OGC Babies and Birth Stories

What a wonderful experience once again, labouring at home from the morning and got to the hospital at 1430. Had the most incredible midwife (she was just brilliant and so tuned in), my body certainly knew what to do and I breathed him out without pain relief at 1539. A little mendable side tear (possibly due to an accompanying arm coming out with his head) and home that evening. Was wonderful. Apparently there was a lot of maraca shaking going on in various positions.

Best Wishes, Hattie x

I started to have surges on Tuesday evening and spent the evening and overnight labouring at home. We went into MLBU at about 6:30am and spent a very long day making good but slow progress! My contractions never really came as frequently as would have been ideal but I got to fully dilated at around 5pm. I was really pleased to get to 8cm using hypnobirth breathing and the pool, with gas and air for the final 2cm.

As I came to the final stage, my contractions really slowed and after an hour of pushing, there was no sign of baby moving down. Our midwife was brilliant – really helpful in hypnobirthing and sticking with following the natural progress as much as possible, but ultimately we had to be transferred to delivery suite. Further examinations showed that the baby was facing slightly towards my back and was unlikely to move down unaided. After a incredibly painful further hour waiting for a theatre to be free, I had a spinal anaesthetic (most amazing feeling ever at this point!!) followed by ventouse to manually turn the baby and then forceps to get him out. So really we managed to sample just about all of the birthing options.

Despite the length of labour and the difficulties, Jasper’s observations were great throughout and he didn’t show any signs of being stressed, so I think the hypnobirthing played a very important part for us both although the end stage may not have been as we’d hoped.

Thank you Jackie!!

Alex x

The good news is I managed to have a VBAC, woo! I was given the balloon, which surprisingly broke my waters as they were putting it in (apparently not supposed to happen like that!) then the next day transferred to delivery suite for the hormone drip as nothing was happening. I was being monitored throughout, and my dreams of remaining upright/mobile didn’t come to fruition as Rory wasn’t responding well to me being in any other position than sitting down. I managed with Hypnobirthing skills/gas & air for most of the day. I ended up having an epidural, but by 12 hours in I was still only about 2cm, so they prepped me for a C-section to minimise stress to my scar. Luckily for me, as time went on, I could feel things progressing and because it was night time, the surgical team were quite busy with emergencies around me. Rory got his skates on and when they examined me one last time before heading to theatre, I was ready to have him there and then! I was so pleased.

Just wanted to send you a big thanks for everything I’ve learned in yoga and our Hypnobirthing sessions. I really did find it easy to just go ‘into’ myself and let whatever happened happen. I don’t know if they say it to everyone but apparently I was surprisingly calm – I’d like to think it was because of your help!

See you at Baby Yoga soon!

Chloe x


Sarah's second amazing Hypnobirthing experience

Seven weeks ago I gave birth to our daughter Alannah at home. I had no pain relief and no examinations- just the occasional check of my blood pressure. The midwives said it was lovely to watch as we let my labour progress as nature intended 🙂 I hope they will be promoting Hypnobirthing to all their future mums!! It was just perfect and to top it off our 10lb 1oz baby was born in her amniotic sac😀

I hope to bring Alannah to baby yoga from January.

Thank you so much for giving me the skills to birth in such a wonderful way-twice!!

Sarah and Family x


Pregnancy Yoga, 1-2-1 and group Hypnobirthing classes helped this couple prepare for their big day

Please could you pass on my thanks to Jackie for all her help throughout my pregnancy, I took advantage of almost all of her services!

I managed labour using the breathing techniques, tens machine and gas and air, and once we got to the hospital things progressed fairly quickly and we didn’t need any interventions. Tim was with me throughout putting into practice what he had learnt too! The midwifes were all great and we were cared for really well in the hospital!

Thanks again,

Amy, Tim and Freddie


Pregnancy Yoga helped ease Francis' anxiety during her pregnancy and labour

I just want to thank you for your advice and everything you taught me in our yoga classes. I had bad anxiety throughout the whole of my pregnancy and those Wednesday evenings really helped me to unwind and ground myself.

I ended up having a forceps delivery after 14 hrs at hospital, but the breathing techniques really really helped me during my labour at home.

Thanks again Jackie

Francis xx


Pregnancy Yoga meant Hayley could stay calm when her waters broke earlier than expected

My daughter’s birth was hugely positive, if a surprise! My waters broke at midnight when I was exactly 36 weeks.  I went on to Cley Ward at about 3am. By 6am I was experiencing contractions about every 15 mins and by 7:30am was having three contractions every ten minutes. I was examined at 8am, was 8cm dilated and rushed to the delivery suite in a wheelchair.
As baby was premature, I was put on IV antibiotics and had heart monitors, so wasn’t as mobile as some, but managed to get comfy enough and delivered my daughter (our first child) at 1pm, using just gas and air throughout. Rather than painful, the whole experience was incredibly intense and I never felt out of control. I used deep breathing to manage pain with the gas and air and was surprised by how quickly she came.
Juliette Nancy was perfectly healthy 5lb 7oz, just eager to meet us.

See you at Baby Yoga in November!

Hayley x 


The Birthing Tool Kit helped Gemma have the water birth she planned

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the antenatal advice you gave me to prep me for birthing. Poppy Arabella arrived at 40 weeks + 5 days on 27th Sept weighing a chunky 9lbs 2oz. I was able to deliver the natural birth I wanted in MLBU with no pain relief and purely using the breathing and visualisation exercises you taught me in the workshop.

I had a very quick labour – waters breaking at 03:10 through to delivery at 08:09!

Thank you once again 🙂

Gemma x 


Breathing helped Gemma stay in complete control during her home birth

I’d had what seemed like contractions for a three hour period early hours of Sunday, but fell asleep and woke to nothing more, apart from mild infrequent cramping Sunday/Monday. Tuesday though the cramps were happening all the time . After the school run I went to bed for a few hours for breathing and with the aim of a nap, I was tired! I woke as the cramps had changed to something more labour like so started timing them at about 10 minutes. By 7pm I was pretty sure it was all happening and so called the midwife and my mum. Shaun got kids to bed and the home birth went ahead. At 8pm I was in the bath and about 9.20 the midwife checked to find I was 5/6cm but she could stretch 7. I all of a sudden just felt so tired and so lay down with a hot water bottle on my back, low lights on, with just the one midwife and my mum in the room being very quiet. I continued to use breathing and during contractions my mum would rub my back. Around 10ish I got in the pool which Shaun had only just managed to fill in time! I used sleep breathing and tried to stay focused on myself. I felt I went slightly flaky towards the end but kept breathing and I must say I was totally oblivious to they midwives really! They understood I think that I was doing well and stood back other than to check the heartbeat, and they helped encourage me when it got to the final stage. Jude was born at 11.05 in his sack! 

I am absolutely thrilled at how well I coped during the birth of Jude, the use I made of breathing to relax in between the surges, and the focus I had on my body doing what it needed to do and just allowing it to. It all seems like so long ago now despite it only being 48 hours!! It’s amazing and I feel that the breathing with my body is what helped the birth progress so well.
Anyway Jackie I am just amazed at how proud I feel of myself! Thank you for reminding me the power our bodies have.
Thank you,
Gemma x 

Birthing Tool Kit not only helped mum but helped dad too!

I just wanted to say thanks to Jackie, her birthing tool kit was so helpful! Damian and I were both raving about it after the birth of our little boy, Dexter.

The birth was pretty straight forward. I started having contractions every ten minutes around 11pm and I sent Damian to bed. I stayed out on the sofa listening to a yoga playlist on YouTube and trying to sleep. Then by 5am they started to pick up so Damian phoned the hospital. We got to the hospital at 7:45am – we parked at like the furthest parking lot away of course so I had to stop several times on the walk in which was awful! When the midwife did the first examination I was already 8cm dilated, so no pain relief for me just a TENS machine and squeezing Damian’s hand really hard – he swears I nearly broke his finger 😁 I tried using gas and air but it made me sick and being sick while having contractions is a terrible combination!! Then Dexter was born at 10:25am

Damian says that the birthing tool kit prepared him for exactly what to expect and what to do at the different stages of labour. We’re so happy we took that class!

Bittany and Damian x 


Hynobirthing allowed Eva to fully enjoy the birth of baby Ella

By the time I arrived at the hospital I was seven cm already. I had been using the Tens Machine and the breathing techniques learnt in Hypnobirthing and YogaBumps to breathe through the contractions. I was so quiet the midwifes could hardly believe that I was at that stage already!

I went to MLBU because i was low risk and making good process. I stayed in the water for 2 hours and pushed out my baby girl at 4 pm with the help of gas&air. I am so proud of myself and you guys.

The Hypnobirthing and gas & air worked really well..The experience was wonderful!

Thanks again.

Eva x 


Even going in to early labour Ashleigh was able to stay calm thanks to YogaBumps

I just wanted to thank you for all your help during the labour, and for many a situation since, of my baby boy, Sebastian Rankin, who was born on the 31st March at 18:22 weighing 6lb 9oz.

On good Friday I started getting this bizarre cramping feeling, but as it was coming and going I put it down to indigestion, and attempted to carry on with my day. After a few toilet trips that didn’t quite feel right, my husband and I decided a trip to the delivery suite wouldn’t hurt, just to double check everything was ok, as after all I was 36 Weeks and still had a while to go.  When arriving I was strapped up to the machines to check baby’s heart rate and was told to relax. I was examined about 30 minutes later, to which I was then told I had dilated by about 1cm. I was also reassured that this could take weeks to go any further. So we were sent home to relax.

I couldn’t get rid of my indigestion that night at all, and struggled to sleep for anymore than a couple of minutes at a time before I was rudely woken by it again. So I decided to give up on sleeping and clean, and make sure all bags were packed and ready for when they were needed. 

