Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with Lianne Webster


12 August 2020

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Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with Lianne Webster

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with Lianne Webster

I am so excited to announce that The Orange Grove is to have a fabulous new member joining the team. As of the 17th August Lianne Webster will be available on a Sunday and Monday to take care of your Mental wellbeing.

Although massage plays a very important role in how you feel both physically and mentally, Lianne will be on hand to solely focus on your mental health, and I feel, now more than ever, that this is an important and vital role in self-care.


I’m so happy to be adding this amazing service to the already amazing treatments that The Orange Grove offers and its something I feel passionately about. To me its a perfect fit.😁

Meet Lianne,


Hi, I am Lianne and I am a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach and I am very excited to be joining the amazing Orange Grove family, I honestly cannot wait to get started.


Since being a young girl, I have always been an optimistic person and always tried to find the glass half full (which has not always been the case) and tend to lean positive side of the fence. My favourite words are Kindness, Compassion and Belief, which is probably why I find myself in the field that I am in today. 😁


I have always had a passion for self-development and after having had a few experiences in my life, I decided I needed to reach out for some guidance myself. It is so important to get that support around you, be able to talk it through and get some healing if required.


‘When I think of therapy, I imagine a canoe. Everyone needs support and you can’t row in your canoe alone. You need people to help, help you row though some stages of your life. And when you feel tired those people row harder for you, I will row harder for you.’


I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon, you can contact me direct via email at [email protected].


Love Lianne


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