Osteopathy for Pregnancy, Pre-Birth & Post-Natally

Osteopathy encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body.  It’s a gentle yet extremely effective approach and may be used for a wide range of conditions in people of all ages, including during pregnancy and newborn babies.  Our osteopath Arnaud Geanty is a cranial osteopath, which is a very gentle form of osteopathy that is both therapeutic and relaxing to receive.  To find out more about cranial osteopathy for babies and children, please click here.

Osteopathy for pregnancy Norwich The OGCOsteopathy For Pregnancy

The weight of pregnancy can impose physical strain on all the organs and tissues in the body. Osteopathic treatment can be beneficial in easing some of the physical discomfort of pregnancy, with a soothing and relaxing treatment to support relief from aches, pains and muscle tension.  Osteopathy is also useful to help prepare for the demands of labour and helping the mother to recover after birth.

There are situations where physical limitations of the mother’s body make it difficult for her to carry a pregnancy beyond a certain stage.  Osteopathic treatment can in certain cases support the stabilisation of the pregnancy and allow it to proceed to full term.

Many women also find osteopathy useful to relieve typical pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, heart burn, breathing difficulties, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and general aches and pains.

Pre-Birth Osteopathy

An important part of preparation for childbirth is to ensure that the mother’s pelvis is structurally balanced and able to allow the passage of the baby down the birth canal. Trauma to the pelvic bones, coccyx or sacrum at any time in a mother’s life can leave increased tension in surrounding muscles and strain within ligaments and bones of the pelvis.  This can limit the ability of these bones to separate and move out of the way during labour and thus limit the size of the pelvic outlet.

Osteopathic treatment is extremely effective at releasing old strains within the pelvis, thus giving the best chance of an easy and uncomplicated labour. In most cases osteopathic treatment to ensure that the pelvis and uterus are correctly balanced and aligned can help with discomforts of later pregnancy, and can often help the baby turn into a better position.

Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Osteopathy for pregnancy and babies The OGCYour baby can suffer long-lasting effects from the moulding process during birth and an osteopathic check-up is recommended.  Osteopaths consider the birth from the baby’s point of view.  In any delivery the baby may have been squashed, pulled or twisted in different ways and this may leave the baby uncomfortable.  In the first few days the most common difficulties are with feeding, digestive difficulties, sleeping and crying.  A baby who is unsettled or struggling to feed may be uncomfortable from the effects of birth, or a baby with a preference for breast feeding on one side may be finding it difficult to turn his or her head freely.

Osteopaths believe that unresolved birth stresses may contribute to many different problems as the child grows, and recommend that babies are checked after birth.  Treatment is extremely gentle safe for the smallest of babies, and it’s never too early to treat.  Our osteopath Arnaud Geanty is an experienced cranial osteopath, and this type of osteopathy is ideal for babies and young children.  Please click here to find out more information.

Osteopathy For Postnatal Recovery

Birth can be traumatic for both mother and baby, and osteopathy can be an effective recovery support.  The mother’s pelvis is vulnerable to lasting strains from the forces involved, particularly after a difficult delivery.  Some of these strains can have a profound effect on the nervous system and contribute to postnatal depression.  Unresolved childbirth stresses in the mother can contribute to ongoing back problems, period problems, stress incontinence, constipation, headache and more.  By releasing strains from both pregnancy and labour, the mother can return to normal physically and mentally, allowing her to relax and enjoy her new baby.

Treatment price: 60 minutes, £50.  Children 60 minutes, £40.

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