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Our natural fertility programmes are brought to you by our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans, who uses an array of functional testing options and nutritional strategies, alongside her experience as a nutritional therapist working with couples, to create a bespoke fertility programme for you.

“It has been such a pleasure being looked after by the Orange Grove team, and guided by their brilliance and without them I honestly know my dreams would not have come true. I owe them so much. Thank you.”

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Natural fertility programmes The OGCSupporting your unique journey to parenthood: the fertility detective 

Catherine Jeans recognises that every person is an individual and every couple special, so please talk to us to see how we can support you.

Catherine can offer a variety of hormone testing and other functional tests such as homocysteine analysis and Vitamin D testing, to give you an holistic view of what may be affecting your fertility, and will work with you to get you in the best possible health for conception and pregnancy.  Catherine has many years of experience working with couples and individuals who would like help to support their fertility, whether going through assisted conception or not, and likes to describe herself as a “fertility detective” – helping you to find out more about why you may be having difficulty conceiving.  There are many underlying causes of fertility problems, but these could include thyroid issues, adrenal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, nutritional imbalances and sex hormone disruption.

At your first appointment, Catherine will take a detailed health history to help establish which testing options may be the most appropriate for you and discuss with you the strategy for supporting your fertility and ability to have a healthy pregnancy.  You can book your first 90 minute appointment by calling us today on 01603 631900 or email [email protected]


Why choose a Natural Fertility Programme?  Supporting your Journey to Parenthood

If you are finding it difficult to conceive, you are not alone.  It’s estimated one in seven couples have trouble.  If you’ve suffered miscarriage, you are not alone.  They are much more common than most people realise.  Among women who know they are pregnant, it is estimated that one in seven pregnancies will end in miscarriage.  Many more miscarriages happen before a woman even knows she is pregnant.  If you worry about health risks in pregnancy and want to maximise the health of your baby, you are definitely not alone.  Most prospective parents feel that way.

If you are going to have Assisted Reproductive Techniques, such as IVF, you may be concerned about your potential chances of success.  Thousands of couples feel exactly the same way.

The great news is there is so much that you can do to support your chances of conceiving, reduce health risks in pregnancy and optimise the health of your baby.   That’s where we come in.  We support individuals and couples on their unique journeys to parenthood.

To find out more about our fertility programmes with Catherine Jeans, please contact our Norwich reception today or click on the links below.  Please contact our reception team on 01603 631900.  Or you can go to our contact page, or email [email protected]