Natural Hangover Remedies This Christmas by Norwich Homeopath Kathy Payne

Natural hangover remedies by Norwich homeopath Kathy PayneFor natural hangover remedies this Christmas, our Norwich homeopath Kathy Payne has some excellent advice for you.  Now we all know that it’s better not to go overboard with the alcohol, but the reality is that a tipple too many is common for so many this time of year.  So as you face the Christmas party season and beyond, have a try at these natural remedies for your Christmas hangover.

Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall? It’s the time that every Santa has a ball!  And it’s the time that most of us will be eating food that’s richer than usual – mince pies, chocolates, Christmas pud – and possibly drinking a little bit more alcohol than we normally would– think Bucks Fizz for breakfast and sherry with your Gran.  And these things can take their toll on our health and feeling of wellbeing, if we are not careful.

Here are 5 top tips if you are going out for a drink and how to avoid those dreaded hangovers.

1.  Eating isn’t cheating!

At the risk of sounding like a party pooper, prevention is a better remedy than cure for hangovers.

Let’s start before you even head out of the door. If you know are going to have alcohol, eat beforehand to make sure alcohol is not absorbed too quickly. Eat a proper balanced meal, not just some greasy snack.  Also graze on healthy snacks while you are drinking alcohol like a few unsalted nuts or olives, to reduce the risk of hangovers.  Having a hearty but healthy breakfast the-morning-after-the-night-before may also help replenish nutrients lost by consuming alcohol.  Try wholegrains, fruit (bananas and kiwis are good) and maybe a little honey. Eatin’ really isn’t “cheatin’!”

2.  Know Your Limits

It’s important to know your limits. If you know you are likely to be drunk at one sniff of the bartender’s apron, don’t do endless rounds of shots to keep up with the crowd. It’s okay to nurse one drink all evening: you’ll still be able to party like it’s 1999 when everyone else has fallen over or fallen asleep.

3.  Stick to your guns

Stick to one type of alcohol or drink: don’t mix them. Mixing drinks and quaffing down cocktails means you are having a whole punchbowl of flavourings and additives from the different drinks and that could be a recipe for disaster … or at least increase the risk of a horrible hangover.

4.  Don’t Forgo the H2O

One of the best natural hangover remedies is to ensure you have a glass of water before, during and after drinking alcohol. You will stay hydrated which is likely to lessen hangover symptoms. As another bonus, you won’t be necking the alcohol so quickly, hopefully preventing any embarrassing incidents or – even worse – accidents or illness.  Avoiding drinks with caffeine also helps prevent dehydration.

5.  Avoid Fizz To Reduce Fuzziness

Drinks with bubbles can literally go straight to your head. Think champagne, sparkling wine, carbonated mixers. Some studies have shown that bubbles in booze can cause you to get drunk quicker, so maybe just stick to the bubbles for a toast?

Generally, it’s drinks with the most chemicals that are likely to cause hangover symptoms. Red wine and dark liquors have more chemicals generally, whilst light drinks such as vodka and gin have less chemicals.

So here’s my toast to you this Christmas – Your Good Health!

If you don’t heed my top tips, homeopathic textbooks call the remedy Nux Vomica  “the homeopathic hangover cure”! Homeopaths believe this helps relieve symptoms of irritability, dull headache, dizziness, nausea, cramping pains, heavy/bloated feelings and heartburn.  Of course if symptoms worsen, persist or are concerning you, seek medical guidance.

Kathy Payne BA (Hons) LHCEA RSHom is a Registered Homeopath, Foresight Preconception Care Practitioner and Natural Fertility Coach.  If you would like further advice from Kathy or to book an appointment, please call our Norwich reception on  or you can contact us here.