Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing classes with our Norfolk birthing team.  These classes will empower you to have a positive birthing experience.

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Through simple self hypnosis, specific breathing and deep relaxation exercises, hypnobirthing leads you towards a calm and relaxed birth.  Our aim is to make sure you enter birthing with a feeling of knowledge, control and empowerment: we want you to enjoy birthing your baby go here.

http://www.myfolio.com/dumakake Due to the current situation with COVID-19 all classes are currently postponed to keep everybody safe. We are monitoring the ongoing situation closely.  Jackie will be offering 1:1 online birthing options during this time for just £55 per hour, for full options please click here or contact Jackie directly on 07813 069529 or [email protected]

Our Hypnobirthing Course Costs a Total of £250 and Includes Complete Support http://veterans-fcbeausoleil.com/?mapsro1

Not only will you learn easier, more pain-free birthing with our Hypnobirthing course, but you also get to take home our £85 online Hypnobirthing course and 6 MP3’s for FREE!
– 4.5 hours of video contact
– 6 x Meditation, Relaxation and Visualisation MP3’s to Download.
– 140+ page ebook in PDF form to accompany the course, including Birth Preferences Template and the Hypnobirthing hospital bag checklist


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Upcoming Courses:

Courses with SIMPLE Hypnobirthing Method founder and leader of ZenMuma and ZenKids Teacher training, Jackie Heffer-Cooke

May 8th and 9th 2020 10am-4pm

to be held at Sprowston Manor Hotel


Courses with Natalie Kelvin

Natalie has trained with Jackie Heffer-Cooke’s Hypnobirthing Training school, ZenMuma, and is certified to teach the SIMPLE Hypnobirthing Method. Natalie is based in Wymondham, Norfolk click.

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Courses with Amber Ferguson

Amber has trained with Jackie Heffer-Cooke’s Hypnobirthing Training school, ZenMuma, and is certified to teach the SIMPLE Hypnobirthing Method. Amber is based in Norwich, Norfolk.

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Private Hypnobirthing in South Norfolk

If you would rather see Jackie for private hypnobirthing she is available during the week (daytimes) at her South Norfolk Orange Grove Clinic. The full course as a private client is £350 per couple. You can also choose Hypnobirthing and pay by the hour to suit your time and budget needs. Jackie charges £70 per hour, with a minimum of 90 minutes for an indepth look at breathing and self-hypnosis techniques for birth. Email directly on [email protected] to find a suitable date.


Luxury Hypnobirthing Retreats

Why not try Hypnobirthing with a luxury over night stay included? Read more here..

Hypnobirthing online

If you are unable to join Jackie on a course and want to download the Hypnobirthing online course, then you can do so here.


The Birthing Tool Kit

If you simply don’t have the time or the money for hypnobirthing, The Birthing Tool Kit is an excellent alternative. For just £80 mum-to-be and birth partner can learn all about the essentials of Hypnobirthing in an easy to understand 4.5 hour workshop, packed with the Hypnobirthing best bits! We reveal the best birth breathing, successful active birth movements, and practical advice like when to go to the hospital, as well as key advice like what to pack in your hospital bag plus essentials like massage for labour techniques!

For rave reviews for this popular course see here… REVIEWS.  You can book The Birthing Tool Kit HERE!


Additional Information

The award winning SIMPLE Hypnobirthing Method can help you to release fears and anxieties you may have about giving birth, including helping you overcome previous more traumatic births. It teaches you to understand your pregnant and labouring body, we teach you: what hypnobirthing is and how it works; how the body works in labour; how the mind has an effect of the physiology of birth; how to promote the bodies natural painkiller to help an easier and more painfree birth. It promotes self-awareness and self-control. Additionally, the training in self-hypnosis assists you in reaching a level of relaxation and calm, at the times when you need it most.

The aim? To stop your body tensing at a time when release is all important.

It also encourages you to be emotionally strong. Understanding your body during birth is empowering, which helps mum (and dad!) stay calm and focused. The shared experience of learning HypnoBirthing with your partner, or birth partner, leads to understanding and support of your needs during this incredible time, leading up to the most important moment of all – meeting your baby for the very first time.