Lucy Hurrell – PA and Orange Grove Manager

orange-grove-clinic-relaunch_5My name is Lucy Hurrell and I am Jackie’s PA and The Orange Grove Manager.

In a previous life I worked as a personal shopper. I loved it, meeting new people and being paid to spend other people’s money! Then I had my little girl, Coco, and everything changed.  I became obsessed, or more amazed, by the INCREDIBLE job a woman does growing a baby, giving birth and becoming a mother. I knew I needed to make this a bigger part of my life and I couldn’t go back to what I was doing before. Shopping is purely for fun these days (and what’s more fun than buying baby clothes!)

I met Jackie when I was 14 weeks pregnant and attended my first YogaBumps class. I was hooked straight away. I loved the format of the class, meeting all the other mums to be, and of course soaking up Jackie’s infectious energy and wisdom. I met a group of three ladies, we were all due within a few weeks of each other, and it was amazing having each other through this tough, life changing, magical road we were on. Once the babies arrived we all carried on our Yoga journey and went to YogaBubs. It was amazing seeing so many of the girls from YogaBumps there and watching all the little ones grow. YogaBubs was the best way to start my week (and the eye candy at the café in The Garage afterwards didn’t go unnoticed!) Having  a group of women around you that were all going through the same thing as you was the support network I needed (even though some of their babies slept through the night and Coco DID NOT, I still loved them!) When Coco starting to crawl and wouldn’t sit still in class we had to say goodbye to our wonderful YogaBubs bubble.

I remember so well saying goodbye to Jackie, feeling very sad that this was not going to be part of my life anymore, and saying ‘if you ever need a PA, call me!’

And guess what..she did! The very next day! That was over a year ago now, and I LOVE my job. I spend my days surrounded by inspirational women, hearing incredible, positive birth stories and watching people build lifelong friendships and enjoy their yoga journey the same way I did. I am still great friends with the women I met at my first yoga class and the times we have shared will always be so special.

Jackie has FAR too many ideas that keep me FAR too busy,  but I love her for it!! A classic quote from Jackie “ I know you have a lot on, so this isn’t for now, or maybe not even next week, BUT….’

We have a giggle in the office as I am sure you can imagine.

Everybody warned me that having a baby would change my life, who knew it would be a career change!