On the Saturday morning the pain still was there, but I had began to use techniques taught to me in yoga bumps to try to calm myself and stop the panic feeling that something wasn’t right. My husband ran me a bath, went down stairs and began building the baby furniture. After about an hour in the bath I decided to get out, as the water was now getting cold and I had a numb bum! Another uncomfortable toilet trip, and many a bubble breathing moment had meant I now needed confirmation that our baby was ok, so back up to the delivery suite we went. I phoned and cancelled the massages we had booked on the way. We were then informed that I was 7cm dilated. The midwife couldn’t believe how calm I was being, and even questioned whether a second opinion was needed on my dilation! I think I’ll put it down to not knowing what the pain is, and the shock of being told your baby is on the way!

Using the breathing techniques and positions shown to us in yoga bumps I was able to focus on the task at hand, and with a little gas and air at the end for support with a moment of madness and panic, 4hrs after turning up at hospital our beautiful little boy made an appearance into the world.

Due to his age, and his jaundice, we had to stay in hospital for a little while, but we m began our journey as a family 11 days later on 10th April.

He was a little earlier than expected, but apart from still struggling with Jaundice, he is doing fantastic and is everything I could of dreamed of.

Thank you for the support Jackie, I truly felt like a super hero and warrior throughout labour, and the breathing has helped me in some nervy moments since, and has meant that I can focus even when I don’t think it’s possible.

Ashleigh x 


Hypnobirthing and Yoga gave Kath the confidence to avoid Induction

I had a baby girl on 3rd May, 15 days overdue. I declined any induction as was very keen that the baby came when it was ready.  My Hypno birthing that I did and also your yoga classes definitely gave me the confidence to do this.  Thank you. I used breathing techniques and some pelvic/ hip movements learnt in your class and was so pleased to have her in a birthing pool with no gas, air or pain relief.

She is a little beauty and we have named her Amelie Edna.

Thank you again Jackie for your insightful classes, so glad I did them.

Kath x 


Yoga and Hypnobirthing helped Laura have a relaxed labour

I wanted to let you know that baby Amélie arrived on the 23rd Feb at 130am after being in labour for 2 and half hours weighting 7lb 2 ounces. The hypnobirthing session Paul and I had with Jackie really helped me through labour enabling us to stay home until I felt I needed to go into hospital.  I was able to have a water birth as planned with just gas and air. 

I do really believe that the yoga and hypnobirthing really helped me to have such a relaxed labour to bring our little bundle of joy into the world.

Laura and Paul x 


YogaBumps helped Tracy avoid aches and pains during pregnancy

I woke up at about 4.30 and had a few pains but wasn’t sure if it was just general aches from walking too much the day before. By 5am I was sure it was the real thing and by 8.30 I was at the hospital and in the pool with two lovely midwives looking after me. My waters were bulging out but wouldn’t break and I was starting to lose faith in my ability to birth the baby on my own, so they got me out of the pool and popped the waters for me. Despite my worries and the fact that I felt very uncomfortable on the mattress and bean bag, the new position worked and a few contractions later I pushed him round the bend and his head was almost out. By 10.30am he was born with no pain relief and minimal intervention. 

The breathing definitely worked to begin with at at one point Liz said she thought I’d breath the baby out!

Thanks for all the classes, it really helped me avoid aches and pains during the pregnancy, and good luck to all the other mum’s to be!



I Laboured at home sitting on my birthing ball for a couple of hours with a LOT of maraca shaking thrown in as well. The bubble blowing breathing was amazing, a couple of long deep breaths and the contraction was over.

The rest of the birth plan went a little bit out the window as MLBU was full so it was off to delivery suite we went. Although this turned out all for best in the end! The little fella had managed to get himself into a back to back position but during the labour I followed my body’s instincts and got into my side and much to the midwives surprise and delight he wasn’t facing them when he made his grand appearance, albeit covered in meconium and with the cord round his neck. I developed a slight fever during the labour so both of us had to stay in hospital for a couple of days for antibiotics and monitoring but we came home last night and are currently having a wonderful time chilling out!

Jackie, the midwives were so impressed with my calmness throughout, controlled breathing and that somehow I managed to turn him around and give birth without any intervention. Your amazing classes were invaluable and I am just so grateful for everything I learned. Jack is a very chilled little man (so far), and I know I’m extremely bias but also totally gorgeous!

Lots of love, Amy


The Birthing Tool Kit helped Caz and Andy feel totally prepared for the stages of labour

I was getting frequent and intense cramps and Braxton Hicks, and by Wednesday evening I was in early labour. I stayed at home for 26 hours like this with the surges finally coming frequently enough on Thursday evening that we headed to hospital at 8pm. 

My birth plan had to be changed when routine checks showed raised blood pressure and protein traces in my urine. I had bloods and urine sent for testing and by midnight it was shown that I had a very mild preeclampsia. This meant, unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to use the birthing pool as I and baby had to be monitored throughout labour. Again, I wasn’t worried about this – a bit disappointed, yes, but by this time I’d spent 3 hours rocking on a birthing ball and using breathing techniques that I felt it was right to continue with these.

And that’s what I did. Labour was 10.5 hours long and the pushing part lasted 1.5 hours and in the end I let my body tell me what to do. And, painful though it was, it was also absolutely amazing.

All that remains to say is thank you Jackie! The breathing techniques I learnt in yoga allowed me to get through labour without pain relief and without fear, and the Birthing Toolkit helped us both feel totally prepared for the stages of labour.

Caz, Andy and Nell


Ribbon breathing ensured Susie gained control during her water birth

My daughter turned 3 on 1st Jan and we had a party for her on new years eve. I was stressed baby might come before so don’t know if I suddenly relaxed that night… but I had a nice tea and glass of fizz and woke at 3ish for the loo. I got back into bed and felt my waters go!! Safe to say I was surprised!! I hadn’t had any pains so called Delivery Suite. They said to call back at 2pm and let them know what was happening but that I might have to be induced the next day. I had a couple of twinges but got back to sleep and then focused on opening presents with my daughter and enjoying the day at home. 

I got to MLBU about 5pm after sorting my daughter out and they confirmed my waters had gone. They said I’d likely have to be induced the next day. I put on Jackie’s playlist from yoga whilst they monitored baby and they started coming about every 3 minutes, though still quite mild. Because things were starting they offered to do a sweep and suggested I go for a long walk. I wouldn’t normally have wanted one but they said it was probably my best chance of going into labour without an induction, so as uncomfortable as it was I went ahead. I got back from the walk about 7.30 and things were definitely starting and I was breathing through them leaning on my husband.

They moved me into a room with a birthing pool and I got in, but i felt too hot so i got out. I knew it was definitely happening and I didn’t feel I was coping too well – I found myself unable to breath properly with the gas and air. At some point I decided I wanted to be back in the water and then I coped better, using Jackie’s ribbon breathing on the way out to help calm me down. I tried to breath him out but it was taking a while and I got told to push so after about 40 minutes of the second stage I had him at 12.26am – just 27 minutes earlier and he’d have shared his birthday with his sister!!

Thanks so much to Jackie for the hypnoirthing refresher and yoga breathing practice.

Susie xx 


Active labour techniques Kim learnt in YogaBumps helped her listen to her body during her wonderful labour.

I didn’t make it to the Yogabumps class yesterday as baby Phoebe decided to arrive on Sunday, a few days early! We’re all home safe and well. It was a brief phoebe-dec-2017labour which woke me at 4am and after some time in the pool on MLBU our little girl was with us by 9am. All the midwives commented on how calm I was and the breathing techniques were really effective, especially with keeping baby calm. Thanks again to Jackie, I was really glad we’d refreshed the active labour positions last week and I felt I could  really  follow what my body was telling me I had to do.


Best wishes to all the lovely Yogabumps ladies and hope to meet again at yogabubs!

Kim Cowley xx 


Labour doesn't always go to plan, but yoga can help you stay calm even in difficult circumstances.

I’m quite late with my birthing story with my little boy Fraser reaching 19 weeks this Wednesday. fraser-dec-2107

My day started at the gym at 630am followed by a lovely swim on 26th July with my pregnancy being at 32 weeks + 1.  I arrived at work ready to have my porridge when I felt a pop at my desk! I went to the toilet and realised that my waters must have broken.

After calling the delivery suite, I drove myself to the hospital to be checked out.  I was given a 20% chance of going into labour and was told that I needed to stay on Cley Ward for 48 hours and then I could go home and come back at 36 weeks to be induced.

By 2pm my tummy pains started to become a bit more painful and I remembered breathing through the pain using the techniques I had picked up in yogabumps with Jackie.  By 3pm, my contractions were getting longer and much closer together with even some contractions coming one after the next!! I remained calm still unsure whether the baby was coming until the nurse came to check on me and confirmed I was already 5cm dilated and the baby was definitely coming!!

They then moved me into the delivery suite where just gas and air and controlled breathing brought our little boy into the world at 650pm weighing 3lb 9.5.

He was moved into NICU for 4.5 weeks before coming home.

It wasn’t the experience I was expecting and I really thought I would have gone down the epidural route but am extremely thankful for Jackie for what I learnt in yoga as I really think this helped me have a more calm and controlled although very quick labour.

Leanne Stephen 



Mediation techniques Gem learnt in YogaBumps helped her stay calm during her C-section

Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know Lyla was born at 12.03 on 8th November weighing 7lb 13oz.lyla-nov-2017

The planned C Section went very well, I had been very worried about the whole process and used the meditation techniques I learnt at yoga bumps and in my 1:2:1 with Jackie to stay calm.  I had a little panic in the anaesthetic room but quickly took control of it and went to the beach!! I played my birthing playlist in the theatre and it was all very calm and quick. Once she was here, I wasn’t aware of anything else!!

The team at the N&N were amazing and I’ve recovered very well so should be at YogaBubs in the new year!

