Personal yoga training offer

Personal Yoga Online Training Package

6 week personalised package just £295.


Would you like some ‘personal training’ into your physical and mental health, Would you love to start, or develop your yoga, meditation and mindfulness practise? We are offering 6 interactive, online, live, weekly, 75-minute sessions, fine-tuned to YOUR individual needs. These are personal and private sessions.

We can help with

  1. Yoga for anxiety
  2. Yoga for wellbeing
  3. Yoga for energy
  4. Yoga for children
  5. Yoga for ASD
  6. Yoga for pregnancy
  7. Yoga for baby
  8. Yoga for post-natal women


This includes:

  • Personal teaching from Jackie Heffer-Cooke.
  • Interaction via Zoom. All guidance on how to use is given.
  • A new weekly lesson plan you can use for a daily practise tuned to your personal needs.
  • Checking in emails to see how you are doing.
  • Personal shaping of your practise to your individual needs.


A practise to learn about yoga, your self, and designed to hold your hand during this time.

£295 for the course


To book or for more information contact Jackie directly on 07813 069529 or email [email protected]


About Jackie

Jackie Heffer-Cooke is the founder of The Orange Grove Clinic, and is also the creator and founder of ZenYoga, ZenMuma and ZenKids. She is on a mission to spread yoga for individuals, mothers and families far and wide. Jackie started her own personal love affair with yoga when she was pregnant with her second baby, Sam.

“I remember the first day of walking into a yoga class for the first time – feeling apprehensive at trying something new, at a time full of new beginnings. I had tried yoga before but found it a little intimidating, but in this class was a great mix of women, all from different yogic background and lots of beginners just like me. Ten years later, I’m a full-time yogi addict! It helps me keep in shape, boost my strength and keep up with my energetic kids! It also gives me more; a place I have learnt to live from where I can stop and pause, before reacting. To breathe and deal with the craziness of life: school runs, clubs, work schedules, dinner making, the endless washing, hectic social lives and relationships.”

I am here to welcome you into this practise that has given me so much, my hope is that it does that for you too – Jackie Heffer-Cooke – Yoga Alliance, MTI, CamYoga, BirthLight, HTI, BA (hons)