Weaning Advice and Fussy Eaters

Our nutritional therapist Catherine Jeans supports new parents with weaning advice process, and is often called upon to support parents who are struggling with fussy eaters.  Trying food is an exciting time in your child’s development, but it can also come with a lot of worry and anxiety for new parents, especially when baby decides they don’t want to eat or try new things!  An appointment with Catherine that provides professional advice on how to approach weaning and fussy eaters, can relieve a whole host of worry and mealtime stress.  Book here.

Weaning advice and fussy eaters The OGC Baby CentreWeaning Advice

When it comes to starting your baby on solid foods, it’s not only an exciting time but can also be a worrying time, especially for new parents.   You may have heard other Mums discussing weaning and how to do it, but feel like you need some professional advice on the right approach for you.  Do you choose baby led weaning?  Or are purees better?

Perhaps you have allergies in the family or your baby already has some allergies, and you’re not sure which foods to introduce first.

Weaning Advice Appointments:  Special 30 Mins Appts

Catherine offers special discounted weaning appointments.  If you are looking for general advice on how to wean your baby, Catherine offers a 30 minutes consultation on how to wean your baby at a special rate of £35.  You can also come as a group for advice on weaning, which is £70 for an hour.

If your baby has any specific health conditions, digestive problems or allergies, Catherine advises a full one hour private consultation (£70) so that she can make a full assessment of your child’s needs.

Fussy Eaters

If your child is resisting certain foods and has become a fussy eater, mealtimes can be a very stressful occasion.  Catherine can work with you to support your child’s nutrient intake, and give you advise on the most appropriate approach to weaning and feeding your child that suits their specific needs.  It may be that you’ve run out of ideas on what to give your child, or perhaps you’re concerned they’re just not getting enough nutrients.  Catherine can provide you with practical advice and a nutritional programme to suit your child’s specific needs.  She can also advise you on various techniques you can use to make meal times a less stressful event.

Appointment Price:  One hour, £70

Please bring your child with you to your appointment, so that she can make a visual assessment of your child.  However if they are under the age of 7 it is advisable to bring someone with you who can look after your child while Catherine discusses their case and recommendations with you.

To book an appointment with Catherine Jeans for weaning advice or for fussy eaters, please call our clinic today on 01603 631900.  Or you can go to our contact page.