Lots of love

Gem & Lyla


YogaBumps breathing techniques can even help in C-Sections

I’m really pleased to introduce Arthur Alexander-Franklin who came into the world on 20th October weighing 7lb 6oz.  celli-oct-2017

Although we had been scheduled to be induced, due to gestational diabetes, excess fluid and my age, I had still hoped for a vaginal delivery.  After a couple of weeks of illness prior to his birth, coupled with a complicated induction, he ended up entering the world via an emergency Caesarian section.
The breathing techniques and yoga positions I learnt at YogaBumps were absolutely priceless in keeping me calm and focussed during the labour and period of inducement. I made it to 8cm dilated before opting for an epidural after he became quite distressed – having laboured for almost 5 days prior to arrival.

So far (😉) he is a very chilled baby and I can’t wait to bring him to YogaBubs, continuing his yogic journey into the world!

Many thanks!

Celli (Shelley)  


Hypnobirthing with Jackie meant that Amber was able to embrace and fully enjoy her birth experience that she had previously feared

Thank you so much for the yoga and Hypnobirthing classes which allowed me to have a natural birth. 6 months ago I was scared of giving birth and was avoiding thinking about it but now it has been a wonderful experience in my life. amber-oct-2017

On the Sunday morning a week before my due date and 6 days after moving house (!) I felt the early early contractions start. I spent the day relaxing as we’d been taught. We went into hospital on Monday morning and although I wasn’t far dilated we were given a room in the MLBU. I was using breathing techniques, using the ball, music and rainbow relaxation and the day went quickly. But by 3pm I was still only 4cm so we went home. My husband even went food shopping! But going home really sped things up and we hurried back in, by which point I certainly couldn’t walk through each surge and was on all fours in the corridors! Soon after we got back into the room at 7pm my waters broke, I was now ready to get into the pool. My husband helped me keep going with breathing, affirmations and lavender oil. I was in an odd position which I’m sure yoga helped me to be able to hold! By 8.41 Felicity had arrived! Amazing! I am so glad I felt in control throughout and had no other pain relief than the water thanks to Hypnobirthing.

Amber x 


Hypnobirthing mum of two, Lisa, tells us how the course helped her achieve two natural labours


Our gorgeous Arlo was born yesterday afternoon in the MLBU after a much shorter labour this time of 8 hrs rather than 51 thank goodness! I was sent to the NNUH for a growth scan but my waters broke whilst I was there! Another amazing hypnobirth with him born in the water and Chris and I scooping him out to meet him. The second time I didn’t need a single stitch as the midwives said that the very calm and controlled way he was breathed down was just how it should be! Thank you so so much for everything you have done to give us the most amazing natural deliveries-I was worried that the first time was just luck but it just proves how powerful hypnobirthing is and that is all down to you and what you have taught us. We can’t wait to see you at Yogabubs in the new year!

Lots of love to you and your family

Lisa Andrews xxxx 


Positive advice and energy from Jackie helped Amy through her beautiful water birth

My baby arrived 3 weeks early – Isaac William was born on 17 September weighing 6lbs and 5oz. I had a waterbirth with no pain relief, just lots of focusedisaac-webb-sept-2017 breathing and positive vibes. I don’t think I could have done this without all the advice and positive energy Jackie shared with us in Yogabumps. I thoroughly enjoyed Yogabumps and look forward to bringing Isaac to Yogabubs soon.

Thanks for everything Jackie

Amy xx 


YogaBumps Mum Vicky rocked her yoga birthing techniques

Dear Jackie,

Joseph William Hood was born on 12th October weighing 9lb 7oz and I delivered him by natural vaginal birth without any pain relief!!! I hardly felt myjoseph contractions and was able to stay calm and focussed for hours using breathing techniques and visualisations. I never thought this would be possible – so thank you for all the tips and calming yoga sessions.

Now we are looking forward to YogaBubs!

Vicky and Joseph x


Norwich Yoga and HypnoBirthing Mum Linda’s amazing home birth story

So I write this while baby Esca naps happily beside me . He is now almost 10 weeks so I’m a bit late to the party with my birth story but here goes…


All tucked up in bed I felt my first contraction around 6am. I knew this was the planning time, so by 7am we had arranged for the grandparents to pick up our 2 year old, and I was sat on her bedroom floor reading her ‘were going on a bear hunt’ while having mild contractions, about 15 mins apart. As we had planned a homebirth I’d called in to warn the midwifes and they said to call back when things ramped up – so err by 9.30am the midwife was here, telling me that she would just do a quick check and then head off on her home visits for the morning – well not as she planned because after examining me – the second midwife was called and we were on for quick labour!

While the midwifes and my partner happily tucked into biscuits and coffee I got into the pool around 11.30am – highly recommended as everything was so chilled – I felt in  a fuzzy haze and used bubble breathing as my contractions hotted up and in-between contractions I just floated around listing to the chitter chatter and music. The midwifes were brilliant, not intrusive at all, but just enough medical care, checking baby’s heartbeat and examining the progress with mirrors under the water! Just before 1pm in the last stage, the surges were incredible, the pain was unreal (you defiantly forget from the first time!)  I was taking no messing – yup there was a few choice words for my partner and the last 15 minutes lasted a lifetime. When baby was born in the water and placed on me I was in such shock and in a haze that I forgot to check if it was a boy or girl!! Weighing in at a hefty 10lb the midwifes were in awe of his size!esca

Out of the pool, lying on my sofa, baby feeding (and me stroking the dog with the other hand) the placenta was also delivered naturally and the midwife was excellent and efficient tidying me up! No pain relief or chemicals used which is just how I had imagined. I really do feel like I owe this to the Yoga and Hypnobirthing techniques which helped me remain calm. Baby Esca is a little chubby joy and a happy chilled little soul (prefers daytime sleeping to nighttime sleeping though!)

So to sum up, perhaps the ‘perfect birth’ as I had imagined – although a lot more painful than I remembered – its testament to the fact that you can do this! I know we all have different visions and the labour will take different paths, but when baby arrives nothing else matters at all. My first baby was born in the MLBU and this baby at home, both were equally good experiences. Being at home was great however and good for my partner too ,we both just felt a lot more relaxed, and not having the walk through the hospital while having contractions for me was a massive bonus

Thank you to all the lovely ladies I have met during pregnancy, through Yoga bumps – The ‘sisterhood’ found in these classes is far too brief but it is incredible how our little chats and tips have a lasting effect –  I hope you are all still enjoying your baby bubble, and of course Owned your birthing. Hopefully bump into some of you soon at yoga bubs…

Linda and Esca x


Staying positive, calm and using The Birthing Tool Kit techniques helped this mumma stay in full control

Jackie, I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your support you provided through coming to Pregnancy Yoga and the Birthing toolkit.


We have a beautiful healthy isabellebaby girl – Isabelle Mary Ann Clarke, born 08/10/17 weighing 5lbs 13 oz, weighing more than the Health professionals estimated, so we are very happy. Even though it was an induced labour, I went into it feeling calm due to all the positive advice we got from you from the Birthing toolkit and used the breathing techniques from Yoga. Due to a couple of complications with Isabelle’s heart rate the Consultant and Registrar were unsure whether we could continue with a vaginal labour or needed a C section, being able to keep calm and having the pain relief of an epidural, we all managed a suction cup vaginal birth which I am so glad with. Thanks again for your positive approach to pregnancy and labour, your support and care meant a lot to me. I am so happy to have a beautiful baby girl that the Health professionals said would never happen due to already being in the menopause, she is very special to us

Lots of Love x 


Well done to Birthing Tool Kit superhero Cara

So I’ve been meaning to let you know that Isaac was born 23/07, weighing 6,4..  He is 7 weeks old now and doing well, has just started smiling!  Isaac arrived 2 weeks early and I was away in Kent staying with family (I had been sure I had lots of time before he would make an appearance!Perhaps it was the huge amount of food I ate at the BBQ that day that encouraged the process). My waters broke around 3 in the morning and knew I wanted to come back to Norwich.  The travelling in the car part of the birthing toolkit came in very useful (!) as my contractions became stronger and stronger during the journey (mum and dad in the front and me in the back with the dog) and by the time I got to Norfolk and Norwich I was 8 cm dilated.  Lots of breathing helped me stay focused and calm although by the time we got to Thetford I had to really resist the urge to get out of the car!isaac-sept-2017

Meanwhile Larry was still in Norwich and his phone battery had died so dad went to get him and mum came in with me.  Again birthing toolkit was useful as I had 3 contractions just getting to delivery suite.  I had lots of bleeding at this point which led to baby being monitored and quite a medicalised delivery e.g. on back, feet in stirrups (although my mum did challenge this and some time on my knees leaning on back of bed helped move things along).  Larry made it for last hour thank goodness and Isaac was born at 9am.

So birth didn’t go as planned but all ended well and all worth it.  I’m so glad I did pregnancy yoga as it helped to make my pregnancy experience really positive and introduced me to some fabulous mums.

Thank you to Jackie, Lucy and team.  Looking forward to starting yoga bubs next week xxx

Cara and baby Isaac 


Welcome to the World Ottilie

After being super uncomfortable for the last couple of weeks at yoga, our baby girl, Ottilie, was born last Friday.  She was 9lbs and after a very quick labour got a bit stuck at the last minute and so needed help out with forceps. She is perfectly fine, I am sitting on a round cushion… ottilie-sept-2017

Thank you for all the tips during yoga,Jackie. Being in control of my breathing made a slow trip to hospital  with fast moving labour bearable!

Thanks for everything, I’ll hopefully be coming to yoga bubs as soon as I’m a bit more mobile!

