Pregnancy and birthing ball… why you shouldn’t give birth without one!

Find out why a pregnancy and birthing ball during labour is an absolute must, according to our birthing expert (and mum of 2!), Jackie Heffer -Cooke.

The scene is set…

…the lights are dim, the relaxation music is playing, my hips are swaying side to side.  I’m flying the most beautiful kite in the calmest summer sky you have ever seen – and I’m laying over my birthing ball, knees on the comfy birthing mat, arms draped lazily over the ball.  I know my body is working super hard and I’m about half an hour away from meeting my baby boy….

The benefits of pregnancy and birthing ballsWhy are birthing balls so useful?

Pregnancy and birthing balls are so helpful in birth as it means that the pelvis is in exactly the optimum position to let gravity help your baby make his way down the birthing canal.  They also feel lovely to sit on in late pregnancy or in early labour as the ball supports the weight of the baby and the pelvis.  In early to mid pregnancy they are also great to exercise on (talk to an exercise trainer who specialises in pregnancy) as just rolling your hips from side to side can really help to tone all the inner supporting muscles of the pelvis.

Honest, get one today.  They’re a must.

The balls we sell at The Orange Grove Clinic are especially designed for pregnancy and birth, so you just need to make sure you get the right size for your height:

  • 65cm: up to 5′ 8″ (up to 173cm)
  • 75cm: 5′ 8″ and over (173cm and over)

Find out about the 10 things you should include in your birthing bag by our Birthing expert Jackie here.  Jackie Heffer-Cooke teaches HypnoBirthingYogaBubs: Baby Yoga and MassageYogaBumps: Pregnancy Yoga, and specialises in Pregnancy Massage.

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