st  June and Gary Moore, Shiatsu practitioner, and I very much look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to book a place at the Insomnia Day, or find out more about Reiki and Shiatsu, please call Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.