Baby Positioning

Baby Positioning, Practical Guidance and Massage Techniques

Your 90-minute session starts with a consultation to discover which combination of techniques is right for each individual mum and baby.

pregnancy yoga teacher training

Ten years ago Jackie trained in massage with the focus of giving pregnant mums support physically and emotionally. A new mum herself and a massage addict, Jackie couldn’t find anyone in the city to give her a decent pregnancy massage, so she thought she would fill that gap and supply it to pregnant mums herself. Since then, with extensive training in anatomy and physiology with some of the best teachers in the country, she brings a certain ‘magic’ to her pregnant clients as she focuses on pelvic girdle aches and pains, but because of her wide-ranging knowledge in pregnancy and birthing can offer experience and qualified advice too.


Why Choose Us?

Jackie knows all about tricky births as her first was breech. With the aim of helping other women whose babies are ‘non-conventional’ in their birth positions, she teaches techniques such as ‘dip-the-hip’ and rebozo sifting, along with positional advice for turning and includes a gentle abdominal massage within the 90-minute consultation. Unfortunately, not even she can perform miracles, so there are no guarantees here. However, Jackie has successfully helped many women achieve the optimum birthing position ready for the big day. If nothing else, the session will be focused and fun and you will have a lovely massage at the end!


Find Us

This takes place at Float, 66-70 Ber Street, Norwich, NR1 3EW. However, please get in touch if you wish to discuss specific arrangements.



To book an appointment for Baby Positioning with Jackie, please contact our Reception on 01603 631 900, or send an email to [email protected] or go to our contact page.

Price is £75 per 90 minute session
If you have any special circumstances with your birth (like placenta praevia,) please consult with Jackie, and with your midwife or GP before booking.


Additional Information

Car parking is close by, at the John Lewis or Ber Street car parks (with metered parking on the street.)
Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.