Have yourself a very myrrh-y Christmas with some seasonal aromatherapy tips to try at home

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Aromatherapy massage in Norwich Norfolk at The Orange Grove ClinicBut Aromatherapy isn’t just great for a massage.  During the festive season why not add that extra Christmassy feel to your home with some essential oils?  Pine, cedar wood, mandarin, clove and cinnamon are all wonderful oils to use at this time of year and, of course, you could also try frankincense and myrrh(although these can be a bit heavy so do use them sparingly).

You can make your own room spray really easily.  Just add the following oils to 300ml of water and mix them together in a plant mister and you can spray Christmas around your home at will!

Pine OilCinnamon           1 drop

Frankincense     1 drop

Mandarin            2 drops

Pine                   4 drops

Or you could try scenting your wrapping paper and cards.  Pop a couple of drops of oil on some cotton wool, place it in a bag with the paper and cards, seal it tightly and leave overnight.  The following day the paper and cards should be infused with the wonderful aroma of the oils, and you could try a different scent for each member of the family….pine for dad and cinnamon for mum maybe?  Or you could try the same trick with some decorations……

Another idea, if you have a lovely log fire, would be to place just one drop of oil on one of the logs before putting it on the fire.  As it burns it will heat the oil and send the aroma all around the room.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a log fire try putting a drop of oil on a radiator instead – it works just as well!

Try these ideas, or maybe you have some of your own, to make this Christmas your most essential yet!

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