How to be a Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan


Learn how to be a healthy vegetarian or vegan with expert Nutritional Therapist  Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC 

Following a vegetarian or vegan diet has never been more popular.

But how can you eat an exciting, nutrient packed, healthy, tasty and well rounded diet through just plants alone?

In this course I’ll show you you easy it can be with a simple to follow 10 module course. Packed with expert knowledge.

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Done right, a vegetarian or vegan diet can deliver great benefits to your health and well being.

Whether you’re new to vegetarianism or veganism or an experienced plant-based foodie, my new course will empower you to include the right nutrients into your diet. With over 30 simple to follow recipes, audio for listening on the go and downloadable pdf’s for the kitchen to help keep you on track. It’s about eating well for life and enjoying tasty, nutritious foods from plants alone.

Why do you need to learn about being a healthy veggie or vegan?

Research shows that being vegan or vegetarian can have many benefits for your health, but this is dependant on eating the right foods and replacing any nutrients no longer in your diet. It’s important if you or a family member avoid meat, fish or dairy, that you learn how to be a healthy vegetarian or vegan and get the right kind of advice to protect your health. I see many unhealthy vegetarians or vegans in my clinic, simpy because they have not thought or carefully planned their diet, to ensure they are not missing out on vital nutrients – particularly protein, vitamin B12, iron –  deficiencies of which can cause many serious health problems.  Whatever diet you choose in life, it’s vital to get a healthy balance of nutrients.

This course will give you the following:

  • 10 easy to follow video modules covering all your nutrition needs, from protein to iron and how to get enough in your diet
  • Filming from my kitchen to you can see just how easy it is to follow
  • 3 Bonus chapeters about supplements, vegan superfoods and keeping your gut healthy
  • Full audio versions for easy listening on the go
  • Over 30 downloadable recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks
  • Downloadable PDF’s for your fridge so you can keep on track
  • Daily check list so you can monitor your nutrient intake
  • The Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan Facebook group: This part of the course is totally invaluable.. Not only will you become part of a community of like minded individuals, searching for practical guidance and feedback on how to eat well with plants.. You’ll also get access to me… I will be answering any questions you have, giving you motivational tips and providing you with new recipes and chapters.

Buy  ‘How to Be A Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan’ here now