Baby yoga in Norfolk: Encourage development and have fun!

Baby Yoga and Massage is just wonderful for you and your baby for all kinds of developmental reasons, but fundamentally just finding an hour for you and little one to take time to indulge in each other is time deliciously well spent.  Have a look at our video here taken at our Norwich baby yoga classes.

Everything in the YogaBubs class has an emphasis on being able to take-away the skills and techniques you will learn and really use them at home. These techniques may help to keep your baby calm, aid digestive issues and colic, encourage your baby’s natural strength and movement, promote their physical development, their mental stimulation, develop their sense of trust in the world and others around them and, perhaps most importantly, help your baby get their sleep (and therefore yours too).

YogaBubs classes also puts a lot of emphasis on how important it is to take care of yourself as a mum.  With practical ways to help look after your body and your back and encouragement for some gentle post-natal exercises and calming relaxation techniques that can help to see you through the difficult times as a Mummy. By looking after yourself in this way, these feelings of well-being that you as a parent look after and nurture will be passed on to your baby and will have a calming effect on them too.

Yoga and a nurturing touch

Many studies have shown that babies, who receive nurturing touch through holding, massage and other forms of physical contact, gain weight faster, are calmer and have better intellectual and motor development. Babies enjoy being swung, rocked, stroked, massaged, gently stretched and sung directly to.  Yoga gives them the stimulus they so require and helps expend their energies, making them feel less frustrated which in turn makes them feel happier, calmer and helps them sleep better.

Norwich baby yoga with Jackie Heffer CookeBaby Yoga gently encourages movement and natural development and teaches you, as parent, how to nurture this development whilst in class, and when at home.

Baby yoga helps to build the foundation for each baby’s development into confident, independent, motivated, caring, emotionally balanced, healthy individuals.

YogaBubs simply gives us some time out to relax, have fun and enjoy our baby’s for who they are.

Testimonials for Yogabubs: Baby Massage and Yoga

“We have been to 3 of Jackie’s courses because baby Erin just enjoys herself so much! We would spend an hour having fun, but also learning great take-away techniques to use at home. The mixture of laughter and relaxation makes YogaBubs baby yoga classes in Norwich just perfect!”

“Tom wasn’t a great sleeper and therefore I was feeling pretty exhausted. Getting out of the house and going to YogaBubs was one of the best things I could have done!”

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