The Benefits of Yoga with ZenYoga

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This yoga class is for budding beginners and intermediates, and those wanting to reignite their yoga enthusiasm.  Come and experience the benefits of Yoga!

ZenYoga teacher is Orange Grove Director and Norwich’s own Jackie Heffer-Cooke….Twisted triangle yoga pose

I love yoga.  Am I good at it?  Well, yes, I understand it, and perhaps most importantly I feel it.  I feel it in my breath, in my muscles in my bones.  I also feel it in my mind, in my reactions, in my awareness.  It is in me, and I am in it.  Am I able to agilely place my foot on top of my head, or balance on one hand? Well, no.  And maybe not in this lifetime…

Yoga for me is not about how bendy you are, what your body shape is, or how well you can do inconceivable poses.  It is a personal practise and along the way you feel healthier, more alive, more in touch with yourself and those around you.  At times it is about fun and even frivolity, and at times it is reflective and quiet. Just like life.

The community of the class environment is important to me.  This is not exclusive and elitist, it’s about warmth, and friendliness, and support.  Encouraging the yoga in you whether you are fit, young and sporty or whether you have a more ‘experienced’ body in need of some gentle stretching.  I will give adaptations as we go along so we all get what we need.  This class will suit beginners, and those wanting to pick up their practise again, or maybe those who need a new angle and a new class to re-inspire the yoga flow.

ZenYoga is fundamentally about you.  Time out for you.  Space for you.  Getting away from the noise and the busy-ness and touching base with the person you live with the most, you!  And finding out more about that person, and how you can enjoy being with you, and perhaps even make you feel healthier and happier.

Come along and have a go. You may just plant a seed that has been longing to grow…

To book your place in Jackie’s new ZenYoga classes, call Reception on 01063 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.