Rebecca and baby Ottilie 



Welcome to the World Elisa

My waters broke on the Sunday morning at 1.20 and I went in twice on the Sunday as it was very slow to get going. I tried to go to MLBU, but she wasn’t ready to come out! By Monday the delivery suite phoned for me to come in to be induced, which I didn’t want. Luckily things started moving when I got there as I bounced on a ball to speed it up!

I had to be monitored and hooked up a bit but still managed to do some active birthing and I ended up giving birth on 2 paracetamol and the Hypnobirthing breathing techniques you taught me. I counted through, knowing at 7 that was the peak and it would pass. Then knowing that each one was in the bank and I could focus on moving forward. becca

She was born at 19:59.

I then had to go to surgery and stay in hospital for 2 nights but that was fine and I’m feeling better everyday. She was totally worth it!

Thanks for all the advice from Hypnobirthing and yoga, it really helped. We hope to come to YogaBubs soon.

Becca and baby Elisa 




How Hypnobirthing helped Daddy Andrew

Hypnobirthing is a great way of involving the dad, or birth partner, in the labour and birth of your baby. It will provide both mum and dad with invaluable advice from practising the breathing techniques to help mum focus, to learning the crucial massage techniques during labour. The men will feel very important and involved in this amazing experience. Here is how Zoe and Andrew had the most wonderful, calm, birth experience thanks to their Hypnobirthing classes.

“Zoe: I woke at about 5.30am and felt slight twinges across my stomach and back. I thought labour may be starting but I wasn’t sure until I noticed ‘the show’ and then I assumed it must be!noah

Andrew: My alarm had gone off at 5.40am to get up for work. As usual, I hit snooze to give me ten minutes more precious sleep. Zoe woke me and said, ‘I think it’s started’. In my early morning ‘fuzzy brain’ I asked, ‘Are you sure?’ She was sure!..

Zoe: I started having surges and within an hour I was having them about five minutes apart and unable to talk through them…Andrew called the MLBU and put me on the phone but I broke off conversation when the next surge arrived…

Andrew: Zoe stopped talking mid-conversation with the midwife at the N&N for another surge. I took the phone and the midwife said, “that’s just answered my question – I’d just asked her if she can talk through her contractions!” She suggested Zoe have a bath and paracetamol as it was a bit early to leave for hospital.

Zoe: I had a bath but didn’t like any warmth or sitting down and wanted to get out after five minutes. Andrew timed the surges over the next hour and they were now consistently about every three minutes. Andrew called back and a different midwife (new shift now) was still relaxed and said, it’s up to you but come in when you feel ready. I was using hypnobirthing breathing throughout and it was really helping to focus me.

Andrew: Zoe steadily got ready, pausing for every surge and I thought I’d left it too late to leave when she said to me, “I can’t leave, I need to stay here!” I told her we needed to go.

Zoe: Andrew parked at hospital and we walked slowly towards the entrance, pausing four times for surges including once in the lift! I was relieved to be there having felt the urge to push for the entire car journey. Andrew kept say, ‘not yet please!’

We were met at the MLBU by Chrissy, who was amazing throughout. She showed us to a room and asked if I wanted to use the pool. I said yes and she ran it straight away as she knew our little one was imminent! Chrissy could tell I was fully dilated already and said there was no need to examine me.

Andrew: What a relief to be on the MLBU! I thought I’d been too laid back in setting off for hospital with what Zoe was saying en route!

Zoe: I got in the pool, which felt lovely. I felt more urges to push and Chrissy encouraged me to go with it. I continued with the surge breathing and visualisations and I felt ready to now meet my baby. I was offered gas and air but I felt so calm putting into practice what Del had taught us at hypnobirthing, I didn’t want or need anything.

Andrew: Watching Zoe breathe through her now very frequent surges, I knew she had this covered! We knew our baby was nearly here as Chrissy called for a second midwife (Kim, who was also fantastic) as needed for a water birth.

Zoe: Andrew was right! A boy!! Noah Nigel was born at 1pm after a couple more surges and pushes. It felt amazing as Andrew lifted him from the water and passed him into my arms.

Andrew: Seeing Noah’s eyes blinking away under water whilst Zoe awaited the final surge to push him into the outside world was the most surreal and beautiful moment I’ve witnessed and I was really excited to tell Zoe ‘it’s a boy’ as I passed him to her for the all important skin-to-skin! Chrissy then handed me scissors to cut the cord.

It wasn’t long before the midwives were focussed on Zoe delivering the placenta and daddy had his own skin-to-skin time!

Zoe: I couldn’t believe I’d done it. It was an incredible experience! The placenta arrived about half an hour after Noah and I hadn’t needed an injection. A few stitches were required but all completed in the MLBU where the staff were just fantastic. In the early hours we were on our way home with our beautiful baby boy.

Andrew & Zoe: We are so grateful to Del for everything she taught us at hypnobirthing. The classes were great fun and the whole birthing experience felt calm and natural. We would recommend hypnobirthing to everybody. It’s an incredible experience to birth in this way.”

Andrew, Zoe and baby Noah xxx


A speedy delivery from YogaBumps mummy Katrin

I saw a Yogabumps message about sending you birth stories, I already have the massage voucher but I couldn’t resist writing it down anyway…I will literally tell my birth story to anyone who’ll listen 😄baby speedy delivery

It all starts three days before my due date in January. I’d had tea with some Mummy friends and we all marvelled at the snow and how much we’d had that morning. I’d been having headaches, really horrible ones all around my head/up the base of my skull, and wasn’t relishing the idea of driving to a shop in the snow to get my husband’s birthday present for the next day.

But off I toddled (or waddled) to the car & set off, only to be not even 5 minutes from home when someone went into the back of me. It took me a full 2 seconds to realise what happened but when it dawned on me I carefully got out onto the icy road to see a young girl standing behind my car, with a look of horror on her face when she saw that she’d crashed into a heavily pregnant woman!

We swapped details and I spent the rest of the day, with the horrible headache, on the phone to insurance people & emailing contract whatnots back and forth. Little did I know this was to be my last day of ‘freedom.’

I woke up at 4am for my nightly toilet trip. I couldn’t get back to sleep but at around 5am, when I rolled over, I both felt & heard a POP. I tried to convince myself that maybe the baby had moved in a funny way but when I felt the trickle I knew…there was no denying it, I had felt & heard the same pop when in labour with my eldest. So the first thing I said to my husband on his birthday wasn’t anything birthday related, it was “My waters have gone!!” He quickly emailed the Orange Grove Clinic to say he wouldn’t make his birthday massage as his wife was in labour (I had pre-warned them, just in case) & started to gather my hospital things.

I hadn’t had any contractions yet but rang MLBU to say my waters had gone. They advised paracetamol for the headache that I still had, & to rest. I messaged my folks in the Midlands, who were on standby to come & look after my 2.5year old, to say go, go, go- this is not a drill! But not to panic because I wasn’t having contractions. They did start but I just kept breathing through them, practising for when the big ones came later.

The next part went in a bit of a blur. Our childminder arrived to take care of my eldest until my parents arrived. The contractions weren’t very regular or evenly spaced, only a few were quite long, so MLBU were still happy I was at home. I started to feel like they were getting quite long & close together so I thought we should probably set off & just “popped for a wee”. Then BAM!

My body was pushing. I had no control of it. I shouted my husband (who had been putting my suitcase in the car) to phone an ambulance. They said to get me off the toilet. I didn’t want to move. I was helped onto the floor onto all fours. They said I needed to lie on my back. I didn’t want to move. I was helped onto my side then my Mum & Dad arrived! (Record timing from the Midlands to Norwich) My Mum was handed the 999 call as they’d told my husband to go and get some string & a safety pin (??) Mum, bless her, was told to have a look- just what you want, right? There was “no head yet” I heard her say!

Thankfully the paramedics arrived 5 mins after my parents, much to my Mum’s relief. “Before we get intimate, my name’s Steve, and this is Mark” said one of the paramedics. Mark asked Steve if we were “On a roll” (going in the ambulance) or “Staying & playing” (baby coming now) With one look it was decided we were definitely “Staying & playing”. I was so relieved as I did NOT want to move!

Two bottles of gas & air consumed and a couple of pushes then POP, head, POP, shoulders and body.

She was here. A 9lb 2oz baby girl. My bathroom floor baby. 😍

Tea & toast all round and homemade soup & a galaxy ripple for my lunch in bed. Brilliant.

I never did get my husband a birthday present but I did birth him a child, so I think he was ok with it. Many people who I’ve told the story to think the car crash the day before she was born prompted the slightly early arrival, but I guess we’ll never know…maybe she just wanted to share her Daddy’s birthday, to be a forever reminder that his house is dominated by wilful women.

I will never tire of telling this story, bodies are amazing 😊

Katrin x


Waiting for Baby - Charlotte's story

baby-emmaAfter reading Aine’s story, I thought it was about time to share my birth story too, although it’s been almost 2 months now.

So sorry to email you that late, but I guess, being a new Mum is quite a busy job and it’s easy to get side tracked.

It seems that those April babies were quite late, as baby Emma was also 11 days late. She was due for March, 29th and although I really wanted an April baby, the wait was a bit long in the end 🙂

It all started on Saturday 8th. It was such a beautiful day, as I remembered going to town and enjoying the sun with some friends of mine. During the day, I kinda fell like something was going on but not enough to be worried. In the evening I went to the pub to celebrate one of my friend’s leaving do and while I was having a pint of pineapple juice, I started feeling the surges.

We went home not too late that night, and the surges kept happening all night. I started timing them but they were a bit all over the place. Between 6 and 8 minutes, sometimes more, I managed to go through the night using the breathing techniques learnt during the yoga classes (and trying to sleep in between – it’s quite hard though).

