Childrens’ Health and Nutrition Workshop

Our  Children’s Nutrition Workshop with nutritional therapist, Catherine Jeans is now available online.  How to Help your Kids Live to 100 is now live… meaning you can learn about children’s nutrition from the comfort of your own home.  Find out more here.  

Ideal for any parent wishing to ensure they support their family with a healthy diet.  Perhaps you’re confused about what your child actually should and shouldn’t be eating… or which nutrients they need and how to get them to eat them?  Maybe you need advice on supporting your child’s learning, development and brain power, their immune strength or balancing behaviour and mood.  Many parents are confused about the conflicting messages we’re given on what and how to eat, and often struggle to achieve the right balance, with children often not wanting to eat healthy foods.  This workshop is a combination of practical tips and expert advice from an experienced nutritional health expert, Catherine Jeans,

Childrens Health and Nutrition



About the Children’s Health and Nutrition Workshop

Catherine says: “Many parents have asked me to run online training in children’s nutrition, and I’ll be covering some of the most common misconceptions and questions asked by many the parents I see in my work. If you want to learn how to feed your child a healthy diet, alongside new recipes and quick meal ideas that perhaps you’ve never tried before, then this workshop is ideal.”

Who is this Children’s Nutrition Workshop suitable for?

Catherine Jeans is The Family Nutrition Expert, and she’s put together this practical, informative and fun workshop for all those parents who want to know exactly what they should be feeding their children, what they shouldn’t, and how to achieve this healthy balance.  As a parent herself, Catherine understands how difficult meal times can be, so her advice and meal ideas are tailored to suit those who like to cook and those who don’t – all with a focus on simple, nutritious food.  Whether you’re a new parent approaching weaning or an experienced parent with teenagers, this children’s health and nutrition workshop is suitable for parents with children of all ages. 

What is covered at the workshop?

Catherine will talk you through the essentials of children’s nutrition, including:

  • Which nutrients children need at various stages of their life, and where to find them
  • Simple strategies for balancing mood and behaviour
  • How to read food labels – vital for any parent who feels lost in a supermarket
  • Which foods you should avoid or reduce, to support your child’s long term health
  • The fallacies about fat and what really contributes to an increased risk of diabetes and obesity
  • What to feed a child who craves sweet things and is starving when they come home from school!
  • Does your child need supplements, and if so which ones?
  • Simple recipes for snacks and meals that are simple yet nutritious – Catherine will create some of these at the workshop, giving you a chance to see recipes being made and to taste and try yourself.

You can purchase instant access to this workshop online here.