The Orange Grove Clinic has moved

This month we are embracing change and are very excited to announce we have spread our wings to new premises in Float on Ber Street.


For our Clients, past and new,

After 7 years of The OGC being in this lovely building in MadderMarket, it is time for us to fly our wings and diversify.

Catherine Jeans and I had a vision 7 years ago. We wanted to create a wonderful complementary health centre where we had friendly, skilled and diverse practitioners under one roof, and the aim was to treat every person who walked through the door as an individual whom we, as a team, could help. We wanted the environment to be warm and welcoming, a haven from the busyness of the city and for people to feel a little better simply by walking through our door.

Catherine and I are so pleased to feel that in some way we have realised that dream. We have worked with some truly professional and wonderful practitioners and our open welcoming doors have created a space where, for some, real healing has taken place. For some, it has simply been a relaxing, reassuring environment. But we are proud that the two of us have done everything we possibly can to provide the most excellent service possible, and we are so happy to have really helped people in some way.

What some of you won’t know is that when Catherine and I opened the doors of The Orange Grove Clinic we had very small children, and honestly at times it has been really challenging to balance work and our ultimately important home lives.

Also, Catherine and I are not really clinic managers at heart, we are ourselves practitioners, for me it’s Massage, Mindfulness, Yoga and Birthing Expertise, for Catherine she is The Family Nutrition Expert. Over the last few years Catherine and I have been increasingly excited and enthused by our own practises, the people we have met and worked with, and it is time for both of us to follow our own distinct paths now down a slightly different route.

The Good News!

The good news is that a lot of The Orange Grove Clinic is staying the same. You can still book a massage with our wonderful Massage Angels, but we are linking up with FLOAT in Ber Street and developing our practise there. You will still get the same level of massage, and FLOAT is a beautiful calming environment. It has car parking as close, use the John Lewis or Ber Street car park. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Massage Angels for being so utterly wonderful, and I hope they enjoy their new environment as they flutter their wings and land in their new home. Come and see us soon, there will be a launch party and a special offer to our Orange Grove Massage Clients! Watch this space…

Where to find us all…

Catherine Jeans – The Family Nutrition Expert

Catherine Jeans Nutrition Expert

Over the past 8 years, Catherine has had the pleasure of working with over 1000 clients, and has become known as one of the most experienced and effective nutritional practitioners across the region and the UK. She will continue to see clients from various locations around Norfolk, starting in October from the beautiful Rowan House, in Hethersett. It’s just a few minutes off the A11 and has parking right outside the clinic. Catherine is also hugely excited to be spreading her nutrition message around the world, with a brand new website in the next couple of weeks and development of her online courses which allow you to learn about nutrition in the comfort of your own home. Her children’s nutrition course, How to help your Kids Live to 100 and The 30 Day Sugar Detox programme are already available online, her YouTube channel is going from strength to strength, and there will be more exciting flagship courses available online later this year… including How to be a Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan, plus new group online programmes for Functional Fat Loss.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke – New Yoga and ZenMumaJackie Heffer-Cooke

I am excited to be developing two innovative projects, ZenMuma an online pregnancy and birthing support website, and a brand-new Yoga Teacher Training Company with the brilliant Premier Sport. I will still be teaching 3 classes of yoga a week, launching the odd retreat somewhere lovely, and working with a few birthing parents with The Birthing Tool Kit, HypnoBirthing, Induction and Baby Positioning Advice and some Specialised Massage for Pregnancy and Labour. I love love hands-on teaching – it is joy – so I will still be doing some as I can.

Our Extra Special Practitioners

Alison Courtney, Arnaud Geanty, Debbie Woodhouse, Kimberley Carpenter, Mark Knowles, Rick Maczka and Samantha Quinton – are very special practitioners and very special people. Arnaud, Debbie, Kim, Rick and Sam have been with us since we first opened our doors, and have always gone the extra special mile, which is what makes The Orange Grove Clinic so special. We love them, and wish them the very best in their new locations from September 18th. Talk to each practitioner about their individual plans.


The Orange Grove Clinic isn’t closing, it’s evolving, developing, and providing more to our core community


The Orange Grove Clinic is going to provide more to our core community. The website will have a revamp and be more focused on Massage, Yoga, Nutrition, Birth and Baby.  You can continue to book your favourite Massage Angel for a pregnancy, deep tissue, or total relaxation massage. You can book your YogaBubs, Bumps, or Buds Yoga for All (although in the new year you may see some exciting developments there). You can book an appointment with Catherine Jeans for all your nutritional needs. I aim to provide even more support and expert advice on pregnancy and birth. And there is so much more to come; retreats, mindfulness workshops, nutrition advice on ‘how to teach your children to live to 100!’.

The new improved newsletter aims to excite you with affordable latest offers for you and your wellbeing, and to provide a solid support for expert health advice from our team you can trust.

Thank you!

So, thank you all those who contributed to this particular amazing chapter in our lives. Practitioners past and present. The hard working, independent, free spirited Norwich Lanes community who simply rock. To our marketing marvels, our reception gods and goddesses, (and a special thanks to Mariano Cabezola, Debbie Woodhouse and Kim Carpenter for being there from the start and always saving the day). To our understanding families who appreciate who Catherine and I need to be, and love us for it. And to you. For coming to our clinic. For choosing us. And for helping us all develop and grow. 😊

The Orange Grove Clinic stays in MadderMarket until September 18th. Contact us here or call 01603 631 900 for all further details after then. We hope to see you soon in our new environments!