ZenMuma Antenatal Class ONLINE and interactive, The Birthing Tool Kit

ZenMuma Antenatal Classes Online and Interactive

For You, Your Birth-Partner and Your Baby



Don’t know where to look for antenatal classes or birthing support in the current climate? Antenatal consultant Jackie Heffer-Cooke has 10 years of expertise training in HypnoBirthing, childbirth education, antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage and massage for labour, and she is here for you now.

The Birthing Tool Kit Workshop is a LIVE antenatal class like no other.
We will teach you:
*Practical guidance on when you may need to go to the hospital
*What to take with you
*What labour is and how you can help yourself to have the most pain-free birth possible
*How you can use Hypnobirthing as a form of natural pain-relief
*Which breathing techniques to use in labour, why we use them, and when
*What active birth is and how to use it to help your labour
*How your birth-partner can best help you in labour
*Massage techniques your partner can use to help you in labour

Essentially we will give you guidance all the way through the birth journey so you know what to expect, and how to best help yourself, particularly in this challenging time.

You CAN still have a beautiful birth – we are here to help you!

When: June 20th. 1pm to 6pm

Where: Your home on ZOOM. Live and interactive.

Cost: USUALLY £90 – but due to current climate we want to help as many people as possible so we are charging on a sliding scale £50 – £90 per couple, you pay what you can afford. This INCLUDES the Birthing Tool Kit Online Video and the Birthing Affirmation MP3.

Contact [email protected] to book

Learn how to enter birthing with a feeling of knowledge, control and empowerment with our specialist antenatal classes, The Birthing Toolkit is brought to you by ZenMuma and Orange Grove Clinic founder, and originator of the Award-Winning SIMPLE Hypnobirthing Method Jackie Heffer-Cooke.

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“We attended Jackie’s antenatal classes and had an amazing labour and birth where we felt confident and empowered” Jake Humphries (BBC and BT Sports Presenter) and Harriet Humphries

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“Jackie is a very informative and knowledgeable lady, we loved our hypnobirthing course we did with her” YouTube influencers Carly Rowena and Leon Bustin