Hypnobirthing Luxury Retreat

This luxury Hypnobirthing retreat is held at Sprowston Manor Hotel, Golf and Country Club, in the beautiful Norfolk Countryside.

“Jackie’s birthing knowledge is invaluable. She led us towards giving our baby Freddie the best start possible, with the most beautiful calm, controlled birth. The weekend itself was blissful; award winning food, relaxing setting and a lovely swimming pool. Perfect.” Sarah Tyler

This is the perfect over night stay for ‘parents-to-be’ to get away from it all and submerse themselves in learning how to hypnobirth, whilst relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of Sprowston Manor Hotel.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a set of tools and techniques which make birth a more pain-free and enjoyable experience. It is based on science, a philosophy and a mindset which means that your birth will be more simple, gentle, and calm, whichever path your birth journey takes. It is a pain relief technique whereby women use a blend of self-hypnosis, relaxation, breathing techniques, active birth, and preparation to allow them to overcome pain, and where birth partners offer an important supportive role, so that each couple can look forward to their birthing day with expectation and excitement. It is, quite simply, better birthing.


About Birth Educator Jackie Heffer-Cooke


Birth educator Jackie Heffer-Cooke is the most experienced hypnobirthing practitioner in Norfolk and is director of the international ZenMuma hypnobirthing teacher trainer school.  Jackie teaches the ZenMuma hypnobirthing program, which is inspired by the internationally renowned Marie Mongan and the HypnoBirthing Institute whom Jackie trained with in 2008.

Your hypnobirthing program is accompanied by a complementary online take-home version of the teaching called ‘The Birthing Tool Kit’, and an extensive hypnobirthing companion so you can continue to practise and feel reassured that you know what you are doing, ready for the day itself.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke is a birth preparation educator, a pregnancy bodywork specialist and an expert for Mother & Baby Magazine and BabyCentre amongst others.  She is also chair of the Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital Maternity Voice Partnership, a thinktank group that works with medical professionals to promote Better Births.  Jackie is also a pregnancy bodywork specialist, an teaches pregnancy and baby yoga and mindfulness.


Why chose this Hypnobirthing over any other?


This hypnobirthing programme is inspired by midwives and obstetricians, the hospital environment, the zeitgeist of modern birthing attitudes, the maternity paperwork of the government, the incentives of Better Birthing and most importantly by the outcomes of our over 500 Hypnobirthing couples, and 1000’s of pregnancy yoga mums, and all their babies 😊 that we have worked with over the last ten years.

To read more of Jackie’s birth stories from the last ten years take a look here.

We hope to see you on this very special retreat, very soon. This Hypnobirthing IS better birthing, for you and your baby. It is the perfect start to parenting. Book today.


About the Retreat


This retreat is hosted by the region’s most-experienced practitioner, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, who will teach you all you need to know in order to Hypnobirth your baby. The aim is to lead you to the calmest, most rewarding birth possible.
And where better to learn, than in sublime surroundings of The Grove Hotel?

Before and after, you can enjoy the hotel’s: tasty food; comfortable accommodation; indoor swimming pool and massage treatments. Come and enjoy our Luxury Hypnobirthing Retreat for You and Your Partner!

A Calm and Rewarding Birth


Where: TBC

When: We hope to have another retreat available in late 2020, we are continuing to monitor government guidelines.  In the meantime perhaps our online hypnobirthing options can help.

How much: £450 all-inclusive per couple which includes 12 hours of HypnoBirthing, accommodation and dinner for one night, breakfast on morning of 9th May

Why: Learn how to have a calm, rewarding birth. Facilitate a confident birth under the instruction of lead hypnobirthing practitioner Jackie Heffer-Cooke.




Day One

Arrival time is 9.30am on the first day for a tea/coffee reception. Hypnobirthing with Jackie will be 10am-4pm, with an hour lunch break (lunch not included). The rest of the evening is yours to do with what you like. Indulge in a massage, have a long bath, go for a walk or chat with the other couples on the course. Dinner will be served in the evening, which is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to reflect on the day.

Day Two

Breakfast will be served on the second day and the Hypnobirthing with Jackie will continue at 10am- 4am, again with an hour’s lunch break (lunch not included). After this, the day closes- unless you decide to treat yourself to another night’s stay of course!

The perfect overnight stay for mums and dads-to-be to get away from it all and really indulge in a calm and luxurious weekend to connect with each other, and prepare for your imminent adventure into parenthood.