Jackie Heffer-Cooke, the Region’s Leading Pregnancy and Birth Expert

With ten years of experience having worked with hundreds of birthing couples, including many celebrities, and having taught over 100 women a week pregnancy and baby yoga, Jackie Heffer-Cooke is without doubt the most experienced practitioner in pregnancy, birth and in particular hypnobirthing in Norfolk. With her expertise in skilfully and with a nurturing hand guiding women, and their partners, through the whole pregnancy, birthing, and new mum journey she has successfully become the biggest name for pregnancy and birthing guidance in the area and a name we all recognise.


Pregnancy Yoga Classes Norwich

Norfolk’s Leading Pregnancy & Birth Expert


Jackie, has over the years become a pregnancy and birthing authority within the region, focusing on per position as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Trainer; founder of ‘The Birthing Toolkit’ ChildBirth Education course; a master in Pregnancy Massage and Specialised Massage Techniques for Baby Positioning as well as Natural Induction and Labour; the founder of YogaBumps, YogaBubs, YogaBuds and DiscoBubs and of her own Yoga Teacher Training School; an expert for BabyCentre as well as Columnist for The Evening News and The NCT, Editor of The Baby Magazine; a producer and presenter of ‘How to take the labour out of labour’ and presenter for Future Radio; all this and her current project and new venture as Director of the NEW ZENMUMA ONLINE (watch this space!).

She is also, most importantly, Mum of two and loves nothing better than family friendly festivals in the summer and muddy wellies in the winter!


Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer

Jackie began her Hypnobirthing training studying with the internationally renowned Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing, just before she fell pregnant with her second son Sam, after a “fairly disastrous first birth”. Her second birth was “one of the most beautiful experiences of her life”, and she has dedicated the last eight years to helping couples achieve the same. Although Jackie is passionate about keeping childbirth natural wherever possible, Jackie is a realist and believes it is possible to have a beautiful birth whatever the circumstances, and now particularly assists women to understand and cope with the pressures of inductions and caesareans through practical preparation, hypnotherapy, relaxation, and mind-set. Jackie is now a Hypnobirthing Trainer and is proud to have trained other successful local Hypnobirthing Practitioners and most recently has trained Dr Del Tubby, a Hypnobirthing mum of two herself, to teach Hypnobirthing from The Orange Grove Clinic. Jackie has had such achievement with her clients enjoying, great, positive birthing from her Hypnobirthing classes that she offers a money-back-guarantee. Come to session one, and if you don’t enjoy it you get a full refund. Over 8 years she’s never been asked for her money back once 🙂


Hypnobirthing Classes, Hypnobirthing One-On-One Consultations

Hypnobirthing with Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Jackie and Del offer extremely popular Hypnobirthing Classes at The Orange Grove Clinic, for direct testimonials and wonderful Birth Stories. They also consult one-on-one, so feel free to book for individual or couple sessions at your convenience. Jackie says “group sessions are wonderful as they are friendly and inclusive. As well as getting the full hypnobirthing training and experience, couples often make friends for life. Support from others who understand the highs and lows of pregnancy, birthing and the demands of having a new baby is not just paramount but can feel sanity-saving at times! That’s the community of Hypnobirthing. However, if you can’t get to a class, having a one-on-one consultation has its own benefits as we can tailor the session to your own specific needs, and we can really nurture and focus on the aspects individual to you”. >> Find out more…


Hypnobirthing Refresher

Of course as Jackie has been teaching Hypnobirthing for over 8 years now, she now sees parents whom she taught Hypnopbirthing first time around come back for the second or third child. She says “these parents don’t need to do the full course again, but they do need a couple of hours to ‘get back into the zone’ with a Hypnobirthing Refresher. The consultation starts with a discussion of the previous birth experience, what really worked well for them, where they would like to see things different next time around, then we focus on those aspects and they leave refreshed and ready for their next birth. What is really lovely about these sessions is that as all these parents have other young children running around at home, it gives them an opportunity to really connect with their new baby and allows them some time and space to focus and get excited about their new arrival!” >> Find out more…


Pregnancy and birth classesFounder of ‘The Birthing Toolkit’ ChildBirth Education Workshop