At 6am on the Sunday, I rang the MLBU and they told me to come over. We arrived around 7ish in the morning and we had a nice room for us. The surges were still a bit all over the place but Molly, our great midwife took care of me and told me to relax and to go do some lunges in the stairs 🙂

The surges started to be a bit more frequent but still a bit too spaced out. Molly thought I might have to go back home, but decided to check on me first and found out I was 5cm dilated. She then decided to keep me and decided to do a back massage with some oil as well as some weird stretches – on the side and one where I ended up with my legs up and head down…

It can sound funny, but it worked as suddenly, I had this massive urge of pushing. Proper labour was starting!

I had to apply all the breathing techniques I could even though it was really hard. I decided to use the pregnancy ball to help me out during labour and it was a great choice. My arms over the ball and my partner in front of me, I was ready! Not sure how long it lasted but baby Emma was born at 12.11pm, one hand next to the head as Superwoman.

We all say the the birth plan never goes as planned. I was quite lucky as for me it did go very smoothly. But as the first and second stages of labour went really well, the third stage didn’t go that well, as I wasn’t able to deliver the placenta. After being checked by a doctor, I was then sent to the theatre where I had a massive dose of epidural, to have the placenta removed.

I was quite annoyed to have this epidural after all the hard work I’ve just done, but I was still so proud of myself to have been through labour without it! Everything went ok, and after an hour or two, I went back to my room where my partner was waiting for me with Emma.

I can’t thank you enough Jackie for all the breathing techniques and birthing positions I learnt during the classes. I never thought I would be able to go through labour without any pain relief and without swearing too 🙂 but I did.

Once again, I thank you Jackie, Molly our fantastic midwife and my partner who helped me go through labour like a champion! 🙂

Thanks Charlotte, Devon and Emma


Hypnobirthing recommended by Aine & Baby Harrison

aine-harrisonSo it’s taken a few weeks for me to get my act together and actually write down my birth story. As all good story’s go our birth didn’t go to plan but had a wonderful happy ending.
When we did the hypnobirthing classes our main goal was so that I would remain calm throughout labour without swearing at my poor husband and to give us confidence during labour. We both thoroughly enjoyed the course and knew we were going into labour with our eyes wide open and knowing (as much as possible) what to expect.
However baby had different plans for us and decided to give us our 1st lesson in parenthood by not arriving anywhere near due date . Baby Harrison was actually 13 days late. As the days dwindled by I got more and more frustrated and concerned about being induced something I really didn’t want. These days were spent doing every trick in the book walking 10k eating mountains of pineapple, sage baths and lots of sexy time 😉 .
Thankfully on Friday the 14th of April at 6pm 12 days over and with induction booked in on the 16th I started to feel some tightening and thought yes this is different we could be starting. I didn’t say anything to James, ate tea and just kept a check on my watch to see how the tightening were progressing. About 2 hours later I was confident wahoo we were in labour I was delighted. I didn’t want things to slow down so got on the ball bouncing and nice calm breathing. We rang the MLBU to let them know that things had started and we would be in touch later when it was time to come see them. I tried to go to bed but by this stage the surges were quite strong so I wasn’t getting any rest so I decided to get up and try the tens machine. The tens was good at distracting me from the discomfort so was helpful at this stage. About 2am James came downstairs and asked how I was getting on. Surges were now about 3 minutes apart and I was golden thread breathing through them with some wonderful moo noises. It was time to ring the  MLBU again. And off we went.
The MLBU was lovely and calm when we got there and on examination I was only 3/4cm and they were happy to keep me and let me labour away. The midwife also noticed that my waters has gone but I hadn’t felt or noticed this at all so it must have been on walking into hospital.
We laboured for another 4 hours got into the water (I was previously very keen on water birth but actually found it too hot and stuffy and although relieved discomfort also slowed down my surges significantly) back out swayed around and found standing hugging James the most comfortable position.
The midwife rejoined us to tell us that it looked like I had pre-eclampsia and would have to be moved to the delivery suite but would get a doctor to confirm and have a chat with us. I had some protein in my urine and my blood pressure was higher then usual for me. She examined me again and I was still 3/4cm (disappointing) so no progression. The doctor came and confirmed this and off we went to delivery. To be honest I was exhausted at this stage midday Saturday so had decided that I wanted the epidural to get some rest. I have to say everybody was so amazing on MLBU and delivery I felt so well looked after.
At this stage my surges are thick and fast and my mooing has increased still using the hypnobirthing techniques to get me through them but exhaustion is getting the better of me. Thankfully on next examination I’m 6cm so at least things are progressing. With the sweet sweet epidural I manage to get 4/5 hours sleep as the oxytocin continues to contract and by the time I’m well rested I’m 9cm – nearly ready to push. We decide to stop the epidural so I can feel for pushing.
Our little bubs was still in no hurry though so took a further 3.5 hours before we finally got to meet him. the pushing was so tough but we put on the affirmations which really helped as did James being my head cheerleader and our wonderful midwife Claudia. We met baby Harrison at 11:32pm Saturday night without 1 swear or angry Word from me. I felt in control empowered and confident in our choices the whole way through and that’s thanks to the techniques and information learned with you Jackie at hypnobirthing, so thank you thank you thank you.
I would massively recommend the course to expecting parents to give them confidence going into labour.

Aine & baby Harrison

Birthing Techniques Worked a Treat

“Our little boy – Leonard James Robertson, known as Lenny was also born on the 12th January, the day before my birthday! Apologies for the essay, it’s nice to write it down!Birthing techniques

I was convinced I’d go overdue so on the 11th Jan at 39+3, feeling as normal as any day, I had planned a busy day. In the morning i felt like I had mild period pain, but no pressure, waters, show or head down low feeling so I thought it must just be the very early signs that my body was gearing into action. By the afternoon and I mentioned to my friend that these period pains were now quite a bit stronger and coming quite frequently, like every 15 mins. And I had to stand up & sway when I got them. Err, sounds like you are in labour, she said. I went home (6pm) and put the contraction timer on, low and behold these pains were actually every 5-6 mins and lasting anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute, they were getting quite painful and I was feeling quite overwhelmed at the thought that this was just the early stage! I got Tom to put my tens machine on, and started using birthing techniques like bouncing on the ball, shaking the pear tree & doing some breathing which helped it all became much more manageable.

We called the MLBU & they said to call back when contractions were 3 minutes apart and lasting a minute. When it got to that point I called them again to be told that they were full & so were the delivery suite (!!) & that we’d have to go to the James Paget in Gorleston or Kings Lynn. This triggered many tears as I’d not even considered that we wouldn’t be at the N&N, & had visions of giving birth in the car as it all seemed to be progressing quite quickly! We headed to the James Paget at about 12.30am & were relieved to get into the MLBU, safe in their hands at last. Sadly my vision of a water birth wasn’t to come true as it turned out that I had developed high blood pressure so I had to go to the delivery suite. I was hooked up to various monitors (one for the baby, one for the contractions and regular BP checks) & carried on through the night with regular contractions. The tens machine carried on working its magic, along with golden thread breathing. I was able to stand up despite being hooked to the monitors and lean on Tom, swaying from side to side during each contraction. So even though I was in the delivery suite I felt like I had an active, midwife-led birth.Birthing techniques

My waters still hadn’t broken & I was only 5cm dilated so at 10am the midwife broke them and said I had 2 hrs to give birth or they’d have to hook me up to a drip. Luckily an hour later, after trying to get up to go to the loo, I had the urge to push so they checked and I was 10cm dilated. 20 minutes later Lenny arrived!

Despite not being on the MLBU or having a water birth, it was a really positive experience. Birthing techniques such as Hypnobirthing, yoga & breathing definitely helped keep me calm, & the tens machine was so worth having. Going to the James Padgett was also totally fine, they were all so lovely. My advice is to expect the unexpected and don’t get too fixated on the ‘perfect’ birthing plan.

Lenny & I are looking forward to coming to yogabubs for more of your infectious fun & positivity Jackie.

Lisa x”

How Hypnobirthing Helped Laura!

We all worry that our birth experiences won’t go quite to plan, and unfortunately these little babies often opt to enter the world a little more complicated than we hoped. I was so pleased to hear from Laura and Tom about the birth of baby Rueben who weighed in at a rather impressive 10lb 8oz!baby-rueben

Their plans didn’t quite come to fruition but Laura was still able to remain calm using hypnobirthing techniques and in her own words: “My biggest fear had been having to have an epidural and c-section, however I was able to stay really calm continuing with my breathing and whilst it wasn’t like our birth plan, it wasn’t awful like I’d imagined”. Well done you amazing lady!

Here’s how baby Rueben came into the world:

“I wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for your expertise and teachings in both YogaBumps and the Hypnobirthing course.

Reuben Arthur Christian was born at 41+2 days as we had predicted – when it started snowing and on Friday 13th! I had become inpatient waiting for baby to arrive after spending what felt like forever bouncing on my birthing ball and trying natural inductions, including a lovely reflexology massage at The Orange Grove Clinic the day before I actually went into labour. I was booked in for my second stretch and sweep on the Thursday morning, but on entering the doctors surgery started having what I thought were contractions. I left with a date for induction and fingers crossed things would progress, which they did.

Once home, the contractions continued so I hopped in the bath (just in case I couldn’t have a water birth that I desperately wanted!) and rang Tom to come home. The contractions were short but coming thick and fast around every 2-4 minutes, so I popped the tens machine on and lay down to rest using sleep breathing.

After managing at home for a couple of hours we headed to the MBLU at around 6pm. I was examined and was around 4-5cm dilated; I didn’t feel able to walk around the hospital, so stayed in the lovely room using lots of movement and swaying propped up by the pool or Tom until I was allowed in the water a couple of hours later. It was bliss getting in the pool, and there I stayed for about 10 hours – it didn’t feel this long at all, and yes I got pretty wrinkly, but I did get a massage from the lovely midwife!

