Nourish Offices

norwich female remote working spaceThe First Women-Centred Co-Working Office Space in Norwich

Inspired professionally by ‘The Wing’ in New York, an exclusive, creative, and slick woman centred co-working office space; and inspired personally by a lack of WIFI in her home village, plus the desire to get work out of her home, and into a creative working space, ‘Nourish Hub’ has been dreamt up by Orange Grove founder and director, Jackie Heffer-Cooke.

Jackie is already a successful business owner in Norwich. Director of The Orange Grove Clinic, ZenMuma and now Nourish Hub, she tells us why she sees a need for a women-centred co-working space. “I have been working from home on my businesses for nine years now, and for the sake of work/ life balance, it is time to get work out of my home and back into an office environment. But I want to work somewhere special; a beautiful location, with superfast WiFi, a place encouraging a collaborative community, where business women support other business women and I found it at Ketteringham Hall. Now all I need to do is see if there is a need for this kind of incentive and make it happen!”

Ketteringham Hall is just 5 minutes from the A11 and only 10 minutes from Norwich, “an ideal location for a professional office” says Jackie, “plus it does have enough space to locate a mobile creche there too if that is needed for flexible working.”

Join Us at the Nourish Hub

We’re extending the invitation to join the Nourish Hub, to everybody who knows and enjoys the Orange Grove. For self-employed women, a sense of community can be hard to come by. Especially, when you spend all day at home in front of your computer screen. Community and a beautiful space to work are two of our primary aims with the Nourish offices. Having other women you can encourage, collaborate with and just chat to when you’re feeling lonely.

Our Orange Grove founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke knows what it is like to do your best to work from home. But, the truth is you are constantly distracted by the kids, the cooking and the general domesticity. “After a while, it can become hugely frustrating to women who are running serious careers and setting up important businesses. To be able to commit to work you need an environment where you can really get stuck in. Particularly without the distractions of everyday life”.

Nourish Networking

flexible working women norwich

Jackie runs a Norfolk women-centred networking group called Nourish Networking, (hence the beautifully named, Nourish Hub) and after discussion with the other members, it seems there is a real need for this kind of space. So, she has found the ideal location, completed a business plan, asked the focus group, and now we are ready to take bookings for desks. There will be a heavy emphasis on flexibility. So, whether you want a desk once a week, or full time, please get in touch. There will even be Yoga and Pilates classes for outside office hours! Back-rubs once a month by trained massage therapists will also happen, and a monthly workshop on ‘How to develop your business’.

This space is a must for any serious local business-women, who need space to work.

If you would like to talk to Jackie about the Nourish Hub, then contact her on 01603 631 900. Dial option 5 to be put through to her office. Or,  you can message her via Facebook – Orange Grove Clinic, Facebook Jackie Heffer-Cooke or on Instagram – Jackie Heffer-Cooke

For more information please contact Jackie Heffer-Cooke on 07813 069 529