Over her ten years’ experience of working with birthing women and couples Jackie has refined and defined her most exciting, deliverable, and important offering yet – The Birthing ToolKit. Over and over in the hundreds of testimonials and birth stories Jackie receives the words that stand out are ‘Jackie supplied me with the tools I needed to have the calmest and best birth possible’, so in this 4-hour workshop you will get those tools. The 4 hours contain the highlights and ‘mustn’t miss moments’ from Jackie’s extensive training in Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, active birth techniques and labour massage – most importantly – it’s is 4 hours’ worth of content that has been proved to work, by Jackie’s birthing mums, time and time again. Jackie walks you through the whole birth journey from beginning to end, so you feel empowered and confident. By the end of the workshop you will know what to expect, what you can do to ensure you get the best most successful, calmest birth possible, be ‘tooled up’ with breathing techniques, birth positions, massage techniques and so much more. Don’t give birth without it! This workshop also comes with a full money back guarantee. >> Find out more…


Master in Pregnancy Massage and Specialised Massage Techniques for Baby Positioning, Natural Induction and Labour

Ten years ago Jackie trained in massage with the focus of giving pregnant mums support physically and emotionally. A new mum herself and a massage addict, Jackie couldn’t find anyone in the city to give her a decent pregnancy massage, so she thought she would fill that gap and supply it to pregnant mums herself. Since then, with extensive training in anatomy and physiology with some of the best teachers in the country, she brings a certain ‘magic’ to her pregnant clients as she focuses on pelvic girdle aches and pains, but because of her wide-ranging knowledge in pregnancy and birthing can offer experience and qualified advice too.


Induction MassagePractical Guidance and Massage Techniques for Baby Positioning*

Jackie knows all about tricky births as her first was breech. With the aim of helping other women whose babies are ‘non-conventional’ in their birth positions, she teaches techniques such as ‘dip-the-hip’ and rebozo sifting, along with positional advice for turning and includes a gentle abdominal massage within the 90-minute consultation. Unfortunately, not even she can perform miracles, so there are no guarantees here, but Jackie has successfully helped many women achieve the optimum birthing position ready for the big day. If nothing else, the session will be focused and fun and you will have a lovely massage at the end!

Induction Preparation and Natural Induction Massage*

It’s a fact that most first time mums go over the 40 week ‘due date’. As you get close to 42 weeks you will be advised to have a medical induction. A natural induction, be it massage, reflexology, acupuncture, (pineapples, or sex!) should be taken as seriously as a medical induction, as it is advised to wait until as close to 42 weeks pregnant before you even attempt one. No-one should attempt to shift a baby (unless there is a good medical reason why) before it is ready to come. However, once you reach 40 weeks+10 (41 ½ weeks), Jackie is very happy to help your body gently persuade itself to move your birthing on. The Natural Induction Massage is a very light touch massage, encouraging oxytocin – the birthing hormone. There are also some great shiatsu points Jackie was taught by a wonderful and well-known Harley Street Acupuncturist which can encourage labour. This is a blissful massage, and if nothing else, will be a lovely calming experience. If your body is ready to birth your baby, this massage will assist with the ‘nudging towards birth’. As part of this consultation Jackie can also help prepare you for a medical induction with practical guidance, hypnotherapy and deep relaxation techniques too. >> Find out more…


Labour MassageBirth Partner Training for Massage In Labour – Learn Massage Techniques for Labour

This 90-minute session will cover massage techniques to really make sure your birth partner is confident in knowing how to administer safe and helpful massage throughout labour.  Using labour massage techniques such as light touch massage, deeper tissue massage and pelvic opening massage, the birth partner can now have an integral role in the labour.  Don’t feel ‘helpless’, feel confident – get involved in the birth of your baby.  Come along, learn some incredibly important skills – and enjoy a really informative and fun session in a friendly environment. >> Find out more…


To book an appointment with Jackie, call Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page


*If there is any medical reason why you should not have any of these treatments, please do inform us. Rebozo is not suitable for women with placenta previa. Jackie feels very strongly that Natural Inductions SHOULD NOT be done before +10 days overdue – so 41 ½ weeks – unless there is a medical reason. There are other places in Norwich which offer this service before +10 days and this is irresponsible. If you are going for any mum-to-be treatment elsewhere please do make sure that the therapist is properly trained in pregnancy before you have your treatment 🙂