Orange Grove VIP

Introducing our new Orange Grove VIPs.. because you are a very important person, and we believe in encouraging you, to look after you…

Because we value you, our clients, we see you as our VIPs. Every time you join us on an Orange Grove workshop, retreat, or course with Jackie Heffer-Cooke you will become one of our VIPs. To say thank you we will give you £10 off a massage. And if you decide to join one of our specialist yoga classes you will receive £10 off a massage every single month to enjoy the benefits of massage at a better price to you. That’s because we really want you to enjoy being part of our Orange Grove community, and be able to take full advantage of all the great services we offer. What better way to thank you for being our loyal customers.

You ARE a very important person – the Orange Grove VIP – towards a happier, healthier you.