I managed the whole labour without pain relief, using a lot of surge breathing, visualisation and shaking my pear tree! I found it really helpful to count my breath in and out, whilst remembering that each surge was one less to do; I felt so calm and empowered during each surge, and they were so much more manageable when I used the hypnobirthing techniques than when I didn’t. I was pretty silent throughout and found this helped keep me focused; I think Tom and the midwife got a bit bored at points to be honest!

Unfortunately there were some complications; after getting to fully dilated and pushing for 2 hours things hadn’t progressed and on examination baby had turned back to back so I was rushed to delivery suite and ended up with an emergency c-section – not surprising as Reuben was born weighing a hefty 10 pounds 8 ounces. My biggest fear had been having to have an epidural and c-section, however I was able to stay really calm continuing with my breathing and whilst it wasn’t like our birth plan, it wasn’t awful like I’d imagined, and I was just happy to have baby out safe and not distressed.

I am so pleased I was given the space to listen to my body and pretty much manage my own labour, until I needed support; the midwives and other professionals were wonderful. I can’t thank you enough Jackie for all of your advice and teaching from YogaBumps and the Hypnobirthing course; with it I had the most amazing labour, It was such a beautiful experience which I’d do again without hesitation – something I never thought I’d say!

With lots of love and hugs

Laura, Tom and Reuben xx”

This is Why to Choose a Hypnobirthing Course!

“Our gorgeous little man, Dexter was born on 22.01.17 at 9:56am weighing 8lb6oz. I birthed in the pool on the MLBU without any pain relief and it really was the most amazing time of my life. I literally couldn’t have wished for a better experience and Jackie I can’t thank you and hypnobirthing enough for giving us the skills, confidence and self belief that we could do it. It was a very quick 6 hours from waking up to him being in my arms – still can’t quite believe it’s all happened. Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course… Here’s my story why.img_1013

Sooo, here’s the low down – I hope you’re comfy…

I woke up at 4am with lower back pain (which I always have really) and what I thought could be the start of the uterine seal coming away but wasn’t really sure. I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep as I was getting tummy cramps and back pain, on and off lasting about a minute and then started thinking, hmmm contractions? We started timing them just before 6 and they were 5 mins apart lasting about a minute each and getting more painful so phoned the MLBU to say I didn’t really know what was happening. I don’t think they thought I was in established labour or anything so said to have a bath and paracetamol.

In the bath they got a lot stronger and all I was thinking about was the journey to the hospital and worrying myself a little so I just breathed through them and listened to some calming music. We phoned again when they were about 3-4 mins apart though the midwife still said it was up to us and could stay at home a bit longer if we wanted. I knew that it was time to go and I’m so glad we went when we did as I got there and was examined and was 8cm dilated! This was about 8am, so Emily (the most amazing midwife) went to run the pool – and then I started getting the urge to push. It’s a very strange feeling and your body just takes over. We started to walk out of the room to the pool but had to stop and breathe through a contraction, then my waters broke all over the floor – I like to entertain!

Emily said maybe to get back on the bed but I was determined to get in that pool so waddled across the corridor looking incredibly glam in my bed sheet and got in. It was DIVINE! I think it was about an hour and a half I was in there until Dexter arrived but it felt about 20 mins, time distortion is a bloody wonderful thing! I had my calm, familiar music from YogaBumps on (you can get it on Spotify), it was nice and dark and the room had lovely twinkly lights on the ceiling so I could really zone out and relax in between contractions. Breathing and making sounds really helped too – I made sounds I’ve never even heard before!

I could feel the head wanting to come so just kept up my birth breathing and pictured having baby in my arms. I remember saying ‘I feel like he’s never going to come’ and the midwife was amazing and really encouraging saying it was all going really well. She kept checking his heart beat and said he was really chilled and not distressed by labour at all, which I think really relaxed me.

I was just thinking ‘I need to get his head out’ so really focused on that. I suddenly stood up really quickly and Will and the midwife told me sit back down firmly, I have no idea why I stood up, it felt involuntary – and his head popped out. I sat back down in the water and she said ‘right, with the next contraction your baby will be here’ and I just thought, nope – he’s coming now. One last big breath and out he came. I grabbed him and just said ‘BABY’ it was amazing, the best feeling ever. We hugged and cried and just stared at this little amazing being for a while before we checked to see if he was a boy or girl. I was right on the boy bet! img_1180

I stayed in the water for a while as the placenta didn’t want to come so I had to encourage it a little with some yoga wiggles!

I had a small tear, but I didn’t even know I had. It was all stitched up really well (funnily enough she offered me gas an air for that bit – which I just laughed at and declined thinking ‘I’ve just given birth without it, I can do anything’. Looking at Dexter was the best medicine I could have asked for anyway.

Sorry for all the gory details, I hope you didn’t read this over your lunch guys!

Again, Jackie – a million thank yous for everything as it would have been a very different story had we not come to hypobirthing and pregnancy yoga. Everyone with little ones yet to arrive, I wish you all the most magical of births – keep calm, breathe and let your body do what it needs to do. You can absolutely do it

Can’t wait to see lots of you at YogaBubs real soon.

Sophie, Will and Dexter xxx”

Happy delivery at the MLBU!

“Happy new year! Well seeing as the little man is asleep I wanted to quickly jot down my story as I was always fascinated reading them when I was pregnant. Our gorgeous boy Joshua was born on 28 Nov, a whopping 9lb1oz at the Midwife Led Birthing Unit (MLBU)!helen-taylor

I’m very lucky to have had a straightforward and calm birth, exactly what I wanted. I started to feel mild contractions just after going to bed on the Saturday night. After checking in with the Midwife Led Birthing Unit (MLBU) I put the kettle on (sleep was not happening that night) and got myself comfy. I didn’t even bother to wake my husband at this point as I knew it could take a while and he had to work the next day.

Sunday morning came and although the contractions were a bit stronger, I felt OK to manage them with paracetamol and a heat pad (highly recommend these microwave bean bags). I sent Michael (husband) off to work promising I’d keep him posted, and ran a bath. As the day went on I needed to use the deep breathing Jackie taught us and I also played the music Jackie used in class to help keep me relaxed. By about 3pm the contractions were strong and I was struggling. Michael called me and I said I wanted to go to hospital so he came straight home and after checking with the MLBU we went straight there.

I was assessed and told I was 3cm dilated and to go for a walk to help things along – easier said than done! One thing I was conscious of was to keep my strength up and Michael had packed a hefty snack bag so I munched on cereal bars and wine gums as we walked round! Back at the unit the midwives ran me a bath and I hopped straight in. And that’s where I stayed until I delivered Joshua at just before 1am! I had gas and air but nothing else.

I found the pushing stage the hardest as this lasted about 1.5 hours and I felt like I wasn’t making any progress. It was tough! The midwife commented on how focused I was though, I used deep breathing (and made quite a bit of noise) and kept my eyes closed towards the end to help me concentrate. I’m thrilled that I was able to have a completely intervention-less birth and feel very lucky.

The breathing and relaxation techniques Jackie taught us really helped me, especially when I was managing the early stages at home. I’d highly recommend water as a form of comfort and pain relief, it was soothing and Joshua arrived very calmly – no wild screaming!”

Excitement about Birth!

“Our HypnoBirthing course with Jackie Heffer-Cooke resulted in a new found confidence and excitement about our birth.  Thank you!”  Julie Reigner and Chris Goreham, BBC Look East and Radio Norfolk . East Anglia Daily Times, April 2nd.

We had an amazing birth experience!

“Martha Rose arrived on 1st June (my 30th birthday!) at 10.41pm weighing 7lb 2oz.  She is amazinOGC birth storiesg and she is already a daddies girl!! We had an amazing birth experience, no pain relief other than tens machine and despite not having a water birth and ending up on delivery suite – it was perfect! Thank you for everything, without the Hypnobirthing we would have had a very different experience.  She is very content and relaxed bubs and we feel that the relaxed birth has contributed to this so much, as she feeds and sleeps so well! Love Rach, Pete & Martha.

Sarah was so amazingly calm and relaxed the whole way through

Norwich HypnoBirthing classesWe just wanted to let you know that Sarah gave birth to a baby girl, Alexia Sian Organ, at 01:47 am on 25th April 2015 weighing 7lb 8oz. We also thought we would share our birth story with you…

With the due date having been and gone we booked Sarah a couple of natural inductions – reflexology and acupuncture.  On the morning of the reflexology, Sarah started having a few light surges coming quite regularly.  We spent the afternoon relaxing watching a film and listening to rainbow relaxation, while Sarah had the TENS machine on to ease the surges which were coming every 3-5 minutes. Throughout these early stages of labour Sarah used the deep breathing through each surge and commented on how much relief the out breath/golden thread gave.

Later in the afternoon we knew things were moving on. She began using low level humming noises to help as the surges became stronger and gently ‘shook her pear tree’ to help. She also used facial relaxation to help the rest of her body relax.

Sarah was in her zone in the back of the car listening again to rainbow relaxation. She later commented that your tip on sitting forward in her chair helped with the pain a lot. She also imagined ice cubes on her abdomen which she commented had a numbing affect on the surges! the power of the mind is amazing!

After a half hour a room became free.  After letting the midwife know we were hypnobirthing she was keen to do an exam (it was clear that she didn’t think Sarah was very far into labour). However, a whopping 9.5cm soon changed her mood and she was pleasantly surprised. This also gave Sarah the motivation she needed knowing our baby was now close. It was then just an hour and a half later of deep breathing, feather breaths and J breathing that our beautiful baby girl came into the world.  Sarah was so amazingly calm and relaxed the whole way through it was unbelievable.

It was definitely the most amazing experience of my life and I know that Sarah would agree.  We have now had a week at home as a new family and we are loving every minute. Both Sarah and Alexia are getting on well.

