Weight Loss with Norwich’s Leading Nutrition Expert

If you are looking for weight loss solutions, Catherine Jeans is Norwich’s most respected nutritional weight loss expert.  Catherine understands that there are so many reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight, and rejects the conventionally held belief that all you need to do is eat less and move more.  There’s so much more happening, which can include biochemical imbalances, hormonal issues, underlying emotional causes and other issues relevant to each individual.   If you are looking to lose weight, please contact us today to start your journey to a new you.

Contact:  01603 631900 or [email protected]

Catherine’s approach to weight loss

Weight loss support Norwich

Catherine Jeans has worked with thousands of clients in her years in practice, and is one of the region’s most respected Functional Weight Loss Nutrition Practitioners.  Through her work with the bariatric unit at the Spire Hospital and her individual work with private clients, as well as her online nutrition courses, Catherine has helped so many people across the region, the UK and beyond to achieve their perfect weight.

So many clients remark that they can’t believe how well they lose weight, once they’ve been put on the right diet… but can actually still enjoy their food, don’t have to feel hungry and finally feel like their in control of what’s going in their mouth.

Catherine doesn’t offer individual appointments for weight loss… instead Catherine will book you onto one of her private weight loss consultation and coaching packages, which ensures that you get the ongoing and long term support you need to lose weight, and keep it off.

Your package will start with an initial 1 hour consultation, where Catherine will find out about you, your health and your relationship with food.  She’ll teach you what may be out of balance in your body, what may be driving your body to store fat (and not let go of it!) and discuss with you a long term strategy for helping you to achieve your goals.  This may include regular ongoing support, plus if appropriate the addition of functional testing such as thyroid, nutrients, gut health and sex hormone balance, plus appropriate supplementation where needed.  Catherine will work with you on an ongoing basis to guide you through meal planning, recipe recommendations, food prep, mindset, improving your relationship with food and getting you to your goals.

Who are Catherine’s weight loss clients? 

Catherine can help most people lose weight.  If you’re feeling unfit, unhealthy, overweight and fed up with dieting, then do get in touch to discuss your needs.  You can contact Catherine by calling our reception team on 01603 631900 and choosing the nutrition option.  Or you can email [email protected]

Get in touch today… and start your journey to a healthier you!