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Baby Yoga and Massage Classes Norwich with ZenMuma


Bond with your new baby, whilst easing yourself gently back into fitness.


Run by mother of two and expert yoga practitioner, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, ZenMuma Baby Yoga classes place emphasis on being able to take-away the skills and techniques you learn and really use them at home. Each class is packed with poses that gently encourage movement and natural development. Suitable for babies up until they are crawling, ZenMuma yoga classes are held at a number of locations across Norwich and Norfolk.

How Babies Benefit from ZenMuma Baby Yoga

zenmuma baby yoga norwich

Studies have shown that babies who receive nurturing touch through holding, massage and other forms of physical contact gain weight faster, are calmer and have better intellectual and motor development.

Babies enjoy being swung, rocked, stroked, massaged, gently stretched and sung to.

Yoga gives them this stimulus they so require and helps expend their energies, making them feel less frustrated, happier, calmer and able to sleep better.



Where & When?

Monday Class

Where: The Garage, 14 Chapelfield North, Norwich, NR2 1NY

Time: 12.30pm-1.30pm with Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Start Dates:

  • Monday 7th January, then 14th, 21st, 28th, 4th February and 11th
  • Monday 25th February, then 4th March, 11th, 18th, 25th and 1st April


Classes are £50 for 6 weeks.

If you wish to book a class that has already started, then please contact Lucy on [email protected]

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Baby Benefits of ZenMuma Baby Yoga:

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• Gently encourages the opening of babies chest and lungs, enables baby to breathe more effectively
• Brings more oxygen into the body helping baby’s nervous system and internal muscles and organs to work more effectively and efficiently
• Strengthens and tones muscles, keeping the spine straight and supple


• Baby yoga and massage classes encourage mum and baby to take some time out from the demands of daily life to connect through positive interaction, awareness and nurturing
• The communication encouraged through baby yoga and massage helps baby develop a sense of trust around them. This develops baby’s confidence and self-esteem
• Develops limbic system – the experience of emotion


  • The bouncing, swinging, rocking and spinning movements are loved by babies as they develop their vestibular system, which helps the baby to balance
  • By singing in class baby’s hearing and pre-language skills are developed
  • Develops a sense of spatial awareness, flexibility and the development of fine and gross motor skills


How Mums Benefit from ZenMuma Baby Yoga

And of course there’s plenty of post-natal yoga benefits for Mums too!

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• By encouraging new mums to breathe deeply, yoga classes help to develop a sense of calm and revitalisation.
• Shows new mums ways of holding their baby and transitioning between holds
• Builds confidence in understanding your baby’s needs
• Learning to release tension in the body can help a parent realise they have been feeling stressed, and may help them to identify and then work with balancing those areas of tension.
• Encourages self-belief as a mum.
• Baby yoga classes provide an opportunity for mums to have some time for inner reflection.
• Learning how to relax deeply for a few minutes can be as rewarding as sleep and can be practised whilst feeding, or comforting baby. Knowing this can help mum to recharge batteries throughout the day whilst looking after the baby.
• Helps mum to realign her body after birthing, restoring physical balance.
• Make new buddies and have fun!