Jackie’s Private Sessions for Yoga

Jackie’s Private Sessions for Yoga

Unfortunately due to the current issues around COVID-19 all face to face yoga sessions are currently postponed until 1st June, but we are monitoring the situation closely.  However Jackie is still offering private yoga sessions which are now live and interactive online, for £55 per hour, to book please contact Jackie directly on 07813 069529 or [email protected]

1-1 Private Yoga Classes in Norwich

Are you looking for a personal trainer in yoga? Jackie can help you begin your practice or deepen your practice with regular 1-1 yoga sessions.

With a personal one-on-one yoga session with Jackie, you can fine-tune your practice to what your body and your mind truly need. If you are suffering from backs-aches and pains, personal injury, disc issues, or mis-aligned hips, or perhaps you want a yoga practise to help you stretch out any sporting tightness or injury, yoga might be just the thing you need.

Perhaps you are dealing with anxiety and you want to learn some tools and techniques to help with meditation or mindfulness? With a private 1-1 session, Jackie will give you a personal plan that you can go home and practise, and then you can tap back into Jackie whenever you need to.

Jackie’s Orange Grove Retreats are becoming more and more popular as we expand our inspirational, international portfolio. Our retreats in Norfolk, Suffolk, Morocco, Sardinia and Thailand explore the traditional yogic areas of Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asanas (postures), Shavasana and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation techniques), in a way that is accessible, easy to follow, safe and enjoyable.  With focus on self-care and themes such as ‘Mum and Daughter’, or ‘Mindfulness and Movement’, or simply ‘Yoga Holidays’ Jackie will take you not just on an exploration of the world, but an exploration of your Self too.

“Jackie teaches in an infectious, yet pragmatic style, in a way which is authentic, fun and optimistically inspiring!” Amy Morsford