Pregnancy Yoga Benefits with YogaBumps in Norwich

Pregnancy Yoga benefits both Mum and Baby, and helps to prepare you for the birth.  Norwich YogaBumps founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, explains more…

What Is YogaBumps?

YogaBumps pre natal yoga classes are gentle and safe for all pregnant women, from 14 weeks until birth.  It is suitable for all women, whatever their yogic experience – in fact you don’t have to have any yoga experience at all.  Just come and enjoy the benefits of all that yoga has to offer.

YogaBumps enjoys all the traditional yogic areas of Pranayama (breathing exercises for life, and birth :-)), Asanas (postures), Shavasana and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation techniques), but in a way that is accessible, ‘non-scary’, easy to follow, authentic, and safe for you and your changing body and growing baby.

What does it involve?

Pregnancy Yoga with Yogabumps in NorwichEach class lasts for 1 hr 30 minutes, and each week we focus on an aspect of pregnancy and birth – from the physiological of helping pelvic pain, rib flare, cramps, to the preparatory for a better, easier, more active birth.

We begin with settling into the room with pranayama (breathing), move into a group hello (this is where you get to pick up loads of info about the pregnancy journey, health hints and tips), we then settle into the focus for the class with warm-ups, move into our Asanas (postures), which are adjusted to your particular needs regarding on your trimester, stage, or special circumstances, finishing with Shavasana and YogaNidra (deep relaxation) – a well-deserved time of relaxation and self-nurture. Then we always finish with a cookie and a chat about the focus for the next class, interesting stuff going on for pregnant and new mums in the area, and just a general 10 mins for a friendly catch up with those around us. YogaBumps groups usually end up meeting independently when on maternity leave, and once baby is born – and often you can make a couple of friends for life.  Who knows who may be on the mat next to you…

YogaBumps is more than just a yoga class…

Because of Jackie’s expertise and training in pregnancy massage and anatomy, HypnoBirthing, self-hypnosis, childbirth education, relaxation and stress management, you get a lot more than just a pregnancy yoga class.  With YogaBumps classes you will learn loads along the way from Jackie, from your preggers friends in the group, and from your own body and baby about what it means to be pregnant, about how to give birth (and maybe even enjoy it!) and about bringing up baby alongside others who will also muddle through motherhood, women, supporting women, realising we are all going through the same, just in different ways

The beginning of a journey….

Founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke started her own personal love affair with yoga when she was pregnant with her baby Sam.

“I remember the first day of walking into pregnancy yoga, feeling apprehensive at trying something new at a time full of new beginnings. I had tried yoga before but found it a little intimidating, but in this class was a great mix of women, all from different yogic background, and lots of beginners just like me. Five years later I’m a yogi addict as it helps me keep in shape, boost my strength and keep up with my energetic kids! It also gives me more; a place I have learnt to live from where I can stop and pause, before reacting. To breathe and deal with the craziness of life: school runs, clubs, work schedules, dinner making, the endless washing, hectic social lives and relationships.  Be warned, this class just may change your life…”

About Jackie

Inconsistent Earth Mother at The Orange Grove ClinicJackie is an expert in Childbirth Preparation, HypnoBirthing, Pregnancy Massage and Anatomy and Physiology, Baby Yoga as well as founder of The Orange Grove Clinic and Baby Centre and YogaBubs and has helped 1000’s of local parents through the exhilarating, but sometimes exhausting stages of bump, birth, baby and beyond.  She has appeared as a birth expert on Radio Norfolk, in various local and national publications, made her own DVD called ‘How to take the labour out of labour’ and is a guest writer for as well as her own blog as ‘The Inconsistent Earth Mother’, here at the Orange Grove Clinic.

“Jackie teaches with an eye on pragmatic reality, inexhaustible enthusiasm and infectious positivity.” Amy Kingston, Norwich.


If you are at all concerned about whether YogaBumps is appropriate for you, or if you have any health issues, please speak to your GP/ Midwife about starting pregnancy yoga.

To book your place in Jackies YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga classes, or simply to find out more, please contact Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.