Massage Angel Treatment Bundle

Massage Angel Treatment Bundle

£ 225.00£ 450.00

Buying your treatments in bulk will allow you and your massage therapist to draw up a plan for the months ahead and help you save some money too!



We know that massage can be a real treat but if you have persistent aches and pains or a specific reason for having a massage we believe you need regular treatments to achieve best results. We can help you do this with our massage bundles!

You can buy our massage bundles at your first appointment and use that as treatment number 1 or buy online (insert shop link) and start when is convenient for you. You can even give 1 session away to a friend or family member should you wish!

Buy 10 1 hour massages for £450 get 2 hours free

Buy 5 1 hour massages £225 get 1 hour free

We will keep a record of how many bundle treatments you have used and let you know when you’re coming up to the end at which point you can choose to renew or pay separately from then on.

The bundles have a 1 year validity from purchase date.

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Massage Bundle:

Bundle of 5, Bundle of 10

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Our standard delivery terms are 7 working days.