Finally, I would just like to thank you so much for equipping Sarah with all the techniques she used. Without these our wonderful birth experience would not have been possible.” James, Sarah & Alexia.

I feel very much prepared for the big day which gives me great confidence.

“Jackie has a very unique style that is perfectly suited to the subject. She inspires confidence and helped us both remain focused on positives and keeping us as calm and relaxed as possible. I was worried about labour before the course but feel greatly reassured and can’t wait for the arrival of our little gin!” Anthea & Steve.

I honestly enjoyed my labour

“…even the so called ‘ring of fire’ which was not a negative experience for me but more a feeling of euphoria as I felt confident that I was bringing my baby into world in a relaxed and calm manner. The word needs to spread that child birth can be enjoyable, the mind is powerful and can help the pain and Hypnobirthing does have a calming affect on the baby too.” James & Sarah.

The midwife said she's never seen anyone in labour so calm between contractions

I had my first proper surges on Cley Ward at The Norwich and Norfolk, at 5.30pm. Things were still very calm and I felt very well looked after – I leant against the end of the bed for these while Chris rubbed the small of my back between contractions and described colourful balloons for me to visualise!  He also read me the affirmations from the book which were very helpful. The breathing really came into its own here and I got into a good routine of counting in and breathing out with the visualisation. I genuinely think too that I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near this if it hadn’t been for the hypnobirthing techniques and preparation. So once again thanks for the wonderful support gained through the course, and for helping us get little one into the world in just the way we would have hoped.” Rebecca, Chris, Oliver and Chloe.

Michelle turned into a birthing goddess

O.G.C Birth Stories“Archie Frederick Wasyliw was born on time on the 2nd October 2014, weighing 8lb 9oz. We were on track to have him at home as planned, however due to a midwife shortage we went to the MLBU for the final bit but it was still a lovely experience. Michelle turned into a birthing goddess and put into practice everything we’d learned in your hypnobirthing and she had no medical pain relief at all, not even gas and air! We used the birthing pool and the acupressure that Rebecca taught us which seemed to do the trick. We’ve been adjusting to our new family life over the past two weeks and can see little changes in him every day! Thank you for all your advice and support throughout. With love, Stefan, Michelle and Archie.  X”

Stunned everyone by weighing a whopping 9lb 15, he is amazing!

” I never made it to my reflexology induction IMG_0234session booked for Monday because our little man, Seth Alexander Auger, arrived on Sunday evening! Contractions started early on Sunday and by 8am we were on our way to the MLBU. I kept as active as I could and took your advice about taking up the whole if the back seat on the car journey to the hospital! Once we got settled in our room, my contractions slowed down dramatically and even though I was 4cm dilated I was obviously getting tired but needed to keep active and well fed. After lots of walking up and down the stairs and shaking my pear tree, things seemed to pick up! Breathing and focus got me through those contractions as well as Mike being there for multiple leaning positions and positive words. Once I got into the water things sped up, my waters broke and baby arrived at 5pm. Stunned everyone by weighing a whopping 9lb 15, he is amazing! Still in hospital waiting to get the all clear on a few things but loving having our little man in the world and very thankful for your help and advice. Thank you! Erika & Mike xx

It was such a magical experience and I couldn't have asked for a better birth. We are now adapting to our new roles as mummy and daddy with an adorable little girl

 baby beatrice, vicky and thomas oct 2014 3So baby Beatrice arrived 10 days early on 22nd October at 10:49am weighing 7lbs 15oz on what should have been my final day at work before maternity leave. I got up to go to the loo at about 1:30am and had a bit of a cramping sensation as I came back to bed and a few moments later felt a popping sensation as my waters broke. I woke Thomas and we excitedly went downstairs so I could sit on the birthing ball and rock my hips. By 4am I had only had another two cramps so we were planning that Thomas would probably go to work as usual that morning. We went back to bed to try to sleep but within half an hour I was having strong sensations every 10 minutes or so, I had a bath and continued to use my birth ball on all fours listening to the hypnobirth affirmations on the IPod. Lots of golden thread breathing really helped to keep me calm, we arrived at the unit at 8am and within the hour I said those important words “I think I need to push”. I used the pool and stayed on all fours most of the time- my midwife was amazing.  I used down breaths to push the baby down and she finally arrived just before 11am. I stood up to deliver her body and the midwife passed her straight through my legs into my arms. We stayed at the unit for most of the day and were home in time for dinner at 6pm. Much love, Victoria, Thomas and Beatrice xx.”

Thank you for everything you showed Aaron and I at hypnobirthing

“Maggie Violet Wright arrived safe and sound

Babypicon Saturday 29th November, weighing 7lbs 14. Everything went well and after an hour of walking the corridors at the N&N to ensure I was in active labour I was given a room with a pool in the MLBU which was amazing!! Armed with our music and using the deep breathing techniques you taught me I got almost all the way there only getting out of the pool for the final 20 minutes of pushing and now here she is! Thank you for everything you showed Aaron and I at hypnobirthing and in the yoga classes they definitely helped me to stay calm and in control of my birthing. Maggie and I will see you and hopefully some of the other ladies at yoga bubs sometime in the new year. Thank you again.”

Her birth was a hypnobirthing case study, you’d have been so proud

“I was breathing so well in the early stages Evelynthat I still thought it was Braxton hicks. By the time I thought something was really happening and woke Andy up,  it turns out I was in full blown trasition… we made it to the MLBU at 6am, was told I was already too late for gas and air so just had time to get in the water and Evelyn Lily was born at 6.57am weight 6lb 7oz. Hence the whole birth was done with no pain relief at all, and only a small tear that didn’t need stiches – couldn’t believe it! We then stayed in the water a little while and had some skin to skin time and chilled in our room on the MLBU for the rest of the day. Would you believe we delivered in the Lotus room – the mural on the wall matches my tattoo exactly. She is so perfect and we’re utterly in love with her – can’t wait to show her off! Sara and Andy. XX

All the midwives loved my relaxing music and we're impressed how calm the room was

“Antonio Barbosa was born on 20th November at 10.36pm.  Jose remembered all the hypnobirthing breathing techniques and really helped me through it.  All the midwives loved my relaxing music and we’re impressed how calm the room was.  They broke my waters at 1pm and contractions started from then onwards.  Didn’t need/take any drugs so overall I was pretty damn proud of myself!! The tens machine I rented from the Orange Grove Clinic was absolutely great and used it throughout. Thanks for all your help at pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing and see you at baby yoga soon. Thanks Tracey x”

Our birthing experience was a truly magical one

“Mostly due to the fact that we were both so aware of the process and our choices. Baby Beatrice arrived after a five hour labour without any pain relief, except for the water. We achieved our aim of having a non-medical birth and were home in time for supper! Thanks so much Jackie! Xxx. Victoria Rowley

An enjoyable, practical and positive approach to childbirth!

“It gave us the tools we needed to approach the birth calmly and positively, which was the main outcome I was seeking from the course. The relaxation techniques are great (do practice them) and can be easily personalised to suit you, so you get the most benefit out of them. The partner involvement was excellent- Matt and I really feel like a team now, which has significantly increased our confident. Thanks Jackie! From Matt & Vanessa.”

As a third time mum-to-be I wish my husband and I had done the course the first time around!

“I am certain it would have helped me to stay calm and be better prepared for my first labour. The course has increased our confidence in our choices for birth helping us work as a team with the same ideals and goals for our home water birth.” Gemma Page

I had real concerns about giving birth...5 weeks later I feel calm and confident.

“Before undertaking the hypnobirthing course I had real concerns about giving birth. 5 weeks later I feel calm and confident that this will be a positive experience. I understand more about my body’s ability to give birth and how (and the importance of) remaining calm throughout. The breathing exercises are crucial and relaxation techniques learnt I have no doubt will help. I was most impressed with the science side of the course explaining birth. Jackie is fantastic, I cannot recommend her highly enough and feel incredibly lucky to have come across this course and to have met her. Alisha Armstrong 

Our birth was completely drug free and lovely!

“Just wanted to let you all know that Isla Wren Foster arrived yesterday at 4.08pm weighing 7lb 14! She is beautiful. The birth was completely drug free and lovely! My waters broke at 7am and when we arrived at the hospital at 1pm I was fully dilated. Jason was perfect and the midwife was lovely too. We feel very privileged to have had such a fantastic teacher which enabled us to have this amazing experience! Thankyou so much Jackie and good luck to everyone else, it truly is wonderful, as is our baby girl! I have to say Jason is a natural Daddy already – she can’t get enough of him! Thanks again – I will def be recommending you to all our friends!” Hannah xxxxxx.

Both births were a wonderful and enjoyable experience

“2 years ago I was dancing to the sound of the sea and piano with John Kemp, breathing successfully through every wave, blowing balloons with each of them, letting them go with the child I imagined to be mine, while walking on the beach. Over a month ago, the piano was replaced by seagulls which pulled each balloon out through a golden thread and made them disappear in the sky. Tonight I will be blowing real ballons for Clervi to enjoy first thing tomorrow morning on her second birthday. THANK YOU so much to Jackie Heffer, our HYPNOBIRTHING consultant, for helping us understand what happens during birth, for teaching me to release my fears, and to trust both my body and my baby to know what to do. I just had to follow the flow. Both births were a wonderful and enjoyable experience.”  By Gaelle Kermin, Norwich.

First time father... my hypnobirthing experience.

“As a first time father, I found the class was invaluable as an insight into what to expect.  The group dynamic was important as it offered me the opportunity to see what the other birth partners were going through and to have the opportunity to share.  A relaxed and informative experience I shall recommend to others.”  Laurence Campion, Norwich.

Moving on from traumatic first birthing experience...

