Pain in the Back?! Massage Can Help.

Massage therapy can be a significant way to manage back pain. Some people face back pain that comes and goes; some might over-work or strain their backs; and some might chronically experience this type of discomfort.

If one of these resounds with you, then we can inform and help you.

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Dorsopathy is the scientific name for back pain, but you might know it more familiarly as strong discomforts of the spine, surrounding muscles, or nerves. You may experience unwanted sensations that radiate from the mid, lower, or upper back. Tingling, burning, aching or sharp sensations are also common complaints. Sometimes, symptoms even cause a weakness that might take effect in your feet and legs.

But what causes pain in your back?
NHS England suggest that it can be a ‘non-specific’ problem, or that it can be a ‘mechanical’ issue (something not quite functioning as it should in the spinal joints, soft tissue, or bones.) If you suffer from back pain, it may be advisable to seek medical advice or treatment in the first instance. However, there is good news! Remedial massage can most likely be beneficial for you- and possibly even a longer term solution to reduce the pain!

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You might be able to resonate with a back pain which is ‘unspecified.’ You don’t really know what caused it- or why it’s there. However, a regular massage could well turn out to be your primary treatment! Studies show that one main health benefit of massage is increased blood flow and circulation, which provides nutrition to muscles and tissues. This is especially useful when your muscles are sore or in recovery from physical activity or soft tissue damage.

Also, this type of therapy can significantly decrease tension in the muscles- something which is noticeably beneficial for those with ‘bad backs!’ By decreasing tension, muscles will retain more flexibility, reducing the stiffness and pain caused by back tightness.

If you know that your ‘bad back’ stems from ‘mechanical issues,’ some of the most common issues often include: slipped discs; sciatica; ankylosing spondylitis or spondylolisthesis.

In the instance of slipped discs (where cartilage presses against your nerves,) movement and function can help to be restored through massage (in the rehabilitation stage.) With our Massage Angels here in Norwich, we would be able to make recommendation for when massage can be appropriate and accommodating for you.

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With sciatica, where nerve irritation or tingling is experienced, massage therapy loosens the muscles surrounding the ‘pinch points’ and helps to prevent the irritation. Furthermore, massage can provide temporary relief if you experience the ‘burning’ sensations often associated with sciatica- because massage releases pain-fighting endorphins!

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Spondylolisthesis are also more familiar back pain ailments (even if they don’t sound like it!) Again, therapeutic massage is a highly-recommended remedy for these. Where AS typically targets tissues between the vertebrae (in spine and joints) a massage of these tissues can work wonders for pain and stiffness. Therapists might even suggest the use of massage oils with specific qualities that can calm inflammation.

If you are experiencing ‘a bad back’ or back pain, it would be great to get in touch with the Orange Grove, here in Norwich. Our qualified Massage Angels can support and advise you. We have many treatments that can specifically cater for you- and you will feel assured, rested, and restored!

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