Feeling good, looking good with radiant skin…

If you have radiant skin, you’ll probably be feeling great on the inside as well as the outside!  That’s because the skin is the largest organ in the body, covering about two square metres in total, and provides a reflection of our internal health, particularly the digestive system and liver function.  That’s why skin plays such a vital role in our overall well being – it not only protects us, keeps us warm, helps us to cool down and allows us to interact with the world, but it also gives us a glimpse of how healthy we are on the inside.

Holistic healthcare to support radiant skin

Feel Good Inside and Out with Homeopathy in NorwichSkin complaints are one of, if not the most common problem, that patients seek homeopathic consultations for (1). The homeopathic philosophy approaches skin disorders in a holistic way, not just looking at the skin symptoms in isolation.  As a professional homeopath I will not necessarily prescribe topical creams or even homeopathic medicines directed towards skin conditions alone but, instead, I will spend a great deal of time exploring all aspects of an individual, looking at how the body is functioning as a whole, including the impact of physical and emotional stress on the skin.  Prescriptions are tailored to each individual patient according to their specific symptoms.

As well as using homeopathic remedies and creams to support clients suffering skin issues, I have used them at home and on my travels with my family, to help handle minor first aid situations affecting the skin such as bites and stings, cuts and grazes and bruising.

If you want to support radiant skin this summer, here are some top tips you can try at home:

  1. Drink plenty of water:  it’s not just during the summer months when we need to keep hydrated.  Making sure you drink enough water is vital all year round, particualrly when it comes to your skin.  Toxins are released through your skin via sweat, and if you are dehyrated this sweating mechanism simply cannot work effectively.  You’re also more prone to wrinkles and lines if you’re dehydrated.  About 1.5 litres of water per day (which includes herbal teas) is ideal.
  2. Skin brushing:  an effective way to clear dead skin away from the surface and support circulation (and therefore effective detoxifcation) is to use a skin brush, or loofah (basically a brush with a long handle).  Start with the soles of your feet, and move upwards around your body, always towards your heart.  This is ideal done every day before a shower.
  3. How’s your belly?  If you suffer from poor skin health, there can be so many factors going on internally.  Have a think about your digestion, and whether you go to the toilet every day (or too often).  Homeopathy can support the balancing of many systems in your body, and you may also wish to consider changes to your diet that may support better digestive health.



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