“I had attended hypnobirthing sessions following some extremely strong (almost forceful!) recommendations from friends. Looking back I realised that my preparations for my first child’s birth had been scant, and naive. It had not gone to plan. It wasn’t until my first session with Jackie that I realised how terrified I was of child birth, and how that first experience had left me feeling like a failure. I felt there was no chance of me having a positive birth experience…. Gradually, as I continued to attend the sessions, my confidence grew. I started to believe that it might be possible for things to go well this time. I practiced the breathing and listened to the relaxation CD. I found the relaxation techniques really helpful in the last stressful weeks of pregnancy…

Suddenly in one big surge his head was out. I could see his head and feel his kicks inside me (an extraordinary experience) He was very wriggly so I could tell he was ok. In the next surge out he came! He went straight onto my tummy, all soft and slimy. His eyes were big and dark, alert and peaceful. He was beautiful. I felt on a high for weeks after Tom’s birth. It was the most extraordinary and incredible experience that will stay with me all my life. It felt quiet and restful right the way through. Even though we were in hospital throughout, hypnobirthing had given me the confidence to take control of our environment to such a degree that we could have been at home. Hannah.Xx .

Approaching birth with calm and excitement...

This course is a brilliant way to get your head around the birthing experience.  It totally prepared me for the big event, which I looked forward to with calm and excitement rather than fear and trepidation. I would suggest HypnoBirthing at The Orange Grove Clinic to anyone I knew who was pregnant.  Thank You Jackie!”  Helen and David, Norfolk.

I had the most amazing birth possible and that's all thanks to you and hypnobirthing!

“I just wanted to quickly email you and let you know that I’ve had my baby boy. He’s called Noah and was born on the 26th July at home in the birth pool just as I planned! I had the most amazing birth experience possible and thats all thanks to you and hypnobirthing. I felt so calm and happy and still wasn’t really feeling any pain with the surges just lots of pressure but I remembered to do my breathing which helped me to keep me calm, I did a little walking and a bit of rocking on my birth ball, then decided to lay down on the sofa. I heard a little pop and just knew my waters were breaking! I stood up and low and behold my waters broke. I felt very calm and was even laughing, Noah was born in the water 14mins later with no other type of pain relief (1hr 14min labour wow) it was so lovely to be in the water with him…. Thank you so much for teaching us all about hypnobirthing, it changed the whole way I thought about giving birth, I was actually looking forward to it this time, I truly believe every woman should know about it, I’ve already had to give two ladies your details so hopefully they’ll book with you. Thanks again Love Zoe and Carl x

A truly inspirational teacher!

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you Jackie Heffer-Cooke so much for the hypnobirthing course; we couldn’t have done it without you. To think that when I started I was quite anxious and had my mind set on giving birth in the hospital! I used your CD during the labour and it was very calming and reassuring to hear your voice and be reminded of the course and being in your cosy place whilst I was having contractions. The birth breathing was also amazing when I finally got the hang of it. We definitely achieved the relaxed atmosphere I was after!  Anyway, thanks again, a truly inspirational teacher! Jenny, Hadleigh and Trudi xxx 

Hypnobirthing empowered me as a Dad through birthing...

Overall, I’d say the one thing a lot of partners seem to say about childbirth is they feel a bit useless and unable to do anything to help their partner through what is clearly a tough and at times harrowing experience. I don’t think I ever felt this way – and I thank hypno-birthing for this.  For me it was all about us finding shared ways in which we could both relax together throughout the pregnancy. Being the first class we attended it also really helped to get us in the right mind frame for what lay ahead in the months to come.  And when labour began I did feel what I’d learned was able to help Kim through it, the breathing techniques, being the ‘gorilla’, the music, what the MLBU is all about and how to ensure it was as close to the experience we wanted as possible.   Thanks again!  Dave Powles.  

After just 3 pushes Emilia was born!

“Great news, we had a beautiful baby girl on Thursday 26th April.  Emilia Charlotte Elizabeth Woodhead arrived weighing 6lb 6oz!  From arriving at the hospital at 8am I was 7cm dilated and had her at 10.30am. I started surges at 6pm Wednesday night and managed the whole night with relaxation techniques and 2 paracetamol. The midwife who examined me didn’t even believe I was in labour and was going to admit me on to the ward instead of sending me home until she did an internal exam and realised I was 7cm! The surges then came on with greater intensity, but the midwife was fantastic and really understood what I wanted to achieve so was reasurring that what was happening to me was text book and she just left me to it. When it got a bit too much I had some gas and air but again the breathing techniques helped with taking this in. After just 15 minutes and 3 ‘pushes’ Emilia was born.  I cant thank you enough it was just the kind of birth experience that I wanted and I felt in control the whole time. I wouldn’t have coped overnight without being able to relax so much, and although my contractions never really got under 6 minutes apart I felt the ones I did have were really effective. Hypnobirthing (plus a great midwife) have made this birth a real achievement, plus have given me some closure on Ewan’s birth”. Warm wishes Jennie, Norwich.   

The tools to accept the birthing process, however unpredictable...

“I’ve practised yoga for years & had heard about the use of hypnotherapy in birthing so when I became pregnant was keen to find ways to help my body manage birthing in a natural way rather than falling into a clinical, medicalised process. From the first of the five classes with Jackie I felt greatly empowered that the knowledge I was gaining there would help me fulfil my wish.  Jackie is pragmatic, stressing the fact that flexibility is key, birth is unpredictable & sometimes things don’t go to plan, but always inspiring about the benefits of a positive, informed approach & relaxed body and mind.  I feel no fear about the upcoming birth, I am determined to do all I can to empower my body to do it’s job naturally but remarkably I also feel more ready to face alternative outcomes if that should not be possible, knowing that I have the tools and peace of mind to adapt to whatever happens.  I now look forward to this amazing, once in a lifetime experience.”  Suzanne.  

Labour was a totally empowering experience!

“Thought I would drop you a line to let you know our beautiful baby boy, Rudy, was born on Friday 30th Nov at the MLBU. The birth was amazing and a totally different story to my first labour and birth. I attribute this in the main to hypnobirthing!  The MLBU was amazing and we were only there 2 hours before Rudy was born. The staff there were fabulous and it was a wonderful place to give birth.  I was able to go through the whole labour in a calm and focused manner, staying positive and not using any pain relief. I can honestly say that when I was in the pool and at the pushing stage I was so focused, I felt no pain at all. The birth breathing techniques we learnt made this part of the labour a totally empowering experience and so very different to last time. I felt in control of what was happening and not afraid.  So thank you for everything – I got the birth I wanted and Rudy is such a chilled out, relaxed baby.  He is amazing.”  Vicky Brooke  

Only beautiful memories of labour... despite starting at home and ending in hospital

Thank you to Kerry Dolan for our hypnobirthing lessons.  Just wanted to send you all a big warm hug from our little son Damian! He was born very healthy and curious to see the world, on August 11th – arriving nothing less than 3 weeks and one day overdue! (But it was worth every second of waiting!!). We are now enjoying babymoon-phase! Kerry: thanks for the fantastic lessons, it helped me so, so much!! We only have beautiful memories and truly enjoyed what for some, might sound like a rough birth (started as a home birth, but ended up later in the hospital).” Veronica, Stan and Damian  

From wreck to resource... a Dad's labour story!

“Kerry Dolan’s insights on our hypnobirthing course were honest and helpful to a slightly scared bloke with every intention of doing the right thing for his lady during labour.  I got to know what was what, plus what to do and at what stage – believe me there were plenty of stages. Hypnobirthing helped me be a part of the pregnancy too and the relaxation techniques helped me sleep too.  The course gently encouraged me from being a potential wreck into a resource, which helped our partnership continue through labour.”  Tom, daddy to Lila, July 2013  

Equipped to cope with whatever nature decides...

Many thanks for offering this course which was at a good price, well paced and facilitated and just the right length. I came with an open mind and left at the end feeling really optimistic about what we could do to help make the birth a positive and calm experience. As second time parents it made us take time out to think through what we really want and make informed choices. We feel more confident that we are now better equipped to cope with whatever nature decides. This course has really made a difference.  Rachael Breed

Creating a positive birthing story.

“We both really do feel that the hypnobirthing techniques we adopted helped us to achieve such a perfect birth and can honestly say that given the opportunity there is nothing about the whole experience that either of us would change.  We hope that other parents and babies continue to have such a positive experience in the hands of hypnobirthing and cannot thank you enough for your part in making our birth story such a positive one.”  Emma, Ian & Elijah.  

Believing in myself!

“Hypno-birthing has helped me to believe in myself, my baby and our combined, natural ability to birth in a relaxed & peaceful way.” Shelley, Norwich

Short Testimonials for Hypnobirthing with Jackie Heffer-Cooke

“An empowering course to help women and their birthing partners approach childbirth with a positive attitude.” Nancy, Norwich 

“Absolutely fantastic course. Jackie’s delivery was smart, compelling, down to earth and full of retractable experience. Would highly recommend the course to others.” Molly Taylor, Norwich 

“We looked forward to our class every week, it was great to meet with others who wanted a similar birthing experience and to listen to Jackie’s inspirational teaching. We left the final class feeling confident in ourselves, each other and our little babe. We didn’t have a straight forward birth in the end but I’m glad we chose to have a hypnobirth. Thank you.” Rach Austey-Sanders

“I praise Jackie for her presentation techniques and her general time for me personally.” Miriam, Norwich

“Thank you for the course, it was invaluable and has given me the information and confidence to look forward to my baby’s birth without fear or anxiety.” Jenny, Norwich

“Thank you very much Jackie for an invaluable, positive experience. I look forward to putting the tools learnt into good use on my baby’s birthing day” Ruthe Burke

“Very useful and informative course for both, mum to be and partner. Makes you see birth in a positive way” Sandra Davies

“I feel confident and excited about the birth now, thank you so much for the advice and guidance.”  Hannah and Jack

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