ZenMuma Pregnancy Yoga One-to-One Session

ZenMuma Pregnancy Yoga One-to-One Session

£ 55.00

ZenMuma pregnancy yoga one-to-one sessions offer a wonderful way to connect with your growing baby while allowing you to stretch and relax in to motherhood.


For women of all yogic experience, as well as those with none, book for a one-to-one pregnancy yoga experience and feel the benefits of all that yoga has to offer for you and your growing child.

ZenMuma pre-natal yoga classes enjoy all the traditional yogic areas, but in a way that is accessible, ‘non-scary’, easy to follow, authentic and safe for you and your changing body and growing baby.

Please contact us on 01603 631900 to arrange a suitable time to learn how to use yoga in pregnancy to help with relaxation and help prepare you for birth.

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